How to Reduce Cortisol & Inflammation Fast | Baby Steps To Health!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today I have a short video for you. It’s a baby steps to health video! I haven’t done one in a while and I think sometimes we can get so caught up in supplements and looking at the bigger picture of improving our health that we sometimes forgot to do the simple things and that’s why I try to do with this series of ‘Baby steps to health’. It’s to give you guys baby steps… some things that you can do that a lot of people don’t even think of in terms of healing that can really dramatically improve your health. So we’re just going to jump into the video! Today’s topic is deep Breathing. So I have a goal for you guys and that is to do ideally a hundred deep breaths a day. But that is a lot for a lot of people especially if you’re busy and you’re not really in the habit Of deep breathing. So I always say start at Twenty five deep breaths a day and then go to 50 and then 75 and then try for a hundred and I’m gonna quickly explain what it’s going to do for you. So in terms of deep breathing, when we are going through our day we’re doing shallow breaths. If we’re stressed we’re doing even more shallow breaths and we’re not getting enough oxygen into our body to help detox our cells. The cells in our body require oxygen for literally every function and right now when we’re stressed and are busy and yelling or we are frustrated, or upset or have road-rage, whatever it is, we are just not getting in a lot of oxygen and we’re also not breathing out a lot of the toxic carbon dioxide and other toxins that usually go with it. So It’s a huge part of detox, a huge part of alkalizing, and a huge part of reducing cortisol, which means reducing inflammation and improving your sleep and everything else just by inhaling a lot of oxygen and Exhaling a lot of carbon dioxide and other toxins as well. What I usually do is I will set a reminder on my phone for every hour or every two hours, whatever works for you, and as soon as the alarm goes off no matter where you are, whether you’re in the car or reading a book you just continue what you’re doing but just deep breathe while you’re doing it. So inhale deeply and when you inhale, get as much air as you can and then you hold it for ten seconds if that’s possible. Then you exhale reeeeally slowly. So inhale as much as you can hold it for eight to ten seconds and then exhale extremely slowly. This is the best way to get a lot of oxygen to your cells and get a lot of toxic waste out in terms of carbon dioxide and that kind of stuff. It’s something simple but it’s something that people often Overlook and there is one quick story I want to tell you. I had this client who really had done amazing progress in terms of her health. She’s done did a million different Cleanses and Candida cleanses and everything and her health was really good but for some reason, she’s like “I’m just not improving” and we started really looking at her stress and realized that she never deep breathes, ever, and doesn’t give her a chance to just really relax slow down and doesn’t give her body a chance to actually Relax. So she started doing deep breathing and two weeks later she was like 100% perfect in terms of her health and how she felt and it’s a true story and after that happened I Was like “hey, we need to start reminding people this is important”. I always tell clients “make sure you’re deep breathing” but sometimes people think if you, deep breathe like three times a day That’s enough and it’s not. You want to try to do more. You can take it one step further and head outside and deep breathe outside! That will give you so much more benefits Usually the air in your home is quite clean if you’re purifying it, if you have plants and stuff, but there could still be mold and things like that. Outside there’s a lot more plants and trees and you’re getting a lot more purified air depending where you live. I mean if you’re in like a huge city with lots of fumes it might be better to Deep breathe inside but for the most part it’s good. If you’re near a waterfall that’s even better because there’s a lot of negative ions Circulating. If you live near a stream, or a river and you had there to deep breath you will get so many benefits and its really Anti-inflammatory and over time as your body starts to adjust your hormones will balance, cortisol will decrease, you’ll notice you have a much better sleep, etc. I always strive to do deep breathing right before I go to bed. I’ll do ten deep breaths! I’ll sit at the edge of my bed and I’ll think about everything I was grateful for during the day, while I’m deep breathing shut my eyes. Before every single meal, myself and my kids will sit down and take three really deep, slow breaths to get our digestion ready and all of that as well. So just little tips but things that you can do and a lot of people do overlook it and I think it would be awesome if you could start to incorporate those little tips and see what they do for your health. But ideally start with 25 deep breaths a day, Five breaths, five times a day and then increase slowly to like a hundred deep breaths. So I’m probably around like the 60-70 mark so I’m still striving to get to a hundred as well. That’s all I have for this video! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for lots of tips and I will talk to you my next video! Bye

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  1. Love ur videos. Do u think for rhumatoide arthritis condition beef gelatin will help.? Thanks for ur opinion

  2. Is there any plant milk you would recommend for people with joint pain? I was consuming a lot of soy milk but is supposed to be bad for inflammation.

  3. This is so true because my health got so much better when I paid more attention to what my day was looking like and focusing on decreasing my stress even if only 5 min!

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