How to pick out horses hooves

Welcome! My name is Gerard. And my name is Stephanie. And in this video, we’ll show you, how to pick a horses hooves. Why pick a horses hooves? Because a horses hoove
need’s to be cleaned, once in a while. Gerard: You tried to sneak out didn’t you? Pony Nala: Damn right fool! Picking out a horse hoof is essential for foot hygiene. and will also help to prevent injuries. So knowing how to pick out a horses hooves
yourself would be a useful skill to have. But before we begin
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to hoove picking. You do it with a pickaxe? o.0 And how often you need to pick your horses hooves? Well, That depends on the horses hooves,
and on the ground they are staying. But some people
pick hooves everyday. Everyday?! Some
a few times a week. And some much less. This is something
you gotta decide for yourself. But when i think about it
horses in the wild, never pick their own hooves. So i guess it’s not necessary everyday? But enough with the talk. Let us show you. How to pick a horses hooves. Alright! Awesome! You use a hoofpick
to pick out the hooves. Stand on the side of the hoof
you’d like to pick out. Run your hand,
the one nearest the horse. Down his leg,
to the buttom. Usually,
they will pick it up for you. But Qupi is a little bit stubborn. Gerard: Haha, got this on video. Now this is how
to pick a horse his hooves. Use your hoofpick
to pick out the dirt, stones, etc… That’s the fleshy V-shape. I go from the groove
next to the frog downwards
to the outer edge. Be very careful
not to stick your hoofpick into the horses frog. Some hoofpicks like mine
have brushes on them. Gerard: Why? This can help you, to brush out the dirt. Let me show you. And Tada! It’s cleaned up. When picking horse hooves
you could also take a quick look for signs. Thrush,
Puncture, Cracks
or even an Abscess can be noticed. But we won’t go into that into this video. Except for a crack we just found. Look over here
he has a little crack. Gerard: Oh my! And now you know
how to pick out a horses hooves. Gerard: Oh Yea! Would you like to see another video
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24 Replies to “How to pick out horses hooves”

  1. I pick my horses hoofs because he got a stick stuck in his hoof so now I pick it all the time to make sure he's okay before a ride

  2. You no tat a wild horse gets hes feet clend how wel the durt on hes feet dreys and wen he runs the durt on hes feet flys avay and all
    of the rocs flys avay to so clean your horses hoows eavry day

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