Healthy Moment – Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas 2018

Some people believe that cooking a healthy,
home-cooked meal takes a large amount of time and effort. A healthful meal can be a quick and relatively easy process if you have a plan. Today we’ll discuss three strategies for
cooking healthy meals at home in a short amount of time. When preparing dinners for your family, remember
to “schedule”, “have a fruit or vegetable” and “work ahead.” Schedule your meals one week in advance. Use your calendar to plan a main dish and
at least one side dish for every day of the week. Keep in mind days you will be busy and plan
accordingly. Always look for opportunities to add fruits
or vegetables to main dishes or as a side dish. Fruits and vegetables provide important nutrients. Work ahead by prepping foods or recipes in
advance. You can wash and chop produce so that it’s ready to toss into your favorite recipes. For example, slice bell peppers on the weekends,
bag them up and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer so they are ready to use in recipes
throughout the week. Today we will create three recipes using these
strategies. So, first we’re gonna make a stir fry, and
I love stir fry cause you can always change out what kind of vegetables or protein that you
use, but it’s a really great way to get some extra vegetables into your meal. So, what I did first was I browned some chicken in a little bit of canola oil and chopped garlic. And I made that ahead of time so I could save time during my actual meal preparation. So, I’m gonna throw this in here to just kind
of heat it up a little bit, then I’m gonna throw in some frozen vegetables. So you can use any kind of mix that you want, um, I like to use the stir fry mix. But you can use fresh, frozen, whatever you like. Then for the sauce, I’m gonna add a stir fry
seasoning mix that’ll give it a nice flavor and then a little bit of honey. Now you’re gonna let this heat through on
medium high heat for about 10 minutes or so just so that the sauce just kind of melts
together a little bit. Serve this over some brown rice and top with
some crushed peanuts, and enjoy! So remember that chicken I browned earlier? Well, I know that I’m gonna be busy later
in the week, so I want to make something with it right now so that I can just throw it in the oven on
Thursday evening. I’ll show you how to make a cheesy chicken
and pasta bake. So, first we’re gonna blanch this spinach.
Um, we’re gonna put it in hot boiling water for a couple minutes. So this is gonna cook up the spinach a little
bit. Just so it kind of gets rid of that bitter flavor. Then, we’re gonna move it over to an ice bath,
and that’s gonna stop the cooking process so it’s not too wilted and doesn’t lose its nutrients or flavor. From the ice bath, then, you’re gonna move
it onto a paper towel so that it just gets to dry off a little bit. Ok, so now we’re gonna assemble our cheesy
chicken pasta bake. So I’m gonna take some of the chicken, put
it right on the bottom, then add whole wheat pasta, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan,
maybe a few cups. Now I’m gonna add my spinach. Sprinkle that
right on top. 1 can of drained mushrooms, then spread the sauce right on top. So this
is just store-bought marinara sauce. You can use whatever sauce that you like. Tomato usually works best. I’m putting about 3 cups, again, just enough to cover your dish. Finally you’re gonna add a litlle bit of low-fat
dairy, so this is low-fat mozzarella cheese and sprinkle that right on top. You can use about a cup and a half. So at this point you have a few options now
on what you can do with your cheesy pasta bake. You can cover it with tin foil and freeze
it for later, or refrigerate it overnight and bake it the next day. To cook, bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty and bubbly on top. Finally, we’re gonna make a flavorful spinach
salad that you can use as a main dish. What’s really great about salad is it’s really
easy to throw together and it doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy. So, let’s get started. I’ll show you how to
make a spinach salad in less than one minute. First I’m gonna put in my spinach. You can
do about 3 or 4 cups or whatever you think will meet the needs of your family. Then I’m gonna add a can of mandarin oranges
that have been drained. This will give it a nice, fresh flavor. Then I’m gonna add about a half a cup of walnuts,
a pinch of salt, a little bit of pepper and then just enough dressing to just kind of coat the leaves. About a half
a cup is all you’re gonna need. And that’s it! We’ve created three healthy, quick and delicious
dinner ideas for you today. Think of how you can incorporate these tips
into your home. If you schedule your meals, add a fruit or
vegetable, and work ahead, you can have nutritious dinners that are easily accessible. Remember to Strive for
Wellness when you are creating your healthy meals at home.

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