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  1. I've had severe depression my entire life and I've been looking for anything that can alleviate it ever since I can remember. I've spent years looking into philosophy and pyscholodynamics as well as worked through years of therapy, both of which only succeeded in redefinition my condition as "treatment resistant". I've tried multiple anti-depressants, and nothing has really worked. I assumed I'd stay this way my entire life and just continued surviving. About a month ago my symptoms increases and I couldn't even imagine getting out of my bed. Last week I decided I'd try a wildcard and see if it was a metabolic issue. I decided to fast for 4 days and just see if there were any noticable improvements in my symptoms, which I have a hard time keeping track of because I usually didn't have the energy to record my subjective psychometrics. But on the 2nd day I was drastically improved. I could breathe for a second. I could look back and see myself suffering for the past month. That was easily enough modivation to make me stick to the fast, it was actually very easy to do. I've tried to explain to people but none understand. It's not that I "feel better now" it'd be more accurate to say I've been unblinded, I couldn't see past my bed and now I can see my future and plan around it, I have the "energy" now. I learned about endotoxins from Dr.Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan and started googling more about them. I have a massive sweet tooth and so I figured I suffered from this "Leaky Gut" but I never put it into serious health consideration as no one had ever framed it as a cause of depression. I was thinking about why the fast was so successful, and I've totally avoided sugar since I did it, and had the random thought of the endotoxins passing the blood brain barrier and could be negatively affecting my mind. I looked it up on youtube and found this video. I know this video is about Alzheimer's and not depression, but as you've linked the mouse study at 3:55 . I can now fully see that maintaining poor gut health has been the cause of my depression and I have the power to avoid it now. I had been putting in as much effort as I could muster for years and I never even thought the cause could be metabolic. I'm not doing amazing now, it's only been a week, my life is still in ruins. But I can see, I'm normal, I'm uninhibited, I can see the dangers coming and avoid them. This video has honestly made such a huge impact and it's very well made, I can't believe you have so little viewers. I will look into buying this book you have mentioned, but even looking at just youtube videos about the gut-brain axis, none of other people on this topic mention that your gut could cause your depression. Depression is a a complicated
    ailment and could be caused by many things, but I had never heard (until watching this video) that it could be caused almost entirely by diet.. Thinking faster and being more productive is great and all, but as far as benefits go, just being able to live my life out of the dark fog is all most people want.

    Thank you so much for this video, and I apologize for the wall of text. I just wanted to let you know how important this is for me now, nothing in my life is more important to me than curing myself and you've helped with that. I'd recommend you make a video about the effects of gut health on depression, as almost no one is discussing it and depression is at an all time high. I think CBT is the statisically most effective treatment, but most patients with long-term depression (major depression or dysthymia) are probably affected by this and you could literally pull a gun from someone's head with a better diet, the difference is night and day.

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