How Long Does It Take Candida To Leave The Body On A Sugar Free Diet?

Here’s a good question. I’ve got this question a few days ago from
a guy in Australia. How long does it take for candida to leave
my body on a sugar-free diet? Well, it doesn’t take long at all. All right. Candida won’t necessarily leave your body
because you could be that one in four, one in five people who have candida albicans living
in their gut by default, normal population. Many people have, not a problem, kept under
control. Okay. Just like gangs kept under control, if we
can control the criminal element or the bad element, candida has so shown to show some
benefits in the body when it’s in a relationship with other bacteria. But of course, if we take the food source
away from the candida, there’s going to be a change and the population will drop off. So it’s not a question of can we get rid of
candida, is can we tame the tiger? Can we tame the beast? And we usually can. So the best approach I always say to patients
is to take a long, hard look at what you’re eating and drinking and often all you need
to do is to take chong, chong, two or three things out of the diet that you really like
to eat all the time and often it’s a candy source, or a sweet drink source, or it’s some
crap food that you’re eating regularly that you know you shouldn’t be eating. So that’s got to go. And often when you nail that thing, that a
big influence in your life that’s drawing, it’s calling your name, okay, Susan, Peter,
or whatever your name is, you know what I mean? So if you can understand that relationship
between that item of food or drink and these desires you’ve got, that’s the biggest step,
my opinion towards the reduction of candida in the body. Once you’ve achieved that and you start to
replace that with healthy kind of foods, the population will steadily come down. At that time or during that process, maybe
you’ve done some stool testing or a practitioner’s offered you a product that can either relegate
or clear the candida, that’ll speed it up even further. Taking a good anti-candida product as you’re
reducing sugar also will more quickly enable the craving to go away for the sugar. Okay? Because you’ll be dropping the population
down faster. But don’t be silly and try and wipe out a
high candida load within two weeks. It’s not a good idea. To me that’s like pulling on the handbrake
when you’re doing 60 miles an hour, you just don’t do things like that. All right? You take it slowly and just gradually do things
properly, all right? Nothing comes from doing things fast, ever. Nothing good. What was the question again? How long does it take for candida to leave
the body on a sugar-free diet? Not long at all. If you’re motivated and you understand the
relationship with your cravings and calling your name, you put your foot down and say,
no, you do some candida treatment, get a nice supplement, work on yourself, you’ll find
the craving will drop quickly and it should start coming together for you. But the thing is, take it easy and do it slowly. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget my free report, my free candida
shopping report at the bottom of this page on the description box. Thank you.

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  2. My doc doesn't take Candida seriously at all. I have to deal with it alone. He ordered some bullshit bloodlab and got the results the same day even though the blood got taken at 5:15pm. It's been about a week and nobody has reviewed it yet

  3. Hello Dr. Baker I have a friend with serious divestive issues who can't tolerate solid foods so they use a product called Kate Farms which in an organic non gmo sole source supplment doing it's best to be healthy, but it does contain organic agave syrup along with some fruits added for nutrients. My friend would love to do a candida diet but again can not tolerate solid foods. Would they be able to clean out or balence candida while using those supplements to survive? Thank you very much really hoping you can help

  4. Appreciate the information & advice.
    Been listening to you for a year now.
    Battling toenail fungus that refuses to subside no matter what I apply thousands of times.
    Diet is way better than average.
    Almost impossible to overcome.

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