Hinduism, Almonds & Genghis Khan In Numbers

Try out these random facts… The Hindu god of creation, Brahma, is believed
to have a lifespan of 331 trillion years. In total, Hinduism has 33 million gods. There are 1.8 million likes on Facebook every
minute. The internet also sees 278 thousand Tweets and 2 million Google searches every
60 seconds. 550 thousand acres of California is used to
grow almonds. Over 1.2 million beehives are needed to pollinate the crops each year. The first on-screen same sex kiss was in 1927’s
Wings. The Oscar-winning war film didn’t cause a stir because it was widely accepted
that soldiers kissed in the trenches. Only 48 percent of Americans think humans
evolved from other species, while 26 percent of Americans think the Sun goes around the
Earth. In April 2014, 31 terminally ill people infected
with Ebola Virus walked out of a Guinea hospital perfectly cured. The disease has no known
medical cure, and doctors say the patients cured themselves naturally. 1 in every 200 people is related to Mongolian
conqueror Genghis Khan. He killed 40 million people, although historians think he exaggerated
his massacres.

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  1. You say "Three hundred and thirty one trillion" but show the number 331,000,000,000. One of them is 1,000 times smaller than the other.

  2. Remember when people on YouTube weren't hated because they were American or a Christian? Those were the days.

  3. Do they just ram religion down kids' throats in America and completely disregard the facts in their schools? These statistics are alarming lol. 

  4. Want to make Americans smart? (I'm American) Ban home-schooling!

    They did that in other countries and no wonder why they surpass us because it's illegal!

  5. 26 percent of Americans think that the sun orbits the earth? Jesus. Christ. At least I know where that 26 lives. The south. Rarely find northerners to be that retarded.

  6. 26% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth? Was this poll done on children or something? I don't think I have ever known anyone who has thought that and by this logic 26 out of every 100 people I have met believes this, and I live in Oklahoma where we ain't the most edumencated of them there Americans.

  7. @1337Destroyer69 what I tried to say with the comment is that the channel plans to start a religion war in the comments.

  8. 26% of Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth!? They must've conducted this research in the south…

  9. Fact: 1 is arguably wrong, it's not Gods, it's forms of God, and the number is wrong also, Hinduism has 331 trillion forms of God, but Hinduism is monotheistic (on the most part, but it varies, others feel it's polytheistic, others atheist, others non-theistic, and others believe in some Hindu Gods but not others), though we believe all of these forms of God derive from the ultimate force/spirit, known as Brahman, which is the one true God.

    Hinduism believes that God is found in all living beings (plants/ animals/ insects/bacteria/man/aliens if they exist, etc).

    Nirguna Brahman is the form of Brahman without quality (the spirit of the universe).

    Saguna Brahman is the form of God with quality (the Hindu deities you speak of, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh/Shiva (all of whom are the Trimurti) etc).

    Otherwise, great vid!

  10. Why do people only hate America for being stupid? Why not Russia? 1/4 people in America believe the sun revolves around the earth, but 1/3 Russians believe the sun revolves around the earth? I don't see why people hate America so much.

  11. Iwas expecting ton also see the number of americans who think that cavemen and dinosaurs existed at the same time

  12. Interesting that you chose to show the Swiss flag when talking about Ebola. Maybe you were going for the Red Cross?

  13. The reason so many Americans think that the sun revolves around the Earth is because Americans are stupid.
    (This is a JOKE. Don't spam rage replies at me.)

  14. I think you made up the 26 percent thin, because I don't think anyone is really that freakin stupid and I am American.

  15. Hinduism does not have 33 million Gods!!!! Stop spreading lies about my religion! Hinduism has 33 Gods. The Sanskrit Word Koti means type or categories. But it was mistranslated to number.

    There are 33 Gods in Hinduism, led by one Supreme God as per the Vedas and those 33 Gods have numerous Avatars which are worshiped.

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