How To Use Pau D’Arco For Vaginal Thrush

Ladies, if you’re watching this video, we’re
going to talk about Tabebuia or pau d’arco. It’s also called lapacho, but pau d’arco is
what I commonly refer to. I just did a video previously on lapacho. Is it good for gut problems? It’s very, very good to use for vaginal disturbances. You know, for burning, for itching, for any
kind of vaginal issue. You need to get about 15-20 grams, which is
about 0.7, so it’s about three-quarters of an ounce, roughly that amount and then you
want to get about a pint or about five to six, between five to six hundred milliliters
or roughly a pint of pure water. So use good-quality water, don’t use tap water. Use a stainless steel saucepan if possible. You need a lapacho, a strong one. So you need a good-quality one. Now this is where you need to really hunt
around and find a really authentic, proper pau d’arco. Don’t ask me where to get one from. Do your own research online and have a good
look, all right? So it’s got to be roughly between two to four
percent lapachol content. Let me write that down for you so you know
exactly what that means. And how you’re going to use it is you’re going
to bring that bark and that water to a rolling boil and then you’re going to simmer that
for 20 minutes, okay? So la-pa-chol two to four percent. I’ve got shocking handwriting, haven’t I? Okay. So that’s what lapachol. The lapachol content between two to four percent. So make sure from the person you purchase
it from it has got that and then it will work because a lot of women are told to use pau
d’arco don’t get the result and often they’re using cheap, fake junk, okay? So the fake is never as good as the real. It’s like watching a fake Elvis Presley instead
of the real guy. Imagine the difference looking at a fake and
looking at the real Elvis, okay? So you can’t compare Elvis with pau d’arco,
but what I’m saying is you need the real deal. When you get the real stuff, you’ll get the
results you’re looking for, okay? Get a tampon. You soak it in that solution. That’s what you do. You boil it, you simmer it, you strain it. When it’s tepid, soak a tampon in that, insert
that, leave it in overnight and you can do that for several nights to see what the comfort
level is like. It should help you tremendously, especially
if the issues are happening premenstrually I recommend you try it. Just remember a two to four percent lapachol
content. Otherwise, it probably won’t do much for you
at all. And then like so many other women, you’ll
say it’s just another fake treatment. Click on my link if you want my free 17-page
candida report. Thank you.

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