Healthful Herbs For Energy & Vitality

Worst and best herbs for energy vitality and focus hi my friend health guru Mike here with a short video on healthful herbs for energy and vitality now what do I mean by healthful herbs aren’t all herbs healthful? No. A lot of people particularly in this country of the United States where I live a lot of people are addicted to coffee and other sources of caffeine which is essentially the worst thing you can ingest if you’re interested in energy and vitality. why is that? because caffeine is a stimulant as is coffee and all other sources of caffeine and stimulants don’t actually build up or contribute energy to your body they rob you of energy that’s why you have caffeine addiction and dependency on caffeine because and not to worry I’m about to get into the more healthful herbs in just a moment I just wanted to differentiate between the more harmful ones that will actually deplete you of energy versus the tonic herbs for energy and vitality which I’m going to cover in just a moment but with caffeine and coffee and other sources of stimulants they actually cause your adrenal glands to lose energy and produce certain hormones that give you a short temporary burst of energy and then your energy and mood come crashing back down shortly thereafter and you’re left with even less energy than you have that stimulant such as caffeine so the more you adjust stimulants like caffeine the weaker you become the more dependent you become and the more you experience adverse effects like heart attacks anxiety insomnia it’s really in your best interest to avoid ingesting such stimulants at all in the first place I don’t ingest caffeine or any other stimulants or drugs and I have steady abundant energy from morning till night so can you this video and some of my other resources that I’ll make available to you can help you achieve the same thing as well as great health and good mood which is what we’re after here right tonic herbs are different than stimulants this has been understood in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries and there are quite a number of tonic herbs that instead of robbing you of energy and addicting you like caffeine does good tonic herbs such as ginseng root maybe one that you may have heard of can actually gradually build up your reserve of energy and keep it steady rather than you know spiking and crashing like like stimulants have it doing so there’s ginseng root there are quite a number of other herbs like code analysis and reishi mushroom quite a number of others used in traditional Chinese medicine as tonics that are much safer much better for your vitality and building up your energy gradually so that you’re not addicted and you’re not experiencing those adverse effects like you get from stimulants and so again there should be a link on this video as well as in the expandable description box underneath this video with further information and resources from me to maximize your energy with herbs and other natural healthy measures so do check out those resources from me and also provide my suggested sources for a good quality and that’s key when you use tonic herbs you want premium quality herbs and you want to know how to use them for best results if you have a you know a practitioner of Shinto traditional Chinese medicine near you who’s knowledgeable on this great they can they can prescribe just the right herbs for you but if that’s not readily available for you or you don’t want to use that option there are also you know mail-order an online options where you can order top-quality Chinese tonic herbal preparations that are very convenient and work great and so check out my resources and links to those on this video and under this video if this was helpful to you which I hope it was then feel free to comment below you can click the thumb up icon you can subscribe to this health guru Mike channel of mine on YouTube and you can also share this video with others by clicking one of the share icons below so thanks for watching and hope you have a marvelous energized day my friend bye bye for now

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  1. I only have organic coffee like once a month or when i need emergency surge of energy, but besides the ones you already mentioned i usually have daily matcha teas and dandelion/chicory, cordyceps, schizandra ect.. for calm yet effective energy. Sometimes i do cacao hot chocolate when i want a more coffee like texture/effect.. Chaga mushroom, Shilajit and Royal jelly are also some others that may help. Nice video

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