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– Hi friends, I’m Ray Maor and thank you for watching my channel. So, how does one do a coffee
enema in the right way? What is a coffee enema? And is it even good for you? Now after the really successful hit of my previous enema or
self water flush video, a lot of people asked
specifically about this. And you might be surprised by
what I’m about to tell you. Before we talk about coffee Enemas, let me first explain what an enama is and why so many people are
choosing to do one these days. (joyful music) An enema is this little thing. You can buy the single time used enemas and this is a multi-purposed one. You just fill up the
whole thing with water, in this case we’re talking about water that is with coffee, warm water. And this little thing goes up your bum. (laughing) This is always embarrassing to talk about. I can also tell you that in one
of my retreats in Australia, I had to buy 30 of these. And you can imagine how fun it was to come to the pharmacists
and telling them I’m looking for 30 enemas. What is an enema? An enema is a way to cleanse the last part of your digestive system. In other words our digestive
system is made to absorb, okay? You already understand it
because all the nourishment or all the nutrients from
the physical nourishment that people get, are
actually absorbed all the way in the nine meters of the bigger system, and we have a little more meters or yards if you want to
call it, the rest of it. The colon is the last part. Now the colon is a part
of the digestive system. In other words it continues
to absorb as much as it can. So the thing is that today most of us don’t really eat healthy. And what happens is that
we have all these toxins and a lot of shit still
sitting down there, and the body continues to absorb it. In the other words the enema use it, we use the enema to clean out
that last part, the colon. Now, enemas were even
used in ancient times by the Egyptians themself. And I know it sounds completely strange for people who are really new to this. Many of you might think that enemas are not good because
they’re not really natural. It would seem like this
is something that the body should actually be able to
take care about by itself. The thing is in modern society, we don’t really eat natural diets anymore. our food are filled with
artificial ingredients, sticky filers and just
plain bizarre things. A lot of sugar, a lot of salt,
a lot of bad things for us, gluten, a lot of things that we’ve changed over the last 200 years. Now over time our colons get so clogged up that eventually they create disease. Our colon affects our entire body and if our entire digestive
system isn’t healthy, we aren’t healthy, and therefore disease. A coffee enema is basically the same thing as a regular one except
instead of using warm water we’re actually going
to use coffee instead. Why coffee? Because there are
compounds inside the coffee with spark production of a
strong cleansing compound in the body and especially in the Liver. Here are the main reasons that most people reported on the advantages
of doing this type of enema, which is a coffee enema. it helps to relieve constipation. It cleans out the colon
and eases bloating. It improves mood and
increases energy levels. It flushes heavy metals. It flushes candida and other parasites. It improves detoxification. It reduces inflammation. It helps repair the liver
and it helps fight cancer. Now I’ve been there in the skeptical part. And it really doesn’t
seem like a natural thing to really stick a tube up your bum. And fill yourself up with water or with coffee from the back end. And I get it, it’s totally
weird in the beginning, it seems even gross. But I’ve done some self experimentation and I can tell you enemas are amazing. I personally feel
incredible after an enema. there are many many different
testimonials from people that want to get rid of
different acnes, skin diseases. You have to understand the body will want to get rid of the toxins in any way, so it goes out through the skin. Or just people want a shortcut for a deeper and shorter cleanse. So it’s really not just about me. A lot of research has been
done on different enemas. Coffee enemas are used
by holistic Physicians for all sorts of conditions, including first stages of cancer. Lots of people find them really
useful with constipation, fatigue, and liver
detoxification concerns. Until this day coffee
enemas are frequently used for natural cancer protocol
such as the Gerson therapy. Coffee enemas were actually
outlined as a treatment in one of the known books
called the Merck Manual. A very thick book that
physicians used to use as a primary reference for
decades until about the 1970s. So this is like an ancient remedy that is being rediscovered again. Coffee enemas can be done
at home inexpensively. You just need a very comfortable spot on the floor, or in your
bathroom, or in your bathtub, and as the coffee is
retained in your bowel the fluid actually goes
through your intestine wall and into your liver. And that’s where the action happens. So to do a coffee enema is really simple. All you need is the simple enema kit which you can buy in Amazon, starting from 10 bucks
to about 30 dollars. It’s really quite simple. It goes up one end and you
have to just put it above. In other words you have
to put it in a place that is a little bit higher. Here’s a few practical tips
that I’m going to give you about doing your own coffee enemas. First make sure that the
coffee that you’re going to use is an organic coffee. Don’t take the shit, okay? This is really a shitty
conversation or a shitty video. Now use clean water to make your coffee. In other words the
distilled or natural water maybe reverse osmosis as well. Room temperature is fine, you don’t want to get
it too hot or too cold. It might hurt you on the way in. I would try different positions
while you’re doing it. Sometimes it’s really, in the first times it’s really difficult. try to keep, hold it
in as much as you can. For the first timers it’s
gonna be about a minute or two minutes that
you’re gonna hold it in, before the body just tells you let it go. After that you’re probably
going to be able to hold it in a little bit more than that. What I usually do and this
one is about a two litter one is to fill it up all the way, and then first because
it’s been a long time since you did it, may be all of your life, first time I would just allow
a little bit of water to go in and then rinse it out a little bit you know you can jump
around, you can press, you can move your digestive system, you can move to the left
and move to the right and just sit there. I usually listen to a channeling
session or to some music just relax breathe it in, jump around, and then after this little
amount I go to the toilet, I empty everything out as
much as and as fast as I can. I let it, I just sit on the
toilet for a minute or two. Sometimes there is more
water that needs to come out. And then I go back down, lying down, and I let the rest go in. In other words a little
bit in the beginning to begin the cleansing, sort of like when you’re washing a
very very dirty dish. So you know that in the beginning you have to get some water in, you’re taking out the basic
things, the bigger things and after that you’re going
in for the full recovery. So I think this is the best strategy. I usually leave it in
about five to 10 minutes. I usually use warm coffee or warm water. And that usually gets
rid of a lot more things because as you know warmth
is actually sending molecules that are moving faster
in the material itself so in other words warmer cleans better. So my friends, I hope this
video was helpful for you. If you’ve ever tried enemas before and you have any tips and tricks or even questions or something
that you want to help other people understand
from your own experience, leave it in the comment section below. And I’m pretty sure a
lot of people can learn from our own experience. It’s always getting quite
interesting down there. As always thank you so
much for watching my video and thank you for your time. If you like it please give it a thumbs up, and hit the subscribe button. Namaste my friends and
I’m going to see you in my next video. (suspenseful music)

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  1. I have been doing them almost daily recently to heal a digestive issue. Does anyone have advice about adding oils? I add a few drops of organic oregano oil (for SIBO) and bergamot oil (for autophagy). I recommend taking a towel and pillow into the tub because there WILL be leaks. Best part is, my cat somehow knows and jumps in the tub to cuddle as I lie on my side. 😻🛀💩

  2. Make sure there is caffeine in the coffee, it opens the bile ducts. Decaf does not work. I've done this almost 1000 times, love it. Great for a lot of things, your skin will improve as well.

  3. I do coffee enema every day I believe we all should do specially for the reason u mentioned. Thank you for sharing Ray. Peace and Love to you and to all 😊💖 namasté🙏

  4. Ray I like this… but at our Arizona retreat someone asked u about enemas and u said Leslie likes them but u prefer to let nature take course… did u change your mind? Curious…

  5. Ray, you mentioned you had to buy 30 enema packs. Do you use them at your Pranic Living retreats?

  6. Dr. Robert Morse N.D. does not recommend coffee enemas … Study his extensive video library to learn what this Master of Detoxification and Regeneration has to say from his experience … Dr. Robert Morse –

    Detoxification and Regeneration

    Great Lymphatic System–E

    Iridology and Eye Reviews

    An Open Debate on Fruit Sugar

    Protocol Video

    4-Stages of Health

    Q&A – one of many

    Supplements – waste of time/money

    Kidney Filtration

    Deep Detox with Fruits and Herbs


    No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets while you're living your journey on this planet. For generations, man has been ignorant of his/her body's proper nutritional needs. It is not difficult to understand the proper foods man should be consuming, which is simply reflected in the physiological design of the human species. Once called omnivores by many, humans are actually frugivores. Man's diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, instead of dead animals, their milks, and dormant foods (grains & beans).

    Because of the type of foods and chemicals man has been (and is) consuming, humans have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness, decay and degeneration of cells never before seen in any species.

    Understanding this and what one must do to reverse this is vital in the preservation of our species and one's experience of True Health. There is so much misinformation, mainly because of big business, that man is confused and frustrated.

    – Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H.

  7. Hello ray
    I do water enemas almost everyday … will try coffee one also … however my husband thinks i am mad and its not natural…. he even sends me video links of why not to do enema … can u pls tell me …. when and when not to do an emema …. i love it … but one video said u will loose ur contractions ability if u do too many enemas 🙄…. so after that my husband has completely banned my enemas 🤔so am wondering…

  8. Thank you! I will try that one 🙂 How do you make the coffee? Like how strong and with boiling water and let it cool down? How long do you leave the coffee in the water?

  9. The best enemas I've done are URINE ENEMAS!!! There's truly no comparison with anything else… urine is soooo soothing and cleansing for the body, it's really marvellous! I know this might sound very strange and even disgusting for some, but the truth is that we have been lied about our urine because Big Pharma doesn't want us to know that our own body produces the BEST and most natural, perfect medicine and fuel for us! Urine comes from our blood… it's blood's plasma and even more pure than blood because it's been filtered through and through by the kidneys! That's why it's also called BLOOD'S PLASMA ULTRA-FILTRATE. Our body is such a Masterpiece of Creation!! 😊🙏💓

  10. Enemas are awesome and so important, in my opinion. I prefer to use urine. It's the best natural water for the bod and as Martha Christy well said in her book, it's one's own perfect medicine. I don't know if she also applied urine in enemas, but the "Gary Wand interviews with Martha Christy" on youtube are a fantastic source of information about this whole topic of urine being medicinal and nourishing, as well as deeply cleansing for the body.

  11. Hi . does it matter if it is a filter coffe or espresso type ?i am asking for the reason if we do not find the special enema coffee can we buy organic coffee from a store and use instead?

  12. I didn't catch how strong coffee mix I should make? Do I just mix coffee with the water or actually cook it? 🙂

  13. Hmm if coffee enema is so good i wonder how good cacao enema would be. Cacao makes me feel alive and gives me way better effect than coffee. Dandelion or roasted dandelion or he shou wu are two other very detoxifying agents that may be good with this. If anyone has any experience, feel free to share 🙂

  14. Not homophobic by any means, but if a heterosexual male like myself were to do this, could he in all realness retain his straight card or would it be equivalent to a straight guy who experimented sexually with another man, didn't enjoy it, but at the end of the day he still did it so he's not completely straight? Regardless of the reason, its still a man being penetrated one way or another, so its still at least borderline. I mean if I were dying of cancer and it was the only way to live I guess I'd consider it, than just avoid looking in the mirror for the rest of my life, but if its not for mortality reason and you are in fact heterosexual, why not just a salt water flush (where you drink it rather than shoving it up your ass)?

  15. When you first start doing your enemas be careful because if you have an injured gut or something and you poop real fast real hard but you're enema it can kind of hurt you cuz it did me…

  16. can it be done with this type of enema?

  17. H Ray, beautiful explanation of coffee enema, yes all what you said is right, I'm doing it because of Gerson therapy, I'm fellowing it because I have pancreatic tumor and it really help me a lot, I have energy and feeling better, just started so hopefully I will shrink my tumor. Appreciated your video very informative n clear. Pray for your success in helping others. Many thanks, Cristy

  18. A coffee enema is the enema-related procedure of injecting coffee via the anus to cleanse the rectum and large intestines. There is no medical, scientific evidence to support any positive health claim for coffee enemas. Wikipedia I’ll just go ahead and leave this here for all of you people thinking this is good for you. Do a regular enema if you have to clean the shit out your ass you freaks.

  19. I use an Italian coffee roast and add a dash of prune juice, and you should see the fecals flying out of me. Something like World War II at its worst.

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