How to reduce eczema in 3 hours! | WHAT WORKS?

hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m talking about something a little different than what we usually
talk about but this is something really personal to myself and I really wanted
to share it with you guys because it’s something that I have kind of been
struggling with for the last couple months especially with the colder
weather so let’s get started I wanted to tell you guys what has been helping my
eczema and what has been doing the opposite and making it worse so I’ve had
eczema since I was very young so I had it when I was a kid. I had it really bad when
I was in middle school I would have welts on my legs and since I itched them in my sleep I would go to school and they would start bleeding and they just itch
so bad and back then I was wearing jeans and that was like super irritating to
the eczema but you know it goes away and it comes back so that’s how eczema
works sometimes you have flare-ups and then you can go months without it. For
me, mine pops up on my arms and legs it likes to be in the elbow crease and then the backs of my knees. It’s really not fun so mine seems
to flare up when I have too much sugar so mine so I went through like this
period of time where I was eating junk like I was eating like a pint of Ben and
Jerry’s ice cream a week. So after I went through like a period of a couple
weeks where I was like excessively eating sugar like that it flared up and
it flared up so freakin bad, it itched It started on my right elbow and
it got really really red and then it moved to my other elbow it’s
in the backs of my knees and I spend like the last like two months trying to
heal it so let’s go over what I’ve been doing to heal it and what has not been
working and I’m actually gonna start with what has not been working because
that’s what I went through first so originally I was treating it with Aveno
eczema therapy and little did I know it was actually making matters worse so if
you turn to the back and you read the ingredients the first ingredient is
water that’s a no-no when it comes to eczema at least the type I have which is
atopic dermatitis I think is the name for it
because it dries it out. So even though this says eczema and it does have
collodial oatmeal which is an ingredient that helps this does not do anything to
help you so mistake number one avoid lotions that
have water as the first ingredient you want to look for things that have oil as
a first ingredient little did I know two mistakes that I’ve made as far as
wearing clothing so anything too tight on your affected areas. Wool makes it
worse. Try to look for silk, it is the best
material to wear like silly stuff like I have this bomber jacket that’s been fine
that feels nice on my skin but then I have like a wool sweater and that makes
it so much worse so what I’ve been doing instead is I’ve
bought like things I’ve bought little shirts to wear underneath my sweaters
that are made from a really nice like soft cotton that way if I do want to
wear a wolf sweater I won’t it won’t make me itchy because
like wool and different sweater materials make you really itchy and it
actually makes your eczema spread so for me it started out here and it has
currently spread all the way up and down my arm it’s healing now but I have a
spot that popped up on my wrist and it goes all the way up to like here it’s
because I would itch it at night so here’s what I’ve been doing that works
number one I have been living by matcha green tea. Green tea in general has
something in it I actually have a friend who’s studying dermatology at the
moment and they told me that green tea fights against cancer cells like skin
cancer whether this is true or not green tea has amazing things in it that help
with skin repair so that I know for a fact so I can insert a clip or like a
picture here that shows you a three hour difference and the only thing I did was
drink green tea and it made it clear up which is crazy so mine gets really
irritated if I eat poorly I’ll have a flare-up and then I drink green tea and
it has been soothing it so much so I drink one or two of these a day and it
has been helping incredibly but eczema itches so what have I been doing to deal
with the itch so what I’ll do is I’ll put on a heavy oil so I’ll put on I have
vitamin E oil and I have coconut oil so I’ll put that down first and then on top
of that I seal it in by using petroleum jelly I don’t know how I feel about
petroleum jelly just because I know like where it comes from but if you look at
the ingredients of a lot of eczema products that actually uses petroleum in
it it works I don’t know why but it works and so on top of the coconut oil
I’ll put like a thick layer of Vaseline and for some reason it just makes the
itch go away so I’m not questioning it so there’s
but even if I do all of those it still itches and that’s just life and
especially at night especially if you’re stressed out you itch
I have long nails and I have woke up this is gross but I have woke up many
mornings and I have like skin underneath my nails like it’s because I’ve sat
there at night and I just itched a niche niche niche niche so instead I wear
gloves to sleep so I’ll put these on right before bed and I’ll just wear them
all night long and yes you can still it yourself with gloves but that for one
these gloves are made from a really soft cotton so the damage it can do is so
much less than what your nails have the ability to do so like my nails like
digging and this kind of just like you know if you do end up bitch it’s just
like a soft rub so that’s helped incredibly with slowing down the
spreading process and now what I do for treating it so I actually take
supplements to treat it this is self diagnosed this is not what a doctor said
do not take my word for it this is just my experience if you want to try it go
ahead but I’m not a doctor so I was doing research and I wanted to know how
people with extreme eczema were dealing with theirs because you know it’s such a
maddening thing and when you itch it it’s like it feels so good it’s just
like it’s such a pain in the neck so I was reading and people had explained
their stories about how they had extreme eczema you know they couldn’t sleep like
their whole body was covered in eczema and this poor man said that he had to
sleep with his forehead touching his bed because if he laid down his like skin
was so agitated so what he said is that his was diet based so he started taking
probiotics and it cleared up and I believe it you know
like so what I’ve been doing is I take cod liver oil pills and I take these
because it has omega-3 and that is a fat and it’s very very good for your skin
but in addition to that I have been taking probiotics and I swear to you in
the last three weeks of taking these and doing all of this every day it is
clearing up thank the Lord for that so I take pb8 it supports digestive health
obviously it’s a probiotic I have a 30-day supply
mine has lacto pack tillis and my Fido bacterium so yeah so this is what I’m
taking I’m gonna come zoom in and show you hmm
here’s this this is my probiotic this is my cod liver oil pills my Vaseline in
case you don’t know what that is here’s my coconut oil brand here’s my matcha
green-tea brand it tastes really good so you know that’s my story I wanted to
show you guys my X am i right now because it is healing so if you get
girls studies II don’t watch this blah blah blah so here we go so yeah as you
guys can see I have little patches of eczema all along my arm they do it still
but they are healing so I am happy and if this video helps anyone of you guys I
would be so so so happy because this is such a frustrating thing to deal with so
with that thank you so much for watching my video and if this any of this advice
helps you guys let me know in the comments and if you’re dealing with this
to come talk to me I have some resources for you
look at blah blah blah comment below so I really hope this helps somebody it’s
been a long journey with eczema it’s so maddening so I hope you guys find some
relief by using my tips so thank you and if you haven’t already please subscribe
to me I mostly focus my channel on like food nutrition health and all of that I
will make another video eventually continuing with my eczema thanks bye

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  1. IMPORTANT! Please read!! I have fully healed my eczema, please watch my newer video to find out how. I have learned so much in the last couple of months and my advice has changed.
    Need a support group? Join my facebook group for updates on eczema research, group support, and access to more info!
    Want day to day information? Check out my instagram:

  2. i dont have rednes like u i have little red dots all over my head loks like pimples n my head feels like its getting swolen all around like water idk

  3. I'm going to try it luv, i've just started suffering with this crap, I'm female and it is all over the top of my chest and it is summer, all my shirts show that part of my chest, I can't cover it up. I have to go buy all new summer shirts. it itches so bad I have to try something!!! anything!!! this is horrible!!! lol!!!

  4. I have eczema in my fingers and they make me so nervous i cant barely life with them
    And i tried everything but nthhhh heelps

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey. I came here from an extreme flare up. It only took one night for my eczema to destroy my peace. I'll try yours out, I hope it works since we have the same type of eczema.

  6. Use emu oil. Immediate relief. Diet play a very important part. Observe wat u eat n not suitable avoid. When u r improving. Slowly introduce food again in small potion.

  7. Thank you for this! It helps knowing that others go through the same things as me! I recently found out I have eczema on my hands and it’s awful because it always itches and I have the worst rashes on my fingers! I’ve tried every lotion for eczema imaginable so hopefully I can try a few of these things to see if they work!!’

  8. Ok so she also has long nails…. I like my long nails and I also have eczema too…. to people with eczema like long nails Idk I just noticed

  9. Thankyou so much I literally have eczema all over my arms and stomach area and it is the worst especially when it itches in public as it's extremely embarrassing. I'm going to try all of your tips as nothing I've been prescribed by the doctor works, especially steroid creams which clear it for a few days the literally make it worse. I'm so grateful that you made this video thankyou for sharing your story ❤

  10. Dust mites are the worst for itching at night. You must treat your bed like a clean sterile biology lab:
    1)Vacuum your mattress and air til dry then place a waterproof mattress protector over the top. This stops dustmites getting to your skin easily from the mattress (for adults only, not babies) If you're not allergic to anti dustmite spray use it at this stage on your mattress and allow to dry.

    2) Air your (non allergic) duvet and mattress by pulling the duvet back. Pop your (non allergic) pillows on end to air out. Dust mites like moisture and warmth.

    3) wash your sheets regularly. fold another loose sheet on top of your usual sheets and change this one every two days along with your pillow cases. (Yes, its hard work but you'll appreciate better sleep and skin). Wash your regular sheets every week.

    4)Allow nothing NOTHING from your wardrobe, drawers, floor, bags, etc, etc, onto your bed. Do not sit on your bed except in washed pyjamas. Do not sit on your sofa (full of dustmites) and then on your bed. Do not lay out clothes on your bed or lounge on your bed in day clothes. Cupboards are FULL of mites.

    5) have a shower every time you go to bed, do not lounge on your sofa with pyjamas as they will just transfer mites into your duvet.

    6)Do NOT wear socks on your floor and then climb into bed with them. They will act like floor cloths and pick up very mite from the carpet etc. and you'll scratch forever more without a break.

    7) if you're vacuuming your bedroom have clean sheets especially to lay over everything on your bed, then wash afterwards.
    A huge amount of effort, but if dustmites affect you it's the only way 😵

  11. many of the eczema products contain a little bit of alcohol which stings badly if you have any cracks in your skin. Sometimes they don't even list it on the ingredients. But you will surely know it! Apparently, it is necessary to maintain the stability (non-spoilage, freshness) and shelf life of all skin care lotions and creams. I even went to Sephora and asked for a skin care product that doesn't contain alcohol. And they told me it doesn't exist. Then recommended pure jojoba oil.

  12. I have super bad eczema of my palms and insides of my fingers. Whenever I have a bad flare up I drink 15 drops of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide in a tall glass of water. And the effect is like morphine! Instant relief for a while. Crazy, I know.

  13. Thank you for sharing about how water dries out skin. It's rather counterintuitive, but important to realize. Oil is the best, as you say. I will continue to research which oil is best for the skin and best absorbed.

  14. for those who have an urgent need for immediate relief from super intense itching Dermoplast pain relieving spray is a life saver. It contains benzocaine. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic (numbing medication). Dermoplast is available in any pharmacy.

  15. Just last week mine was so bad I wanted to rip my skin off. I mixed vitamin E oil and tea tree oil and in three days it was almost all gone. I don't know that this work for everyone but it was amazing how fast it cleared it up.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing 😊 but i just wanna share my tips too, Just change your soap with a baby soap.

  17. I honestly connect with this on so many levels omg! THANK YOU. I feel alone at times when battling eczema so it’s glad to know someone else has it! I have it on my underarms and it keeps me from wearing certain clothing. LOVE THIS. ANY OTHER TIPS? would be very much appreciated.

  18. My baby has extreme eczema and has super dry skin. He is 1.5 yo.
    I ever apply aveeno eczema for my baby but it’s getting worse 😭😭😭
    Is that ok the baby consumes probiotics?

  19. I mostly have psoriasis but just began getting eczema. I have found vinegar clears up eczema when used topically. Nothing helps my psoriasis 😭😭😭

  20. Thanks for speaking on this topic. Helps to know that I’m not alone in my struggles as well. What brand are the gloves you had on ?

  21. A few things: I would substitute castor oil for vaseline. Also, Zinc is great as many times eczema can flare up due to mineral/vitamin deficiencies. Zinc speeds up the healing process. Great that you are taking probiotics as the gut is where to start first when you want to heal. Most of our immune system is in our intestines. I eat sauerkraut for my probiotics. It does the trick as well. Also, Sarsasparilla. It works wonders for eczema. 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water works great as well. A drink to consider when you rise in the morning: 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (I variate between lemon and lime as lime juice assist with allergies and your skin is essentially an allergic reaction to things), ginger (ginger helps with inflammation of all sorts), raw local honey (for immune system and allergy), and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (helps with cleaning the gut and liver). I hope this helps, and thank you for your contribution to the healing of eczema. It can be an exhausting pain! Good luck to everyone in their healing and relief habits!

  22. My eczema is directly connected to animal products dairy and meat…. I've switched to planet based diet and I'm good…

  23. hi.. really sorry to see ur eczima.. but good to know u r getting out of it.. my husband also has it.. he has been soo disappointed by med.. ill start all those remedies that you have shared.. may allah bless you n grant you full recovery.. thanks for sharibg.. tc

  24. I take probiotics tree tea oil aloe vera gel sealed with Vaseline (I’m allergic to coconut) my flares aren’t as bad and long. When they do, I hit my skin with apple cider vinegar— it might sting a little in the beginning. I also drink matcha 🍵

  25. I have eczema on my hands and I have found that after the flare up runs its course, I will soak my hands in a Clorox and water mixtures for 10 to 15 seconds once per day and it will clear it up more quickly and it will help the scaling of skin and makes my hands look normal again.

  26. Michelle thank you so much I've got my exzema from allergic reaction to soap. I've got on 70% of my body. And it's been hell to deal with.

  27. Thank you for sharing this…i appreciate it so much! I'm 61 and just developed this. I will try all your tips..and sugar and carbs are so tasty. But so bad for us! I'm working on cutting back on it drastically.

  28. Ive got a cure. Hemp oil, a benadryl, and a over the counter 1 percent itching cream. Your inflammation will be reduced in about a hour. Change your diet. Parasites are kicking ur ass


  30. Me and you have similar eczema and I can relate so much to almost everything you have said and I will try everything you said in the video as I am desperate, i have gone through everything i can think of including moisturizers, creams, antihistamines and nothing has worked

  31. Thank you for your video, I have been taking notes as I have a rather annoying patch on my hand. You are as brave as you are beautiful! Green tea starting tonight!

  32. Vaseline never really worked for me. I’ve tried coconut oil and other eczema ointment and they’ve worked but I hate the oily greasy feeling on my inner elbow and neck. (Yeah I had it on my neck) so I used eczema creams like eucerin. When I had it on my face I used this Kiehls avocado eye cream. It’s for the areas around the eyes so it’s safe for the face and it really helped. Also have your doctor prescribe a hydrocortisone cream. It helps with the inflammation.

  33. My daughter has it bad, and it runs in my fam. I heard once that the lining of our intestines plays a role in eczema. That may be why your probiotic is helping. Not sure. I took my daughter off dairy and she cleared up nice in a couple of days.

    Good luck with your endeavors to get ride of it. It is a pain to deal with. I hope you find solice.

  34. Maybe you are allergic to gluten! Try to eliminate it from your diet for a week and watch the results!! You wouldn't need all that stuff

  35. Michelle you are hero of the day, i'm running now to buy my probiotics, hope you could share any other products for this eczema treatment or diets or anything else that we could do to stop it. thank you!!!

  36. I am starting to have symtoms of some of these things 🙁 its all on my feet so im having a hard time walking which sucks

  37. I honestly believe it's linked with you're digestion because when I eat crappy food. I get flare ups but when I eat healthy it goes away

  38. i get mine on my neck and my face. especially underneath my nose and above my lip. its really itchy right now. i cant use Aveeno because im alergic to oatmeal

  39. I was having a really really bad flare up and now it's already heal. but it's leaving ssoooooo many huge scars and i couldnt wear anything that shows my leg, any tips for making all these scars dissapear? But not so harm like chemical peal…

  40. Avoid fermented foods they're high in histamine (histamine makes your skin itch)

    Take vitamin D3, probiotics and omega 3.

    Try and get a allergy ige blood test for:
    Tree pollens, grass pollens, dust mites, pet dander, mold,
    wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, legumes,
    tree nuts, nightshades.

    I was covered head to toe in atopic eczema. I done all the things above now I only get a blotchy face every now and again!

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  41. Thanks for sharing all your advice, I'v been watching lots and following as much as I can. I have been off gluten and dairy for 4 weeks now and my skin is worse than ever. Is this a normal part of the detoxing process, and what can I do to sooth it please?

  42. I got mine from slime. I also got a prescription called Tacrolimus Ointment by it really doesn’t do anything

  43. I've had eczema for 15 years and it used to be all over my body now it's only in my feet. It's not even that bad it just looks gross and it gets itchy as fuk

  44. Hi Michelle…. I know this is an older video but two things… When your skin itches you 'scratch' it, not 'itch' it. That is the wrong word for what you are doing 😉 ….. and what I've have found even better than petroleum jelly is VapoRub. Because there is a bit of medication in it that helps soothe.

  45. The first one i used when i was five i HATED IT it burned so bad and it made it worse im 10 now and i use gold bond but i might do these things in the video

  46. This is so relatable. For my nails I (yes it sounds weird) wear acrylics. Because the acrylics are much softer than my own nails I scratch less and it automatically reduces.

  47. I have extremely dry skin on face… I i have history with tsw…but if i use coconut oil or shea butter it breaks me out ! What should I do?

  48. I have perioral dermatitis so it's on my face above my lips and my lips and it makes me so insecure when ppl look at me and in pictures. I went to the dermatologist and it went away for a few months but its came back but it's worse the good thing is that the size decreased. The dermatologist I went to said I was allergic to petroleum jelly so I can't use the normal lip balms. I use Vaniply which helps kind of?

  49. Thanks so much for sharing this! Eczema is definitely maddening and the itching is terrible. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing this!

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