How Do I Stop A Candida Overgrowth In My Body?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher. A question from a lady called Mrs. Rosella. This lady’s in North
Carolina, USA. Eric, how do I stop a Candida overgrowth in
the body? Okay, I could spend a whole day talking about
this topic, but I’m going to cut to the chase and give you an example of probably two or
three of the most common causes of Candida overgrowth in the human body. I think probably the biggest cause, if you
could drill it down, is improper eating and drinking of foods. So I watched my dad for
many years with a seriously bad yeast infection. And dad was a big man who ate for emotional
comfort. Here’s a guy that suffered from quite a bit of anxiety. And he was a quite emotionally
fragile person; a very sensitive man. And his way to cope with rejection and these sorts
of emotions was to eat foods like carbohydrates. He would eat a lot of cookies. He didn’t drink
a lot of soda drinks, but he would drink lots of coffee with sugar in it. So dad would have
five, six or seven cups of coffee a day with two teaspoons of white sugar in each cup.
And then with cookies, he’d eat a whole package of cookies or he’d eat one or two liters of
ice cream, and that would make him feel good. Carbohydrates do make people feel good. The
brain has got quite a high demand for glucose or sugar. And by eating a lot of carbs and
sugars, it certainly makes us feel good. But then it crashes us and makes us feel tired
and irritable, requiring us to eat more of these kinds of foods. So we’re setting ourselves
up for blood sugar problems; furthermore, we’re setting ourselves up for a major yeast
infection because these are the foods that yeast loves to eat. Other people like my stepfather would drink
alcohol. My stepfather would drink a bottle of whiskey a day. I know that might seem crazy
to you, but there’s a lot of people out there that drink beer or whiskey or wine every day,
and they don’t think anything of it. I’ve given up counting how many women I’ve seen
that drink a bottle of wine a day or two or three glasses of wine per day; many men that
will drink two, three or four beers per day and think nothing of it. So it’s these continual daily habits that
contribute toward a yeast infection. And generally there will be one strong habit underpinning
the infection causing the overgrowth to occur. And then along comes other causative factors
like illness requiring antibiotics or more carbohydrates on top of that or food containing
antibiotics like commercial poultry, which I’ve spoken about a lot in my book. So how you stop an overgrowth of Candida is
by looking in particular at the habit you’ve got right this moment, which will be feeding
up that Candida. And in most people’s cases with chronic infections, it could be something
as simple as two slices of bread per day or even two little squares of chocolate per day.
It’s this continual regular habit that will be contributing to the overgrowth, and that’s
the thing that you’ve got to nail on the head is that continual habit. So I want you to think about that after you’ve
watched me in this video. Think, well, what’s my continual daily habit? Would it be chocolate?
Would it be alcohol? What would it be that I’m finding it hard to give up? And if you
can answer that question, then you’re already half way there toward reducing that overgrowth
of Candida. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

8 Replies to “How Do I Stop A Candida Overgrowth In My Body?”

  1. Hello Mr Bakker, I returned to a doctor after a few years since the last time, I talked to him about my symtoms, like digestive problems, vaginal discharge, anxiety and fatigue, and stressed the point about chronic mucus at the back of my throat, a problem I have since childhood, as well as very offensive breath coming from there. I asked him if it could be some kind of systemic yeast infection but he dismissed it, like I was exagerating or deluded. He told me acid reflux and hiatal hernia ( which I have found out I both have, thanks to an endoscopy 6-7 years ago ) causes bad breath and I should take omeprazole ( Which another doctor had priscribed and I took for 6 months with no results ) and buy Corsodyl mouth wash. Of course this is of zero help for me and am again frustrated. May I ask you the correlation between candida and persistent smelly lump in my throat? I think it could be a symptom of reflux, and refulx itself could be a symptom of a possible yeast overgrowth, and not the cause? I feel like, if I take again omeprazole I would just try to lessen my symptoms, but not fight the problem. Could there be also a genetic factor? My father has my exact symtoms and even the same smell when he speaks, and also since childhood. I hope this isn't too long! I am just a bit confused on where to start properly once and for all. Thank you very much.

  2. 1. When people say still consuming grains is not good for candida because the gut lining can't properly digest, is this true? Or will taking enzymes with meals be enough? Must you always soak grains? 2. I thought a really strict meat, veggie diet was low carb or ketogenic. Getting 65 carbs is still low carb? Is eating low carb not necessarily high fat if one tries to eat a lot of veggies? 3. I read people say high carb low fat is key. Is this true, does this mean eating a LOT of grains and barely any meat at all? 4. I read moderate carb is good for adrenal fatigue yet low carb for candida but don't some have both, and candida can cause AF? I don't want to obsess over diet and i know that's unhealthy but i don't know what the correct way is to kill excess candida. Wouldn't about 65 carbs plus veggies be fine since you're having maybe half a cup of grains at meals? Or could one have greater than a half cup at meals. Is it best to not mix meat and grains?
    Does high fat really cause candida as well as I see written in some places?

  3. I'm sorry! Just reading curezone and every other website / blog on candida leaves me really confused and unsure what to eat or how much of it to eat 🙁 some say moderate carb intake along with high fat can cause it and then there's those people who say they didnt get better and felt crappy on a low carb diet and after doing 80/10/10 or high carb they got rid of it. Just really confusing 🙁 i meant an intestinal lining that is damaged already having candida it seems many say whole grains are too hard to digest and should be eliminated. Ugh

  4. Say I removed grains and starchy veggies, that leaves me with fruits. But then if I had one serving of that a day, meats, and lots of veggies wouldn't i go into ketosis then? Some say ketosis is great for health but then some say it is bad for adrenal fatigue which I am sure I have, if anything. What if one doesn't go through die off, but it is really sugar/low carb detox? I know some say be really strict for a week but I feel not eating enough carbs might stress the body out more, but maybe not. How can I be sure I get enough carbs without overly feeding candida? I think I will try having small amounts of grain but even then, if you are under 50 carbs don't you go into ketosis?

  5. I guess I am only stressing because the protocol I have is for 3 weeks and I am sure I won't be candida free by then. I just am afraid I will mess it up by eating something wrong. So many things on the internet how you can't heal while eating grains, how too low carb can worsen adrenal fatigue (can it?) and how this person allows beans, this one doesn't, etc. Oh and how there's studies candida does feed on ketones and can adapt well. it's sad there's so much controversy on things like candida. This is why I am interested in becoming an ND to actually get to the root of problems but there's criticism about them here too…

  6. hello mr. bakker. ive been gone from honey for quite awhile due to my white tongue problem. but i am wondering if removing honey is even making a difference? will honey make white tongue worse?

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