HOW TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF FAST | Dandruff Treatments for Natural Hair

– Hi everyone! Welcome to Discovering Natural. Today we’re gonna talk about dandruff. I tell you, I get a lot of
questions from people asking me, what can they do with dandruff? They’re like, “Oh I see all
these flakes in my hair, what can I do, what do I do about that?” And, I tell you, I have
got dandruff before. I don’t get it so often,
and I’m gonna share with you some tips that I use in order
to evade the dandruff flakes, in order to evade the snow
that exists without real snow. The first thing that I make
sure I do is I make sure that I cleanse my scalp regularly. Now, most of the time I do
co-washes; I co-wash my hair. But I make sure that
I also clarify my hair at the end of the month. There’s two ways that I clarify my hair. I can use clay. And that clay is bentonite
clay or rhassoul clay which I don’t have it
here, finish isn’t a ton. This one is almost gone, you
can kind of see it there. But, I use bentonite clay and
I use that to cleanse my hair, cleanse my scalp, and that helps with most any product buildup and also I
can use a clarifying shampoo. This is a Giovanni 50:50
balancing hydrating clarifying shampoo, and I use this shampoo sometimes, not so often, because it does
feel a little bit stripping. And that cleans up my scalp. Because I find that when I have products, and I have products on my scalp,
and I have product buildup, it creates not a breathable
environment for my scalp. Because, you know, your
scalp needs to breathe. And if it doesn’t breathe,
what’s gonna happen is that things are gonna get trapped in there and that creates the flaky layer. It’s like, your skin needs to be clean. If you don’t clean your
skin well you’re gonna have like ashy stuff and things coming out but make sure that you clean your skin and clean your scalp really well. So now let’s imagine, you have dandruff. What are you going to do? So first things first, clarify
your scalp, as I mentioned. After that, what I do is
I get a little bottle, and, an applicator bottle and I put in- (door opening) We have a little visitor,
what are you doing? – I need to put this away. – You need to put it away? Okay, can you leave it over there? – Okay. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Bye! (door opening) See I have a “closed sign there. They don’t read my “closed” sign. (door closes) Okay, let’s continue. So, the next thing that I do is I get my little applicator
bottle and I get tea tree oil, a few drops
of tea tree oil in there. And then, I get a few
drops of peppermint oil. So maybe about, in the
small applicator bottle, like this I put about 10
drops of peppermint oil and five drops of tea tree oil. Put a little bit of water, so
maybe put about one ounce to, well, about one to two
ounces of water in there. Shake it up real good and
I’ll put it in my scalp. All over my scalp, and then
I’ll massage my scalp with it. And I’ll do that maybe once every day until maybe about a week, and
that usually helps out a lot. So those are the main things that I do. Now some things that I
don’t do that will help in not creating the
dandruff is number one, I try not to put products
too much on my scalp, so I do not put shea butter on my scalp. I do not put grease; I don’t use grease. (laughs) So I try not to use products
that can clog up your scalp. The mineral oils, things of that sort. Try to reduce the use of it
or even eliminate it totally. By eliminating it totally,
that will help your scalp be able to breathe and
not create dandruff. One other thing that I do
is I also make sure that I look at my scalp, if my
scalp feels as if it needs to be cleansed really
well, like, you can see my scalp is really nice and
juicy and it has the same kind of coloring with my skin
and everything looks good. If I find a little bit of scaling or a little bit of dead skin,
not necessarily dandruff, I will exfoliate my scalp. And I have a recipe with exfoliating which is gonna pop up like right now. But I will exfoliate my scalp and by exfoliating your
scalp, is similar to where you get scrubbed by the scrub and you scrub your skin to remove
all the dead cells from it. You can also exfoliate
your scalp in the same way. So I take the mixture,
I prepare the mixture. And then I just put it in my scalp. I kind of massage it in a
circular way throughout my hair. And throughout my scalp, not my hair. But throughout my scalp
and once I’m done with that then I, you know, rinse it off. And that really helps
kind of clean up my scalp and get it ready for the next
phase of what I want to do. So how often do I exfoliate? Since I rarely have dandruff
I don’t exfoliate so much. About least once a month
is good enough for me. So you have to do what is good for you and hopefully all these tips will help you out and if you have any other
suggestions, please let me know what do you do in terms of dandruff? How do you combat that issue? What are some tips that
you can leave because I love reading your tips and
I appreciate, I love you. Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for commenting. Make sure you share
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see you in the next video. Thanks! Bye!

37 Replies to “HOW TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF FAST | Dandruff Treatments for Natural Hair”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this video! It's so helpful. I suffer from dandruff too and its been annoying. Im definitely going to try out your scalp exfoliating tip and clarify with bentonite clay. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Excellent tips!  I will add ACV rinses, lavendar EO and checking the diet.  Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency can cause these problems too.  Flaxseed oil and chia seeds help me. I see a dramatic difference when I am low.  Finally, stress and lack of sleep.  Sometimes the root cause is internal.  Up water consumption.

  3. Awesome tips as always.  I have never had dandruff thank God.  But if I do, I will definitely use these tips. Thanks luv.

  4. I love the earrings and the peach color compliments your complexion.  Beautiful!!!  Also, great information.  My DIY african black soap helps to keep my scalp heathy.  Also, like you stated, I don't apply heavy products to my scalp.  Just a little oil on wash day and that is it.  TFS & Blessings

  5. I buy a bottle of oils like the softee thickening growth oil add tea tree to it and peppermint oil your scab 3 times lightly.

  6. I use herbal essence rosemary condition and add tea tree oil to it and peppermint oil and clean my scab

  7. My entire family used to have dandruff issues years ago, but none of us have had any in about 2-3 years! It's from washing weekly, oiling the scalp automatically after washing, and not using products that cause buildup like silicone based products and other greasy stuff. I have been meaning to do a video about this as well. I am so glad our dandruff is gone (so far, my two youngest kids have had NO dandruff)! I did a blog post about this in April… and forgot to do a corresponding video. lol #Fail

  8. I liked this video before I even watched it. I needed this. Ive been having scalp issues. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi thank u for sharing this. I use acv as well I think that works really good for dandruff and dry scalp. I also use it as a detangle for my girls' hair. Your skin looks AMAZING by the way!!! You are always so informative thank you!!! 👏😘😍

  10. I've had dandruff issues since I was a toddler (I have my papa's scalp). I don't use a lot of products (my sensitive scalp, thanks dad lol) because certain ingredients irritate it. The best thing that's helping now is my hair tea spritz, but sometimes I still see the dandruff. Hopefully these tips help 🙂
    Thanks @DiscoveringNatural

  11. Ironically enough Jamaican Black Castor Oil worked for me. I don't know if I had dandruff or really dry scalp but I oil my scalp with it once a week and it has worked miracles. I tried other oils, like jojoba, but it didn't work. It was only Castor oil.

  12. Thanks for this! My daughter and I always get a scalp fungus when we transition….ALWAYS! Does the clay leave your hair feeling stripped? I noticed it really defined your curls!

  13. I cant really tell if my hair is 4b or 4c …please what type is your hair cause my curls look the same

  14. hi im new to washing my hair im 19 years old now growing up i was always having people do my hair for me and never rally learned how to do it myself my hair is all natural for 19 yrs and ive never hada perm i was wondering wat can i do to wash it after i wash my hair it still always feels dirty i always wear twist with no hair added on i wear it for a couple of weeks and the dandruff and dirt is unbelievable wat can i do

  15. Hey I love your video but I want to know if your tips in this video and your exfoliation recipe are applicable to infants under 6 months. Thanks

  16. When i oil my scalp, i use a mix of extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E daily. My scalp gets SUPER itchy within 2 days. when i itch my scalp my fingers are coated with oil dirt and dandruff. Should i stop oiling my scalp completely or should i try the peppermint oil mix you showed? please reply soon☺

  17. In the last 2 weeks I have stopped putting oils on my scalp, when using oil on my scalp my hair was always so itchy. Huge difference. I will have to try the peppermint and tea tree oil mixture you suggest. I do love my aloe Vera juice and water mixture. I'll just add peppermint and tea tree to it thanks!

  18. Yes not puttjng certain oils like olive oil or coconut on your scalp as these feed dandruff…but using pure peppermint rosemary or lavender oil applied nightly will deter it. Dandruff also cannot feed on caster oil.

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