How to Do a Parasite Cleanse : Parasite Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 232

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today I’m going to share with you how to do a parasite cleanse. So parasites or something that you may have most of us do. Ninety-five percent of us have parasites at some point and maybe causing some symptoms for you so it’s really important to kill off these parasites. We have other videos on the vital life show here to share with you some of the symptoms but I want to give you the tips. So first of all eat pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds about a quarter cup a day they help to stunt slowdown parasites. We don’t know yet exactly kill them but they’re going to slow them down so that they’re easier to kill with some of the other things that were talking about. Garlic too raw cloves of garlic per day helped to kill parasites, papaya juice about a half of cup is all you need of papaya juice this is really helpful, coconut oil coconut oil has been known to have an antiseptic effect in the digestive tract and in the bloodstream so 1 tablespoon a day of pure coconut oil is fantastic. Decrease the sugar in your diet they love the bugs love to eat sugar and all the bad food processed foods so decrease those in the diet as much as possible and check out our parasite cleanse so here at vitatree we actually have a product called the parasite cleanse very very powerful at killing all those parasites as well as their eggs which is quite unique most formulas out there won’t do that. So check out our website for more information about our products parasite cleanse please check it out you’re going to love it, and check out our other videos here on the vita life show sure to like us on facebook follow us on twitter instagram and all that good stuff with your questions and comments below and please subscribe to this channel so that you always get our newest and latest videos here at the vita life show. Thanks for joining me today.

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