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  1. Why do you tell us this if you start off telling us to go to the dentist? He'll prob. explain it all to you already.

  2. This is an interesting vid. I actually have Burning Mouth Syndrome. Drs say it's from anxiety. This started for me last year. It's very real and very frustrating. Out of nowhere ur mouth and throat begin to feel scorched, even making ur lips feel fevered. And down ur throat too. For no apparent reason. It's no joke and there aren't many answers out there for ppl who suffer from it. For me, it's not so bad as to make me seek treatment (yet). It's nice to see some info tho.

  3. do not comment if you do not have this or know someone who does…… It is real and it is not one bit funny . Capsaicin is found in red pappers and is used to relieve the pain of peripheral neuropathy (treatment of pain in the nerve endings near the surface of the skin)

  4. 3 years with BMS, and I didn't know 70% suffer migraines, I'm a migraine sufferer as well as an MS patient, and I just experienced a migraine the last 2 days, and wouldn't you know it? the BMS is flared up! Interesting… I'll have to check into milk of magnesium. I've known about Clonazepam and hot sauce helping, but not magnesium, thanks for the video! 🙂

  5. ok i ate a pizza and i burned my gums on top close to my teeth how do i stop the burning i use listering and i use some rince mouthwash to help cure pain in my mouth i took like 2cups already not working so someone um help ty

  6. This is brutal. I can't even eat mild salsa without my tongue burning. It's extremely painful. It only started in the past year or so.

  7. Hey! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (erm, check it on google should be there)? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at very last said good bye the panic attacks with it.

  8. It even happens with carbonated drinks. Do you take meds for acid reflux or anything like that? I found out, in my case anyway, if I don't take them so much, I don't get BMS as severe.

  9. I have SEVERE dull yet burning pain on the tip of my tongue always after eating fruit. After 20 years i noticed if you put toothpaste directly onto the area before the skin dies and peals away to expose the soft inner skin it helps Calm the pain or even remove the swelling.

  10. Sad to see this ignorance rude people who think is much fun to lol at others.This is a real disorder which has nothing to do with one time eating incident of salsa or pizza. It's legitimate and those who laughed could end up getting it too so be very prepared for endless painful afternoons & nights and medications that do not help . Use your eff words then when other fools [email protected] yu. comment on other videos where someone will think you are so so funny.

  11. My apartment was sprayed with pesticide two weeks ago, and I immediately got burning on my tongue and in my mouth, which has not gone away.  It's been driving me crazy.  I've tried so many things and it just won't quit.

  12. I'm giving up this hurts so bad I'm so scared I see all these comments but I feel so alone and scared!!!! Idk what to do it's been awhile since I been feeling this and it became to much😢

  13. ANYONE interested in participating in a seminar on BMS with top speakers and researchers from the USA and Australia – September 2017 contact me on facebook. I am vickie mnis. I also would love to talk to any of you that have this condition as I do as well. There are many support groups, so you don't have to feel alone. Plus, there are reasons for BMS and you can potentially rid yourself of it. Contact me for more info. via facebook.

  14. Thank you, my grandma seems to have this because of her stress, she cries a lot because of the burning feeling over her gums and face. We just weren't sure but we''ll try your advice. Anything to help her. Thanks

  15. Here's a better tip then telling people to take dangerous anti anxiety medication. See a chiropractor and get your head adjusted. Most likely is cranial nerves being compressed.

  16. i definetly have this i think this happen because of my ocd where i spit alot when i see disgusting and disease. it all started on evening and then i sleep and now i feel like my mouth have a touthpaste for no reason it's already been 3 days.

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