How to Make Almond and Chocolate Cookies : Fine-tuning Icing For Gourmet Almond Cookies

Okay so you know when this is done when you
can see any more of the dry powder sugar. You might need to use your little spatula
and scrap down the bowl a couple of times but that is consistency is looking pretty
good. So let’s stop the mixture and you want it basically drizzle off the spatula just
like that cause then it is going to stay on the cookie but it is not to thick either.
You also might want to taste it some people like a little stronger almond flavor. You
can just add a little more extract and then if this was to thick we would just add a little
bit more water. If it was to thin we would just add a little bit more powder sugar. This
icing is a lot of times called a royal icing and it’s really again really simple sugar
water and you just add either one to get the consistency that you are looking for.

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