How To: Low Impact Modifications

hey guys what’s up so something a little
different for you today – today I’m running you through some low impact
modifications for a number of different exercises. Jumping, plyometric type
movements are some of my favorite exercises but they don’t always work for
everyone so these modifications will hopefully
provide you with some ideas on how to turn any workout into a low impact
workout. so let’s dive into it now. alright starting with the jump squat
this is a powerful move – you’re driving through the heels keeping the knees
behind the toes pushing those hips back. an easy way to modify this is to remove
the jump. We still want you keeping this movement nice and powerful so you can
spring up right up onto the toes so you’re still working those calf muscles
and you’re squeezing the glutes at the top. Frog jumps are very similar to our
jump squats we’re just adding in that explosive movement with the arms so
again as you modify you’re gonna squat down nice and low and then power those
arms straight up overhead keeping that core engaged pushing the hips back and
then squeezing the glutes at the top of this movement. Jump lunges – these are
killer guys! so as you’re driving through that front heel straight up and down you
want to make sure that knee always stays behind the front toe if you’re doing a
lower impact version you’re just going to simply step back into an alternating
reverse lunge. we’ll still get that arm movement in here by driving the arms
upward keeping the core nice and tight another version may look like this
where you add in a knee drive. this is also gonna give you a little bonus core
workout so that’s always great! again driving through that front heel
balancing on the standing leg driving the knee towards the chest.
Jumping jacks are up next we’re always staying light on our feet pumping those
arms and keeping the core engaged so low impact version we’re just
gonna do a jack steps so stepping side-to-side still
using those arms to pump, resisting gravity and keeping the core nice and
tight. Power jacks we’re coming right down into a sumo squat position and then
popping up into that jack so we’re getting nice and low keeping the hips
back keeping the chest up low impact version you’re just gonna do the same
kind of step side to side coming nice and low into that squat really focus on
keeping the chest up pushing those hips back and driving through the heels with
the crossover jack we are keeping the legs nice and straight we want to just
keep a nice off me make sure you’re not locking the knees here reaching opposite
hand to toe feeling a nice pull through those hamstrings
once we remove that jump we’re gonna continue with the same movement here
we’re just taking a nice step side to side keep the legs nice and straight
feeling that pull through the back of the legs and the glutes keeping the back
nice and flat going into speed skaters here we’re
working on lateral distance jumping side to side swinging those arms bent forward
slightly but keeping a nice flat back and a tight core so once we remove the
jumping portion of this movement it looks like this you’re just doing a nice
wide step side to side keeping the motion of the arms going another version may look like this where you actually come right down tapping the ground and
then power those arms straight up overhead
so our lateral bounds where we’re just leaping side to side sometimes I like to
throw in a little extra hop at the top as well because well why not!?
now by removing that jump you’re just taking a nice wide step I want you to
go as wide as you can and feel the inner thighs working on
this one and for those times when we do add in the hop you’re just gonna do an
explosive power up right up onto the toes get those calves working so star
jumps are killer but I love these you guys there is an easy ways to modify
this one and that makes this workout still super effective so you’re gonna
start in your squat position and then just step out to the side you want to
keep those hips back weight in the heels and as you power up you’re pumping those
arms oh look it’s everybody’s favorite exercise the Burpee so there are many
different versions of the Burpee I like to add in a push-up and a hop at the top
this version here shows just a smaller hop back and forth into a plank position
and then standing up squeezing the glutes
you can also totally remove the jumping by just stepping forward one foot at a
time and power up using those arms to get a
nice intense move through the entire body next we’re combining a Burpee and a
jack with these Burpee jacks that’s right we drop it down into that Burpee
popping up and doing a check so to completely eliminate the jumping from
this movement you’re just gonna step up one at a time and then at the top doing
a step jacks side to side so you’re still pumping those arms getting in a
killer workout with no jumping required so you probably haven’t seen these ones
in the 12 week workout plan quite yet since we’re only in a week one but these
side-to-side burpees are coming up aren’t you excited guys so we want to
make sure that we’re still getting in that side-to-side me Drive because we’re
gonna target the obliques with this movement
so without the jumping you’re driving me to elbow one side at a time and then
stepping into that Burpee stance and three alleles straight so high knees
we’re staying nice and light on the feet driving the knees upward a low impact
version is just to do in the drive so I like to use my arms here you can even
get in a little bit of an ab workout by rotating a bit side to side but kicks
the same thing we’re gonna remove the running type movement and we’re just
going to step and kick that booty side to side sometimes I like to throw in a
little lat pulldown as well just to increase the intensity and get that
upper body working at the same time now these spots burns is just as it sounds
we’re doing a sprint on the spot and then as we ease up on the impact it
turns into more of a March so the important thing here is that you’re
really pumping the arms you’re driving the knees up tightening the core and
staying light on the feet another alternative to this would just be to do
a lighter jog on the spot still get those arms pumping but stay a little
lighter on the feet and yet another version of the squat and this is our pop
squat we’re hopping in and out touching the ground in between each movement
so as we eliminate the jump we’re just going to do a nice wide step side to
side or reaching for that ground really making sure that you’re keeping your
back flat you’re not rounding through the spine here onto the broad jump this
is a powerful move where we’re just jumping from one side of the mat to the
other squatting down powering through the heels and land
nice and soft as we eliminate the jump it looks like this you’re taking a nice
big step to the front powering up and then a nice big step to
the back you’re staying nice and low in that squat during the step to really
fire up those legs all right guys we just have one more move and it’s the
plank jacks so anytime we’re in the plank position we want to make sure that
our wrists are stacked right below the shoulders this is going to prevent any
tension on the wrists and the shoulder joints so a little lower impact version
we’re just doing a side-to-side toe tap so you’re still really
strengthening that pore keeping the belly button pulled to the spine as you
tap side-to-side all right guys that’s it I hope you
found this video helpful if you did give it a thumbs up and share it with a
friend and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below
have yourselves a wonderful day I will see you on Monday with a brand new

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    Thank you for the helpful tutorial.

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  25. Heather, thank you so much for this and all your videos. I enjoy them so much and as a diabetic nurse in the NHS it’s a constant battle to get patients to exercise, but I’ve found advising your videos to be the most user friendly for them and most likely for people to keep up the exercise momentum.
    From a personal point of view I’ve found a lot of people comment on needing low impact from injuries or being in an apartment, but my need for low impact is of the “gynaecological nature”, having had 3 children, and I’m quite sure there are a huge amount of women wanting to protect and help their undercarriage from further damage who want to do HIIT workouts – after all they are the perfect forms of exercise to do at home when the toddler is sleeping!! Last I heard (from a gynae physio colleague) they now think every woman who has had a natural birth will have a prolapse of some degree and I know hard pounding on your feet is not advisable. One complaint I’ve had about needing low impact is that it often ends up being low intensity as well – that is not necessarily something that is required – but this video explains it all and will no doubt help me keep the intensity up
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