How to Cure Candida Fast : Yeast Infections – VitaLife Show Episode 170

Welcome to the VitaLife Show! I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today
we’re talking all about how to cure candida yeast infections in just 5
easy steps now had a question in a previous video here on the VitaLife show about that very question how do you get
rid of candida once and for all so I am going to share with you
in five steps be sure to stay into the end the video and click
Subscribe to our channel so you always get our newest and greatest uploads here on the VitaLife Show on YouTube so step number one you have to stop feeding
these bad guys so the candida they feed off of things like sugar alcohol
yeast so stop eating those as much as you can
please stop eating those so you stop feeding these bad guys that are living
in your digestive tract and in your blood step number two is to
kill them so I’ve actually developed a fantastic
parasite cleanse you can check it out on comprehensive
completely natural very gentle but very effective killing those candida organisms without
any negative side effects step three is to clean out now all that
negative debris from that candida other parasites as well you want to make
sure that your flushing out your digestive tract and that’s
exactly what our VitaMucil does this is the soluble fiber that flushes
away cleans the walls of your intestine to get rid of all about debris
from those parasites and that candia Step four to detoxify so
unfortunately no matter how long these candida organisms and those parasites have been living in
your digestive tract they have been affecting and giving of
toxins so you want to make sure that you
detoxify all those organisms all those toxins that have accumulated
in the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the digestive tract, the blood and
lymphatic system and that’s the VitaDetox and we have
other videos on that that you can check out step 5: To inoculate you have to
put the good guys back in and that is probiotics. So VitaTree Probiotics unlike any other probiotic on the market design for your human digestive tract
you have to check it out you have to make sure that part of now it now staying healthy so that you don’t get
those parasites and that candida coming back is to always re-inoculate with the VitaTree Probiotics so thanks for joining me today be sure
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internal organs at once and click down here for video on
probiotics and why not all probiotics are created equal

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  1. Hello Dr. Bowring. I tried to do a cleanse and added at the same time Pro biotics from another company. I had horrible die off symptoms and I only took 1 pill a day of each for about a month. Believe me I never want to feel like that again.

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