How to Make Almond Berry Cereal-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #20

Hi, I’m Dr. Josh Axe and welcome to my kitchen.
Today I’m going to be making almond berry cereal, which is a great recipe. I know for
me this recipe started when I was sitting around one day and I had been eating a really
healthy diet for a while and it had been a really long time since I had cereal. I was
this cereal fanatic. I used to eat cereal literally every night, almost every meal of
the day. I loved cereal, but then I went through a no-cereal cake because of a lot of the grains
and processed sugars and all the things in most cereals today. So anyway, I was sitting
at home and I’m like, “Man, I really need to have some cereal.” So I got creative and
made up my own cereal and this is where almond berry cereal came from. We’re using all-natural healthy ingredients.
What we’re going to start off with is coconut milk. Now we use coconut milk rather than
pasteurized milk because pasteurized dairy is very toxic and really just bad for your
health. The reason is if you have raw dairy, something like raw goat’s milk or raw cow’s
milk, all the good bacteria is still left in there. It’s still very nutritious. When
you pasteurize something, they heat it up to 145 degrees for around 45 minutes. It kills
off all the enzymes, all the good bacteria known as probiotics, and also damages the
protein and sugar molecules. Even if you look at it from a sugar standpoint,
something called the glycemic index, regular pasteurized dairy has a glycemic index of
145 which means it’s pure sugar when it gets in your bloodstream. Now, what we’re going
to use instead is coconut milk because it’s full of what’s called medium chain fatty acids,
also known as lauric acid, and it’s actually the same type of healthy fat that’s found
in women’s breast milk and so it’s really great for your health. It’s actually eight
calories, not nine calories like most fats, and it’s actually going to help you burn fat
and lose the weight. Saturated fat got a bad rap for a lot of years but what happens is
a lot of times we don’t realize that there are several good types of fat and there’s
even good types of saturated fat. So we’re going to start off here with this
can of coconut milk. You can find this in the Asian or ethnic food section of basically
any store or at a natural health food store. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
put about a fourth to a sixth of a cup of coconut milk, and we’re actually going to
just go ahead and pour that in first here. Okay, about a fourth of a can or a fourth
of a cup. The next thing we’re going to do is add in
almonds. Almonds are great because they’re full of Omega 9 fats similar to olive oil
and they’re known as a monounsaturated fat. It’s going to help your body burn fat and
lose weight. Another great thing about almonds is they’re full of l-arginine, which actually
helps increase human growth hormone. Very important in men for anti-aging. So we’re
going to add in these almonds next here into the almond berry cereal. After that we’re going to add in the blueberries.
Blueberries are great. They actually have an ORAC score of 13,000. What ORAC means,
it’s a way of measuring antioxidants in food. Specifically, ORAC score means oxygen radical
absorption capacity. So it absorbs free radicals in your body that causes aging. Wild blueberries
actually score 13,000, which is over five times the average fruit. So you’re going to
get more antioxidants in blueberries than almost any other fruit out there in the market.
So we’re going to add in these blueberries. Again, great for anti-aging, a great source
of fiber, a great source of antioxidants. The next thing we’re going to add in is flaxseeds
or flax meal. We’ve just taken the flaxseeds up, we’ve ground them up, we’re going to add
about two to three tablespoons here of flax meal. We’ll just sprinkle that on the cereal
here like so. And the last thing we’re going to add in is cinnamon. Cinnamon is great,
also loaded with antioxidants. Where blueberries are one of the number one berry for antioxidants,
cinnamon is the number one herb for antioxidants. It also helps balance out your blood sugar
and boost up those energy levels. So we’re going to add cinnamon in, probably
about one to two teaspoons. We’re just going to go ahead and sprinkle that on here pretty
generously, and bam, we have got almond blueberry cereal. You’ve going to love it. I’m going
to try it here in just a minute. Now it’s time to try the almond berry cereal,
and again, this is the moment I know I’ve been waiting for and I’m excited about. And
remember, this recipe is loaded with antioxidants, loaded with vitamins and minerals and good
healthy fat from the coconut. So let me go ahead and try this here. Mmm, delicious. I
usually don’t talk with my mouth open but I’m going to right now. You’re going to love
this cereal. Tell your friends about it, tell your family, try it out for yourself. You’re
going to love almond berry cereal.

13 Replies to “How to Make Almond Berry Cereal-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #20”

  1. looks delicious and healthy; was a little concern about canned foods due to the BPA; I try to use fresh coconut milk, but I do use canned coconut milk as a option.

  2. I have used coconut milk/cream for the past 3 years and it has always separated out. Not a big deal, but I have never seen you need to blend it up first and I always have to. Am I getting the wrong stuff? Hey nice miss on knifing the seed on that avocado, Kidding

  3. Thanks Dr. Axe! Try adding Chia seeds with a little water in there as well! Let it sit in your fridge for 1 hour then enjoy! 😁 SO GOOD!

  4. I read on neals yard cinnamon packet that one shouldn't have more than half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day . ? ! You said 1 and a half teaspoons . Which is right ? I think theirs is ceylon cinnamon. K

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