How to Use Probiotics for Weight Loss and Digestion – VitaLife Show Episode 183

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and in this episode were talking all
about probiotics so what are probiotics you may have
heard about them is not a news about probiotics. Probiotics are the good guys
that the friendly flora that live in our digestive tracts
they’re also in other parts of our body and it’s important to maintain a balance
between the good and the bad bacteria in our system there other negative organisms like
bacteria viruses parasites and other bad guys in our system so
always having enough the good guys the probiotics is very very important well not all probiotics supplements are
created equal in here at VitaTree we’ve done something very different we’ve designed a probiotic that is for
the human digestive tract so over my years practicing as a
naturopathic doctor I always wondered you know why would other probiotics from other
companies be made from either a cow bacteria or soil organism how can that you
know natually match what’s supposed to be in our digestive tracts as humans well that’s what came to the formulation
of the VitaTree Probiotics and I’ll show you that there’s more
information about the VitaTree Probiotics at so you can check that all out. The VitaTree Probiotics are a high potency lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium design for the small and large intestines design for the human digestive track so
that’s really important that you know that distinction I can almost guarantee you that the guarantee that the other probiotics out there are not designed as human microflora and this is really really important
because this is where we get the clinical benefits and no matter what your
suffering through so whether it is the digestive symptoms the IBS the cruise
the colitis it could be a candida issue,
parasites it can also be chronic skin condition
eczema psoriasis these are all cause by imbalance of the good and bad bacteria by not
taking the right type probiotic you often don’t get the benefits that
you’re looking for and that’s why is so many people that have tried other
probiotics out there when they try the VitaTree Probiotics they get the results
that they’re looking for so again at you’ll find a
lot more information about how are probiotics are different and why it’s so important to take the
right type I’m going to do a little demonstration to show you exactly what’s
going on and why we need probiotics every day so if we take a look at this scenario we
see all the multi colored balls so what they represent are different bad bacteria viruses
parasites C. difficile I mean all these things
that we hear about that you know ’cause a lot of infections in our bodies gas
bloating you know ability to break down food
becasue that’s what probiotic do. They actually help us to digest our food and that’s really
important if you’re trying to lose weight and weight loss is your main goal it
could be because you’re very deficient in probiotics that’s why that weight
will come off so this is not a healthy situation this
is getting sick all the time it could be the ear infections the
chronic colds, flus, the bronchitis the gas bloating, digestive issues, being
overweight we can see that the yellow guy this is
our friendly flora this is are probiotics we don’t have enough in this
situation now for take a look here we have a lot
of probiotic this is our VitaTree Probiotics that we are taking everyday you have a happy gut we have a happy
flora this is proper immunity so that’s really
really important because seventy percent over immune system comes from our gut
and it’s really very much reliant on
having enough for these good guys but so important that we’re taking this
daily and that’s why we call the VitaTree Probiotics one of the daily essentials but guess
what happens if we do come in contact with that
parasite that bacteria we eat out food poisoning the kids bring home the colds and flus
all those germs and in the viruses bacteria when we come in
contact with those the warded off because we have our army of soldiers good guys to help to
protect us this is true for our digestion as well
we absolutely need to probiotics to help us to break down our food and convert the food into energy also
for the absorption of a lot our essentail nutrients it’s very much reliant on
having enough the good guys again to sign for the
human digestive tract that’s what makes the difference with the VitaTree Probiotics so this is now proper digestion the
ability to lose weight and warding off those bad guys which is so important now the other thing about probiotics out
there which you may not realize is that most if not all of them contain
something magnesium stearate so we have another great video on magnesium stearate will share the link to that video at the end of this video and magnesium stearate is a flow agent and this is what the other companies are using to
help to speed up production time so it’s not something that we recommend we
never use it in our VitaTree products its a point of distinction the entire VitaTree brand is that
we don’t use magnesium stearate so do check out that video at the end we also have a very high turnover with
our VitaTree Probiotics here at VitaTree so really really important
they know that you’re always getting a fresh batch and we actually pack are probiotics at
three times the amount of billions of units of the acidophilus bifidus that you see on the package that’s to ensure that at the end of the
shelf life of your VitaTree Probiotics you’re getting exactly what it says on
the bottle most times even much more than what it
says so lot of great information thanks for
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  1. I would love to buy everything u have but the cost is just to much for me thank u for all of your information

  2. Great info. I love that you addressed the issue of how so many probiotic companies use cow strains or strains made from soy. Great to hear your products don't include that, and also that you don't include magnesium stearate. Are your products GMO-free as well? thanks!

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