How Can Some People Can Eat Anything And Not Gain Weight?

My name is Eric Bakker, the naturopath. Don’t you just hate those people who are skinny
and they can eat anything they want? They can have pizzas and burgers, they can
have Coca-Cola, or they can have marshmallows. They can have Cheerios, they have balls of
ice cream, and they don’t gain weight! They make you sick these people! Don’t they make you sick! I hate them! Actually, I don’t hate them. I’m one of those people. I used to be one of those people. I used to be able to eat just about kind of
food and not gain weight. Now why would that be? In my situation, it was my thyroid was working
too fast. It was too high. Occasionally, I’d get palpitations, and I
knew that my thyroid was over-reactive. Being in my position, being naughty like I
am sometimes, I knew I could eat food and get away with it. But now I’m nearly 60, I can’t do that anymore. I find my metabolic rate has definitely slowed
down. By the time I got to my 50s, particularly
mid 50s, I noticed I started to gain weight more easily. We’re only talking a small amount of weight,
but I noticed it was happening so I had to cut back on the calorie intake. Younger people tend to be able to often eat
more than older people because they’re more active. But what about these people who can eat anything
they want and yet they can’t gain weight? Well, I tell you what, all those people that
we’re talking about, they get older, and as they get older their metabolism slows down. They lose more muscle mass. They get more fatigued. But still they’ve got a high metabolic rate
than an average older person so they won’t generally get obese. But having a high metabolic rate also has
its downsides, its pitfalls. It’s not really good. It can make you chillier or hotter. It can cause temperature or appetite dysregulation
having a higher metabolism. It can also make people more prone to anxiety
and sleeping disturbances. There’s an upside and a downside to a high
metabolic rate. The best way to counter a high metabolic rate
is breathing and relaxing. Being aware that you have got a high metabolic
rate. You will know you’ve got a high metabolic
rate if you are a quick person. You’re rapid in execution. Quick in perception. If you get up quick, move around fast, bump
into people sometimes, you’ve got a high metabolic rate. It’s cruel. Can you make your metabolic rate go faster
if it’s slower? If you’re a bigger person how can you speed
it up? You can, but you have to start thinking like
a faster person and acting like one, acting out that. If you place consciously demand on the thyroid
and keep doing it over time, the thyroid will set up and it will become an organ at a higher
output of thyroid hormone. The thyroid stimulating hormone will get produced
in abundance because your conscious side of your brain is going to push your pituitary
harder. The pituitary is going to then create more
thyroid stimulating hormone. The thyroid will get stimulated to produce
more T3 and T4. The muscles will become more active. The brain cells become more active, and you
will become one of those people who’s already actually thinking ahead. They’re talking to somebody, they’re listening
to that person, and they’re actually in their own mind thinking about the next questions
they’re going to say. It’s incredible. When your metabolic rate’s fast and your brain
function’s quick, it’s incredible what we can achieve, but, as I said, the downside
is you’re more prone to anxiety so you need to be very careful with a high metabolic. It can also give you the ability to have cardiac
issues and sometimes bowel dysfunction like higher amount of stool volume. All sorts of problems. Urinating more frequently. There’s an upside that you’ll burn off a bit
more weight, but the downside is also it could be a problem for your health having a high
metabolic rate. You don’t want a low metabolic rate or a high. You want to have normal metabolic rate meaning
that you’re going to maintain a good energy level, sleep level, and [inaudible]. All those things are going to work quite well
within the framework of the weight that you feel most comfortable with. What weight do you feel comfortable with? Is it 140 pound? Is it 120 pound? What did you weigh when you were 20, 21, when
you quite young and healthy? That should set for the bar for what you’re
going to be like when you’re 51, 61, 71. Try and maintain that weight all your life. That will also keep your metabolism in check
as well and allow you to have a metabolic rate that doesn’t vary too much over your
life, which will allow you to keep with bone density and just a good overall body size
all your life. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want to read
more about my opinion on some different diets. Thank you.

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  1. Eric, I'm loving your videos, keep up the good work, you have a large fanbase! I was wondering where can I ask you a question for a video?

  2. Eric this is so weird I was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today and I seen this video. I looked up about hyperthyroidism and seen the medications and procedures they offer and I’m not to keen on them. Have you any ideas of guidance of what I can do to maybe heal this problem naturally. I’ve heard that you gut health can affect your thyroid function.

  3. I had a friend who could go through 2 large pizzas minus the 3 pieces I ate and not gain weight. She also slept under literally 10 blankets!

    I live I na country at Europe where doctors dont really care do I diagnosed myself.My toungue was very white and I started the cleanse and taking anticandida food like oil of oregano,garlic,ginger,coconut and it has improved a lot for three months,but I dont take any probiotics because I read there are a lot of probiotics that have sugar,and I really cannot afford to order yours,maybe when I get a job.Do you think is necessary to take probiotic pills?and can I curr myself just with the clranse and the anticandida foods. Because my toungue is now very little white and that is after I eat.
    Best regards

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