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Hi friends, My name is Darshana,
and you all are Welcome in Healthy Kitchen whenever we come from office , college or from any work we normally feel hungry and when we enter the kitchen,
we find roti and the same sabji which we dont like so today i am going to tell you how we can give healthy,
crunchy & innovative twist to the same roti sabji so lets start with our Recipe
” Healthy Sabji Roll ” For this Recipe we have taken 2 Rotis, so now will start the Recipe ” Healthy Sabji Roll I have taken 1 roti now i will apply butter on it then i am applying Tomato Ketchup If you want to give a twist then
you can use scehwan sauce now we will place our sabji,
we have already cooked the sabji, as i said you can use any sabji you just need to see that
there is no moisture in the sabji means there should be no water in it you can take any subji which is dry which will prevent your role from being soggy and when we will cook it, it will be crunchy now i have taken cabbage sabji we have to place this sabji properly all over , this is the sabji which we don’t like
and we have to finish it all to give a twist we are adding white sesame seeds this will add crunchiness along with this i am adding fennel seeds as we all know fennel seeds is for freshness
so we are adding fennel seeds at the end we will garnish it with fresh coconut now we have to press this roll tightly ,
so that the ingredients doesnt come out now our 1 roll is ready
similarly i will make another roll & then we will bake now we have 2 Healthy Sabji Roll ready
now we will bake them to bake first pre-heat the ovenon 180˚ for 5 minutes always remember before using Oven always pre-heat it friends now we have put on the rolls to bake if you dont have oven, then you put little oil in a nonstick pan & bake till it turns golden brown from both the sides now the bell has Rang similarly Subscribe our Channel & Press the Bell icon now that the Rolls are ready lets take them out our Healthy Sabji Roll are Ready, now I will taste them this are very Yummy
you too try this at Home you can give these Rolls in tiffin for your Kids If you like the recipe then do comment to Comment on our Channel, do Subscribe our Channel now we will meet next time with new healthy Recipe till then keep watching Healthy Kitchen

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  1. Tried Healthy Sabji Roll and turned out to be delicious.Really very good and my kids started loving…Waiting for next one…

  2. Nice one it was really awesome ..I will try it definitely waiting for next recipe thankuuu for sharing with us a wonderful dish

  3. Grt wrk Maam..time consuming recipies fr todays fast life…👍😘✌…awaited fr more recipies…😋😋

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