How To Improve Egg Quality: Supplements for IVF/IUI/Natural Conception

If you want to know all about how to improve your egg quality and I don’t mean chicken eggs… keep on watching! Hello, so today I wanted to talk about the different supplements that will be taking and preparing for IVF. If you want to know more about our journey, you can check out the rest of the videos on the channel, as well as soon we’re gonna be doing reciprocal IVF. So that journey. Okay, so now I’m going to talk about which supplements we’re taking, why, how much, and what not and then if you want more information, more detailed, look down below. There will be a blog post and I’ll say exactly which medications the brand the amount and kind of give more explanation of each one, more than what I’m gonna say here. Okay first is a prenatal vitamin. If you’re going through regular IVF. Meaning you will be using your own eggs trying to get pregnant. It’s vital that you have a prenatal vitamin.
Obviously to prepare your body… just to be pregnant. If it’s just for donating eggs, I guess then… you still want to have all the things that are inside that prenatal vitamin just to improve the egg quality and also to prepare your body in general. Okay. Next I would say is only if you’re gonna be doing regular IVF, if it’s reciprocal IVF, um like we’ve mentioned before, you might not need this but this is just for regular IVF. It’s a prenatal probiotic. It just has… I have the Garden of Life one. Oh, I forgot to say that prenatal I use is Mama Bird. But for this one it’s just good for your digestion for your body internally, just to kind of prepare yourself for pregnancy. Next is a vitamin C. Vitamin C is a wonderful thing to help with I believe with uterine lining, as well as progesterone, but in general, it’s just a good vitamin to add to your preparation for IVF. We just have a GNC generic brand. Next is vitamin E. Vitamin E is great especially for male fertility. If you have sperm issues and that’s the reason you’re doing IVF, or just in general for females it’s helpful to again, improve the egg quality as well as just your body in general. This one is just from NOW. It’s a generic brand. Just on Amazon. It’s real cheap. Next is Vitamin D3 or just regular Vitamin D. This one is just a regular cheap generic brand, but it’s important because if you’re deficient with vitamin D that can be a possible reason for miscarriage. So again, it’s really important that you have that supplement. Especially if you live in cold areas, you don’t get enough sunlight, you’re inside all day, or if you have a darker skin tone, all of those are reasons to take a supplement. This is a 5,000 IU. If again, you’re doing regular IVF, and you are gonna try to prepare your body for pregnancy, it’s important to add a prenatal vitamin as well as a DHA. This one is Ocean Mom’s Prenatal DHA and it’s from Garden of Life. This is for the Omega 3s. It’s helpful with brain development in the early part of pregnancy. So especially if you’re trying natural conception as well, it’s very important you start this before you try to get pregnant. Then we have Alpha Lipoic Acid. This one is an antioxidant. So it’s very important again for the cellular development and it just helps these cells to develop properly. This one is just one time a day, 250 mg. The last one that we have decided to use is CoQ10. This one I believe is like one of the most popular ones to help with improving egg quality. Co Q 10… that one is to help with the energy within cells of the eggs. I’m not gonna explain all the scientific details, but it’s helpful for the cells to have enough energy to develop properly and that’s to avoid having chromosomal abnormalities. So this one we have is… ubiquinol. The ubiquinol is the form that’s easily absorbed into your body. So you can take a little bit less dose. If you don’t have the ubiquinol, they do have one called ubiquinone. That one’s a little bit cheaper, but you’re gonna have to take more of a dose just because it doesn’t absorb into the bodies easily. So I was suggesting ubiquinol. Um, just invest your money. It’s not that terribly expensive. So there’s that. One more that we are not taking, I didn’t mention is DHEA. The reason why we didn’t mention that is because that one we haven’t decided to take yet cause it’s usually for people with PCOS or people with diminished ovarian reserve. So that one is a very powerful in helping again… to get the eggs and the cells developing properly just again avoiding chromosomal abnormalities. We’re not gonna add that unless blood work says that we need to. Right now it’s kind of just supplements in general. But if that happens then I will include that… If you want to know more… if you want to know more about that one, I will make sure… go down to the blog post and I’ll explain a little bit more about that. Plus again, I will use the suggested reading of “It Starts With The Egg”. That book is amazing! I did the audio book. It was really helpful for me and just get a better understanding of what to take and what not to take and giving you different guides, if it’s IUI, IVF, if you have issues with PCOS, diminished ovarian reserve, all of those sorts of things. So again, those are all the ones that we are taking for supplements. If you’re curious about anything else… if you’re curious about any other ones, leave a comment down below. You can ask me about any other type of supplements. Why you’re taking it. Why not? Plus also again look at the blog post to explain. It’s gonna have a lot more details there. Hopefully you have enjoyed this video. I want to say thank you and good luck. If you’re going through IUI, IVF, just trying to get pregnant in general, I so hope that you get your baby soon. Remember to subscribe and hit the bell. I want you to come join us on this journey trying to get pregnant. Yeah, thanks so much for watching. See you in the next one. Bye!

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