How To Prevent From Getting Candida

I have a question here from a patient in Atlanta.
I think that’s in America, isn’t it? Atlanta. How to prevent from getting Candida. I mentioned in a previous video on how to
get Candida. If you want to prevent Candida, first you’ve got to identify what Candida
is and how it comes about in the body. Try to look at the signs and symptoms of Candida
and familiarize yourself with it. Many people have got very mild grades of Candida right
now without even knowing about it, but preventing Candida is basically living a very healthy,
natural balanced lifestyle. Eating the right kind of foods. Living the right kind of low
stress lifestyle. Definitely check out because you’re going to find a lot of good
information in there about the right kind of foods to eat to prevent Candida, but also
to get rid of it if you’ve got it. Candida doesn’t really like a diet that’s
full of fresh, healthy foods, green vegetables, for example, lean meats, fish that are high
in fats, for example. There are many good kinds of foods that are recommended to eat,
so the MEVI diet is one that was recommended by a guy called Dr. Trowbridge in the 80s.
A very, very good diet for Candida, meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt, fresh healthy
natural sour yogurt. So basically Trowbridge was already talking about body ecology diets
and even Paleo diets back in the late 70s and early 80s. We know that Paleo diets, for example, are
quite good in terms of ecological balance in the gut. Particularly, if you’re going
to put some fermented or cultured foods in there. The Paleo autoimmune diet; you may
have read that book. It’s from Mrs. Ballantine. It’s quite a good book. A lot of these books
are the same. They basically talk about eating lean meats, grass-fed sort of meat, lots of
green stuff. If you know what I mean by green stuff. Spinach, broccoli, lettuce, beans,
peas, many different types of natural foods, preferably freshly grown foods, organically
grown foods, without sprays or pesticides. I grow a lot of my own food. I find it a real
joy to grow food and to eat it myself. Don’t forget the fats in the diet; coconut
fat, olive oil, sunflower oil, fatty fish, salmon, herring, tuna, fish like this, these
are good fish to eat. Sardines is a very good fish and also nuts and seeds. These are sort
of quite good things to eat in the diet. These things bolster up a strong, healthy digestive
system and build good immunity that will help you to prevent from getting Candida. But the big one that people don’t look at
often is the lifestyle factors for Candida prevention, particularly stress. Stress has
an ability to really affect your immune system in a very bad way. You might want to see my
series on stress and Candida. I did a three-part YouTube series on that, so you might want
to click on those and have a good look at those. They explain about what cortisol does
to the white blood cells, for example. These are unseen things that people never really
think about and take for granted. If you want to prevent Candida, you’ve got to make your
body Candida proof. Candida Crusher, the book I wrote last year,
has got a large amount of information in it on stress and susceptibility to yeast infections.
A lot of this material I’ve never seen before and I started writing it after studying the
work by Dr. James Wilson, the stress expert, and realizing it was the missing link preventing
a lot of my patients from fully recovering from Candida yeast infections. Don’t fall for these 12-hour cures folks.
These are all hype. You can’t cure Candida in 12 hours. Just like you can’t distress
someone in 12 hours, you can’t get someone to eat the perfect diet in 12 hours. It takes
months and even years before a lot of these habits are fully ingrained. When they become
ingrained generally after six to nine months, the person becomes Candida proof. This is
how they prevent a yeast infection. They’ve made the right changes. They’ve powered their
body up, and their body becomes literally Candida proof. You need to look at the holistic
treatment program. It’s the best way to get rid of Candida and to prevent it from getting
in the first place. These are all the mistakes I made in my 20s,
and a lot of you have been making out there now, not eating the right food. And if you
do eat the right food, it’s forgetting about the stress component, so think about that.
Check out and don’t forget to do my quiz on You can
do my yeast infection quiz to see if you’re mild, moderate or severe with Candida. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Good tips here, I wasn't told about how important your diet is AFTER your treatment.  In fact, diet was never mentioned when I saw a specialist.  I was just given antifungals and told I would most likely keep getting it.  How nice is that?  I bought your book back in June and it's been a lifesaver.  I'm not 100% but I'm getting there.  

    P.S. Yes, Atlanta is in the south eastern part of U.S. 🙂   

  2. I Suffer from Pure O OCD, I've recently starting noticing it, when i turned 19, I've had it for about a year now and after being on doxycycline for 3 years. I've been taking probiotics and when i take them it helps, but i feel as if i need something stronger to truly eradicate the problem, what would you recommend i do?

  3. 0:07 Yes, Atlanta is in the state of Georgia, which is in the southern part of America. I am here on this video because I watched the previous video you just mentioned in "this video" about how people get Candida. I am trying to figure this question out myself, hence I am watching these two videos. I know now that it was because of an imbalanced lifestyle. I hope I can get myself straightened out.

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