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(gentle music) – Hi, friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are making three
healthy breakfast recipes, all of which are gluten-free
and semi-high in protein. Now, these aren’t, like,
jam packed with protein, but they are perfect
enough to start your day. They’re filling, they’re delicious, like I said, they’re healthy,
and they’re also easy to make. So we are making a protein pancake recipe. We’re also making some
delicious super food, quinoa porridge. And the third recipe that I’m
gonna show you how to make is my favorite detox green smoothie. It is packed full of amazing nutrients and vegetables and fruits that support your body’s natural detoxification system. So all of these recipes are up
on the blog for you already. If you wanna make any of them, you can find the links
right down below this video. And before we dive in, I
always like to encourage you to subscribe and join our community if you are not yet already. There is a little button
right below this video. It’s red, it says subscribe. Just tap that button and
that will subscribe you. Otherwise, let’s go ahead and dive in. So we are kicking things off
with our protein pancakes. We start with some almond milk, and we’re gonna add
three eggs to this jar. And I have not tested this recipe vegan, so I’m not sure if it
would work with flax eggs, but I will link another
vegan pancake recipe down below for you. And once you have those in there, you can just whisk everything
together until it is smooth, and we are going to set that aside and move on to our dry ingredients. So these are only a
seven-ingredient pancake, so we’re only using a
few dry ingredients here. We have some almond flour, as
well as some protein powder. I will link the one
that I like down below. It’s my favorite. Some baking powder to
make them nice and fluffy, as well as some cinnamon. And you could also add a pinch
of sea salt if you wanted. Once you have that all in the bowl, you’re just gonna use your whisk to whisk the dry ingredients together. And then we are going
to pour our almond milk and egg mixture into the dry ingredients, and we’re going to stir it all together like you do a standard pancake batter. One thing to mention with this recipe is that I think the liquid
ratio might change slightly based on the protein powder that you use. Some protein powders might be
a little bit more absorbent than others, so your pancake
batter should look like this. It should look kind of
not runny, but like thin. And if yours looks really
thick and almost dry, I would just add a little bit
of extra almond milk to it until it thins out to
look kind of like this. So to cook the pancakes,
you’re gonna cook them like you do normal pancakes. You’ll just heat a skillet
over medium-low heat, scoop some of the pancake batter. I do about 1/4 cup, onto the pan. And then I like to add
my blueberries here. You can do them any which way you want. You could also use another fruit, you could use chocolate chips,
nuts, whatever you wanna do. And we’re basically just gonna wait until there are small bubbles
forming on the pancake, and then we are going to flip it over and cook it evenly on the other side. It takes about two-ish minutes per side. And then you’ll just use
the rest of your batter until you’ve cooked all your pancakes up. And for serving these
gorgeous fluffy pancakes, I can’t wait for you to
see this stack, so fluffy, we are going to top them
with some sliced banana as well as some fresh blueberries. And I like to do some
sort of crunchy topping and we’re doing some coconut flakes here. And you guys know me, I’m from Vermont, and there is no way I’m
having a stack of pancakes without pure Vermont maple syrup, so a generous drizzle of that on top just finishes everything off perfectly. And these honestly are such a
yummy, light, fluffy pancake. I was thrilled with the results, and I can’t wait for
you guys to taste them. (gentle music) – So next up we’re gonna
do the quinoa porridge. We are gonna add our
quinoa as well as our oats into a small saucepan. You’re also gonna add in your almond milk as well as some water, and
then you will just bring this to a boil, and you’re gonna
cook it like you cook quinoa. So you’re gonna cover it and
then turn it down to simmer, and you’re gonna cook it until the quinoa cooks
all the way through. So it takes about maybe
10 to 15 minutes or so. Once you have that texture,
that is what we’re going for. We are gonna stir in the
rest of our ingredients. We’re gonna add in some
cinnamon for flavor as well as some maple syrup for just a touch of extra sweetness. This is optional, but
it adds a lotta flavor and I really recommend it. And then you can just
remove it from the heat, and the last three
things we’re gonna add in are chia seeds, flax seed
meal, and hemp seeds. This is a really good way to add a ton of nutrition into this bowl. We’re adding healthy fats, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and
so much other good stuff. So I definitely recommend
keeping this step in if you can. And then you’re basically
just ready to serve it up once you’ve stirred those all in. And I realize as we’re filming this and as I’m kind of watching
it and talking over it, that I used the same toppings
as I used on the pancakes. So we’re gonna do sliced banana as well as fresh blueberries, but you can do absolutely
anything that you’d like on top. I actually have a whole
section of this post that talks about different
toppings that I recommend, so if you’re interested in
finding out something different, head on over to the blog post. It’s linked down below for you. And then I always love
to finish everything off with a drizzle of something
sweet, so today I chose honey. totally optional, and if
you guys don’t like honey or you choose not to eat it, then maple syrup would be fine or you could just leave
it off, it’s up to you. But this is such a really fun and high-protein twist on oatmeal. It does take a little bit longer to make, but it’s totally meal prep friendly. You can absolutely reheat
this in the microwave or on the stove top. It’s totally kind of customizable with different toppings like I said, and it’s just super, super delicious. So I hope you guys try this. I think it’s gonna
become a stable for you. (gentle music) Last but not least, I had
to give you something green since we’re in the new year. We’re gonna make my detox green smoothie, which has a ton of green ingredients. So we’re gonna add
everything into the blender, starting with our greens. I’m using purple kale here, but you could use any type of
kale or green that you want, spinach, chard, whatever you wanna do. To that, you’re also gonna add in some chopped fresh cucumber, as well as some frozen cauliflower rice. We’re jamming in the veggies in this one. We’re also gonna add in half of an avocado for healthy fats and extra fiber, as well as half of a frozen
banana for that sweetness, some raspberries as
well as some chia seeds and flax seed meal, which
is another great way to add healthy fats and protein in. We’re also gonna add
in some almond butter, which again has some
protein and healthy fats, which is really gonna make
this smoothie super filling. And then some fresh ginger for a little bit of kick
and some lemon juice. And then the liquids that I’m using are a blend of coconut water
and just regular water. You could use any kind
of ingredients or liquids that you want, almond milk,
whatever you wanna do. I love this blend because coconut
water is really hydrating, it’s got a nice natural sweetness, and it’s got a ton of electrolytes, so I love adding it into my smoothies. And then we’ll just pop
the lid on our blender and blend this up until
it is smooth and creamy. And then you can just
pour it into your glass. This recipe does make a serving of two. To finish everything off, I
love to decorate my smoothies, so we’re gonna do a drizzle
of almond butter on top. This is totally optional, but it makes it pretty
for photos and videos. And then I sprinkle it with chia seeds, and that was it for this one. This was such a delightful smoothie. It’s bright, it’s zingy, it’s filling, it’s full of fiber, full of protein, full of healthy fats, packed with veggies, and it’s also fairly low in
sugar, which I absolutely love. And it’s got a ton of ingredients that are naturally supporting your body’s detoxification system, which is just an added bonus. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s
delicious breakfast recipes. I know you guys love breakfast, I know you love getting breakfast recipes, so I’m really excited to see
what you think of this video and I’m excited to see
which ones you try first. If you have any questions as
you come up with the recipes or as you try them, let
me know in the comments. If you make any of them, I
would love to see photos. You can share something
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in the next one, bye!

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  1. I am happy to see these. I had just been thinking that I probably need to focus on having protein breakfasts otherwise I feel like I can't stop eating.

  2. Amen! I'm from neighboring New Hampshire, and also used to live in Vermont. No way Jose to anything but the real deal, when it comes to maple syrup! Pancake syrup is blasphemy.🍁❤

  3. I love that you are so consistent w/your uploads. No matter what you have going on or how much you’re traveling you still work hard to plan ahead and provide us w/great content. It truly is appreciated. The porridge is something I’ll definitely make. I would have never thought to mix the oats with quinoa. I’m going to cook them in coconut milk and with dates and banana and top with stewed fruits, nuts and the coconut flakes; I hardly wait for morning. Lol.

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