How To Treat leaky Gut Syndrome

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. I’m going
to answer a question I got from a lady in Sweden on how to effectively treat leaky gut
syndrome. You may have seen some of my other videos on leaky gut syndrome.
Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that most people in the western world have to some degree.
Many people watching this video will have a very mild case or not really problematic.
Not many people, in fact, at all who are watching this will have no leaky gut whatsoever. I
believe that everybody has it to some degree, but the patients who contact me have it to
a major degree. The way to effectively treat leaky gut is
to start making some changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you have read my articles
at, you already have a lot of good information and are well on your
way to healing your digestion and healing your life. That’s a good starting point for
you. My book, Candida Crusher, is something that you may be interested in. It’s got 712
pages. It’s got a ton of information in it on leaky gut, diet, lifestyle, and many things.
You can get that through, if you’re interested, but there are about
a thousand articles of mine on to give you a good head start on it.
The first thing that you need to do to get rid of this condition is to start assessing
your lifestyle. It’s more important than your diet. You’re the sort of person who is going
to have regular habits of getting up early, very involved in personal hygiene. You have
showers, you have one every day, you eat really good food all the time. You’re going to get
plenty of sleep. You’re going to have good relationships with people around you that
you work with socially and professionally. That you don’t have any animosity toward people
or ill feelings. That you’re emotionally in a good space because we know now that the
gut responds very much to signals it’s getting from the brain. We call the gut the “second
brain.” If you’re not happy up here, you’re never going to be happy down here. Simultaneously,
when things don’t work out well here, it affects here. They both work together. Things have
to be quite okay in your life for you to have a good digestive function.
It’s naturally critical that you eat the right kind of food. Again, I’ve written plenty of
articles on food and have done many videos on food you can see through this Candida Crusher
channel, but eating a whole foods diet is very important. Naturally, chewing food. I’m
very fussy about people chewing food properly when they come to see me as patients. Eating
good quality produce, lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and nuts and seeds and
some kind of grains. Should I eat Paleo? Should I eat a specific carbohydrate diet? Should
I eat a body ecology diet? Should I, should I, should I? That’s really up to you. The
diet is something that you personalize and customize to suit yourself. There is no one
size that fits all. I can tell you now. I can’t say, “Well, these are the exact foods
that heal a leaky gut,” because they will vary from person to person. But suffice it
to say, you need to eat a good quality diet. But remember, the diet is not the overriding
factor to healing the leaky gut. It’s everything that you put together that is going to heal
the leaky gut. Taking supplements is an important consideration,
too. Particularly, when you think about it, most people with leaky gut have some kind
of bug, some bacterial problem, in their digestive system. And that’s why I created Canxida Remove.
Canxida Remove is an antifungal/anti-parasite/anti-bacterial that was targeted to people with leaky gut,
irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, autoimmune disease, and
all these conditions. I wanted to create an amazing product that was going to help clean
people up inside, just wipe out a lot of things. It’s a broad-spectrum product with a nice
gentle delayed reaction in the body, so it takes about three hours for the tablet to
breakdown. Taking the tablet two or three times a day will give your body a long ability
to eradicate a lot of unwanted pathogens. The second product that is perfect for leaky
gut is Canxida Restore. That contains seven enzymes and six probiotics combined. I’ve
put no prebiotic sugars in there because I’ve found they can upset people with irritable
bowel syndrome and with small intestinal bowel overgrowth, so I’ve left the FOS, the GOS,
and the inulin out of that supplement. Canxida Restore is perfect to take two to three times
per day and you can take that at the same time you take the Canxida Remove. They work
beautifully together. They’re available at or they should
be soon if they’re not. We’ve had some issues with Canxida Remove. It’s a very difficult
product to make, and I’m quite fussy when it comes to manufacturing things. It has to
be done properly. Hopefully, that product will be available any day through
I hope that’s given you some insight into treatment. The diet, a healthy lifestyle,
and some supplementation should help you get well on your way to resolving this condition.
Thanks for tuning into my video.

11 Replies to “How To Treat leaky Gut Syndrome”

  1. Would it be harmful to take cansida remove if I have already been taking anti fungal anti candida supplements for some time? Is it bad to be on these things for too long?

  2. would you recommend doing a bone broth fast for a few days? I've been taking canxida remove/restore for a few weeks, my diet is on point, I follow all of your advice on diet to the T, however I still feel gassy, and get stomach discomfort from most foods. my life style has improved, I got to bed and wake up early now although for some reason I wake up numerous times during a night (not sure if this is related to Candida)

  3. Hello Doc! I want to ask you today a question which answer may be very subjective , but if a patient come ask for your help and has Candida and leaky gut, which one will you treat first? Remove the Candida and then strengthing the gut or the other way around? Thank you

  4. Would you suggest a probiotic and if so what would be a good one to take, I have Functional Neurological Dissorder and I'm starting to believe it's cause from a leaky gut stemmed from have the heliobactor virus which caused stomach ulcers I did the antibiotic course last year and although the results came back clear I still have the neurological symptoms fatigue slurred speech so forth , my question would be what should I be taking to help cure myself as I've had no help from any doctors only my own research into this and keep coming back to leaky gut

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