How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good

Hey everyone! Welcome back. I’m going to show you how I’ve been making
a really yummy and really healthy drink that not only has been helping me with my water
intake, it’s been really good for my overall health. Apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits
and this drink is really easy to make. If you want to see how I make this drink,
keep watching. To start off you’re going to need a bottle. I like using this one because I can track
how much water I’ve drank. I like this drink really really cold so I
put a lot of ice cubes in it and then fill it up about half way with water. Next, you’re going to grab your apple cider
vinegar and make sure its the kind with “The Mother” because it has all the good stuff;
proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria. I usually put 2 to 3 spoonfuls of it in my
bottle. Next we need to add flavor so I put in a lot
of cinnamon, plus its chock full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Because apple cider vinegar can taste so bitter,
we need to add a sweetener, so go ahead and grab your maple syrup. Do yourself a favor and make sure its 100%
pure maple syrup. This is all preference so add however much
you want. Then, we’re going to top the rest off with
water and give it a good shake. The last step is to grab a straw. I love using stainless steel straws, plus
because apple cider vinegar is so acidic we want to protect our teeth. And there you have it! It’s super easy to make, plus it’s really
good for you. If you guys end up making this drink, let
me know how you like it, but other than that I’ve showed you everything I want to show
you today. If you guys liked it, I would love it if you
gave me a thumbs up and I would love to have you here as a subscriber on my channel. I’ll see you guys really soon in my next video.

53 Replies to “How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Taste Good”

  1. I LOVE ACV. . Not only is it great for inside the body but for skin care too! Thanks for the tips on this drink , post baby I cannot wait to try it . I use it to get rid of heartburn while pregnant … I call it the magic liquid haha … good for EVERYTHING !! Also for maple syrup , try grade b instead of a .. it's not as sweet but so much better for you 🤗🤗🤗 ok last thing …. your video quality and editing ….. AMAZING ! These are editing goals for sure ! 👏👏👏👏

  2. Can I use honey instead of maple syrup? I'm 16 and I have been wanting to lose weight. My sister prepares ACV drink frequently but I never tried once bcos of its smell hahaha (I tried to drink once without knowing its ACV but I found out right away 😂) Hoping that this tastes good!

  3. All I can say is that this video really helps. I can still taste it, but it's not nearly as bad as just mixing with water, believe me I tried that yesterday and I gagged. Thank you so much!

  4. I drink acv , lemon juice, liquid ginger, and liquid turmeric daily. I start with 4 to 6 ozs of club soda add my healthy stuff then add flavored water to taste usually 2 to 4 ozs. taste great the club soda and flavored water has zero carbs and zero calories.

  5. Omg thank you for recommending cinnamon I was mixing water, apple cider vinegar, and honey but it still tasted bitter the cinnamon really helped it 😃

  6. Ok I have to profess something, you are seriously if not the most beautiful and hawt girls I have ever ever ever seen. Im it would be rude to even compare any girl even in your category, you're that fucking hot.

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! i'm taking bragg's apple cider vinegar daily with a little water and it's almost intolerable! Now it's a lot more tasteful!

  8. I’m going to use this recipe and bring it to school so I’m not rushed to drink it, I really hope this can still help you lose belly fat and lose weight!

  9. Do u guys still get that little kick in the back of ur throat with this recipe?trying to make acv not make me gag!

  10. Omg I've been doing it all wrong. I've been trying to mask the nasty flavour. I should've added syrup and cinnamon to balance it out and compliment it instead. Thank you!

  11. Tastes really good. I added lemon juice also. I have to shake it before each drink to mix up the cinnamon tho. I drink on it all day long.

  12. Omg. Thank. You. I'm a diabetic and acv was recommended by my doctor. And girl, that is some nasty stuff. But I'm going to try it your way.

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