How To STRENGTHEN Your GUT (Without Probiotics)

100 trillion it’s a big number right
that’s the amount of bacteria that are in your gut right in the human body we
have more bacteria that isn’t ours than we do that actually ours the gut is
fundamental for health we’ve known this since ancient Greece since ancient Asia
or all these civilizations of the past understood the importance of the gut and
we see that today in alternative medicine and that’s slowly making its
way back into the mainstream the gut is intimately connected with a heart and
the brain by the way your gut is functioning it’s health that directly
influences your brain how you think many scientists neuroscientists are
linking things like autism ADHD and various other neurological diseases with
imbalances with good and bad bacteria and microbiota diversity so it’s
fundamental so what are some ways you can improve your gut health beyond the
typical probiotics because that’s what you have I’ve told you that before and
that’s what’s commonly associated with it take a probiotic supplement and
increase good bacteria and that’s fantastic
and I recommend a supplement although it’s much better to get things like
kimchi kefir and sauerkraut in your diet is the main priority right fermented
vegetables a super super-great just as a source of vitamins and minerals right
but but also in order to introduce that good bacteria and balance out your gut
microbiota so we’re not gonna speak about that today because I know you know
that what I want to speak about this inflammation right because inflammation
in the gut is gonna cause a lot of problems right inflammation in the body
in general is one of the biggest markers for many of these diseases which kill so
many of us in society so one of the first things you can do is try to reduce
your omega-6 and polyunsaturated fats you hear about saturated fats which are
fine monounsaturated fats mainly found in
things like avocado and olive oil you hear about those that are okay in
moderation whatever they’re good for you and then you hear about polyunsaturated
fats which is said to be really really really good and that’s completely true
you should have more polyunsaturated fat from one specific kind right you should
increase the amount of omega-3 alpha linoleic acid
you sorts of things right omega-3s from fatty fish specific nuts like walnuts
chia seeds are great as well flax seeds different types of seafood omega-3 is
fantastic and it helps reduce inflammation actually and it has many
different positive effects for your neurology right for your brain for
muscle even muscle protein synthesis omega-3 has some relationships with that
so Omega 3 is fundamental and most people especially in the Western world
aren’t getting enough omega-3 we used to and different cultures in the world like
Japan for example in Asian cultures who consumed a lot of fish get enough
omega-3 and they have they live long lives right Japan is symbolic of living
to 85 compared to the normal 78 or whatever in most Western countries right
now Omega 6 is also a polyunsaturated fat and also come from some nuts as well
but and the main source for people is going to be through refined vegetable
oils so some examples could be cottonseed soybean vegetable oils these
refined ones have recently been linked with things like Alzheimer’s disease and
we know that a prognostic of Alzheimer’s disease is inflammation right
these omega-6 polyunsaturated fats very clearly cause inflammation in the body
right and we’re consuming way too much we need some omega-6 that’s for sure but
the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be one to one right one to one
there should be pretty even preferably a little more omega-3 than omega-6
but our ratio today at least in America and from studies I’ve seen and looked
into there which is most likely going to be the same for Canada and Australia and
New Zealand and all these countries is 16 to 1 favoring omega-6 which is a way
of what we should be consuming right and we have a huge problem with disease and
we also have a huge problem with inflammation so omega-6 is a problem
especially in the gut omega-6 is going to be causing inflammation so try to
reduce the amount of these refined vegetable oils that you’re consuming and
look on the back of packages and labels to make sure that you’re avoiding these
things and XS and instead of that increase
those healthy omega-3 fatty acids either through supplementation or preferably
through food so you can try fish oil krill oil or algae if you’re plant-based
now people with celiac disease obviously should be avoiding things like gluten
but there has been some research showing that it’s not just necessarily people
with celiac disease that have a sensitivity to gluten gluten mainly
found in things like cereals and bread but the majority of people don’t have a
sensitivity to it but the research shows about 6% of the population on top of
that one percent may just be sensitive to gluten even if they don’t have celiac
disease that may not necessarily be you and that’s not that much of the
population but regardless too much gluten has been shown in some studies
way too much does cause an inflammatory response so you just want to be aware of
it Ryan how it affects you I know I can get away with a little bit of bread
especially those healthy breads with chia seeds and these sorts of things I
can get away with a little bit of gluten and it’s not the biggest deal for me I
can eat a little bit of soon cereals and whole grains are okay for me and a
little bit but preferably I’m gonna be eating potatoes and maybe some beans and
these sorts of things because I know if I have way too much bread or if I have
way too much of some sort of cereal then that really does cause an upset stomach
and pain and bloating in these sorts of things so just know yourself and
understand that there’s a risk there and you should just be self aware of how
certain foods impact you so one of the best ways to identify whether food is
good or bad let’s take dairy for example is to
reduce dairy or cut it out for a week or two and then just track how you feel
right it’s a simple way of doing it dairy is another one which may have some
potential downsides for your gut microbiota especially if it’s not a
probiotic form of dairy like probiotic yogurt without added sugar so just being
aware of that and making sure that your body reacts well to dairy and you know
you’re not too intolerant to it so there is something else to keep in mind but
you don’t necessarily have to completely and eliminate it and I know that can be
kind of hard if you’re more of a low carbohydrate diet so the next thing you
want to do is introduce more prebiotics into your diet right not many of us are
getting enough fiber way too many of us are getting
protein and our diet but too many of us are deficient in fiber we’re not getting
enough fiber from natural sources right we’re not getting enough variation and
the difference different types of fiber we consume so prebiotics are special
kind of fiber by the found especially in things like skins of sweet potatoes
these sorts of things or normal potatoes and the skin of fruits and vegetables so
being sure to leave on the skin of these vegetables just to get prebiotics from
them so prebiotics really act like a like a fertilizer for good bacteria in
your gut right they lay the groundwork for good bacteria to flourish so you
want to get in a lot of different fruits and vegetables and leave the skin on
things like potatoes um and one thing you really want to focus on if you’re
having problems with your gut or in general it’s just to get a big big big
variety and the types of fruits and vegetables you’re getting you know too
much can be a bad thing too much fiber can cause bloating and gas and you know
paradoxically it can cause constipation so you know not getting too much but
just getting enough is really important and focusing on the diversity of the
food you get so instead of a cup of spinach you have 1 cup of spinach carrot
bok choy maybe some pear maybe some whatever avocado and you mix up and you
diversify the sources of probiotics that you get just in order to help diversify
the gut microbiota you know the more diverse the bacteria and your gut are
generally the better that’s going to be one thing you can also consider doing is
intamin fasting abstaining from food and giving your body a break from digesting
food has also been shown to have some potential positive effects so that’s
something to keep in mind if you haven’t started that yet but I’m not going to go
on to that for too long because I know the far majority of you are doing some
sort of intamin fasting if you’re watching this channel so there’s been
some correlation between excess cortisol secretion right cortisol is a steroid
hormone it’s a response to stresses on the body all right and there’s been a
this has been a correlation between intestinal permeability or it’s known as
a leaky gut inflammation and the gut and chronic stress right so reducing of
stress levels in order to reduce that excess cortisol secretion that many of
us have is very important for many things such as testosterone production
for example and various other things that just
general mood and an ability to burn fat these things are tightly interlinked to
cortisol secretion um so being able to reduce your stress through things like
mindfulness do things like taking a walk sleeping enough getting a very quality
sleep all these things are going to play a big role in your cortisol secretion
especially things like sleep that makes a huge difference so you want to be
taking care of your stress levels and that alone through various breathing
techniques as well focusing on nasal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing
through your belly these things can make a big impact on how stressed you are and
the amount of cortisol that’s in your body and that’s something you want to
keep in mind as well because that’s tied and closely with things like intestinal
permeability now there is some research potentially showing that excess amounts
of fat in the diet can cause some problems for the gut now this isn’t that
conclusive yet and way more research needs to be done but if you’re on a
kiddo genic diet or you’re eating way more fat then it is quite important to
make sure you’re getting enough fiber because a very common problem with
people doing a ketogenic diet is dehydration which which may cause
constipation but also not getting enough fiber which ties into constipation so if
you’re a low carb then just be sure to be getting enough of those leafy green
dark vegetables and get enough fiber in your diet you know too much fat is gonna
cause some problems for the gut if you’re not getting enough fiber in your
diet so just be sure to keep that in mind that I’m not saying you can’t have
a healthy gut and if anything for some people you know consuming many of these
fatty foods and reducing sugar is gonna have great effects on the gut microbiota
profile but just being short clean foods when you’re doing that sort of diet is
gonna be super important with any diet the last one is it’s just reducing your
sugar intake right it’s great to get some fruit in just for those
antioxidants phytonutrients and fiber in these sorts of things but try to reduce
those processed carbohydrates and sugars because you’ve got really really like
that and feed off that and you don’t want to develop an abundance of gut
bacteria which are just shouting for you to eat sugar because that may
potentially tie into cravings for sugar because the gut is very closely linked
with neurotransmitter in the brain and these sorts of things
so trying to avoid processed carbs and sugar is super important as well and
just remaining a hydrated as well will help somewhat um so that’s it for the
video there are some ways other than just introducing probiotics like
supplements kimchi sauerkraut into your diet in order to improve your gut health
and I hope that helped you out and until next time I’ll see you guys later be
sure to leave a comment down below letting me know what letting me know
what topics you’d like me to talk about and questions you like me to answer so
until next time guys I’ll see you later

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  2. I'm new to you and your content is very valuable. With so many sources of bodily pollution attacking us, being conscious about one's health is more important than ever.

    If you could do videos on how to understand and discover what your internal chemistry is like and how to balance it. If you haven't already of course. I'll be going through your videos

  3. Leaky gut has a variety of symptoms. It can even affect things that, on the surface, don’t seem to have anything to do with the gut.

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