Hyderabadi Paradise Biryani + Mandi in Hyderabad | Hyderabad non veg Episode 4

I came to know about Mandi only after coming to Hyderabad Rice is cooked in mutton stock and that is called Mandi. The concept of having Mandi is popular since last 7-8 years in Hyderabad. In fact, it became even more popular than it already was in the past 3 years. I’ve ordered for myself a single portion of Mandi but it is traditionally eaten spread on a huge thali… …shared by 3-4 persons. The concept of Mandi includes rice cooked in mutton stock, garnished with mutton cooked separately. It is accompanied with 3 types of sauces – mint sauce, tomato sauce & this I am told is mayonnaise. I can see a lot of dry fruit on this, two mutton pieces, & fried onions too. This rice is totally different from that in a biryani. This rice has a blended appeal in its taste and texture. It is filled with mutton flavor as well. To sum up, I can say that I am enjoying a different flavor in this rice. Adding this sauce has changed the taste. But yes, the rice is tasty even without or with sauce, depends on personal choice. This piece is larger than the mutton piece you get in a biryani , soft, with less chewing effort. This mutton has been boiled, while the biryani mutton is not boiled. Even the spices are minimal in this mutton. In fact, on eating, I can only experience the slight flavor of cardamom & cinnamon. Spices are very light. Here, I understood the difference between biryani and Mandi. First difference is both are cooked through different processes. Second difference is the aroma. You can smell the Hyderabadi biryani even from a few feet away. This rice doesn’t have that aroma, that fragrance. Third difference is that in biryani, spices are concentrated in a particular portion of rice. Here, that is not the case. The whole rice is evenly, though lightly, spiced. The rice gives the feel of mutton stock, it is cooked in a different way, so that the stock has penetrated… …the rice grains. So, some people like biryani more and some like Mandi more. People like me enjoy both when in Hyderabad. Eating Mandi, sitting on the floor, sharing it with others, kind of brings people together. I have also heard from people that Hyderabadi Mandi has been customized to suit local taste. I’ve no idea about the Mandi that we get outside Hyderabad. This is my first experience but it is tasty. I am going to continue my non veg food journey after I finish this meal. Today, I will not have anything more in non-vegetarian food. In the evening, I will think about my plan for tomorrow. Non-veg food journey continues after this. When I came to Hyderabad for a job interview in 2013, I had visited Paradise in Secunderabad. This time, I’ve come to Paradise Imax. I’ve already placed an order for chicken biryani for myself. They have explained it pictorially – yakhni, then middle layer of rice and finest white rice on top. I’m waiting eagerly! They’ve just told me that this full plate biryani contains one chicken piece only. I saw a board for Dawat brand of rice, so I think they use the same brand in their biryani. That’s enough! First observation, while the biryani was being served, the aroma is significantly experienced. This is masala rice layer with white layer of rice from the top. Very nice! The texture is awesome! I can clearly see cloves, cardamoms in the biryani. The cooking level as well as quality of rice, both are perfect. In fact, I’ve noticed it everywhere in Hyderabad that the quality of rice is very good. In fact, I cannot differentiate that this rice is better or that one is better. It is just that I am finding the rice to be good. That is it! I was checking the length of the rice grain. This is one of the important parameters of basmati rice – to see how long it is. Good! I can notice the long grain rice. Ufff!! The softness and tenderness of the chicken piece is really admirable. In fact, I am enjoying such a good chicken piece after a long time, especially in Hyderabadi biryani. In fact, the chicken is so soft that I can pull it apart with my hands. From what I’ve eaten so far, I am impressed with the quality of cooking of the rice. And I am deeply impressed with the softness and tenderness of the chicken piece as well. One more thing I noticed is that the spice content in Hyderabadi biryani is a bit on the higher side. This is because the locals like it like that and even I enjoyed the spices because I like my food spicy. But here, at Paradise, I’ve noticed that the spice level is not very high. It is..umm..upto a cosmopolitan… …taste, I mean, not too high, not too low, middle level taste. In fact, I am loving it. It has less masala but good flavor. Wonderful!!! See how the meat is falling off the bone. In my food journey, I’ve had biryani at 4 or 5 places in Hyderabad. The amazing fact is that every place has a different method of cooking the mirchi ka salan that goes… ….with biryani everywhere. I am not aware of the intricacies of each method but I can vouch for the fact that end result is different. Here, the salan is of different flavor, while in rest of the places, the flavor is different. This salan is having flavor of poppy seeds, I feel. Right or wrong, I don’t know, but that is what I am feeling. The taste of this mirchi ka salan is different but enjoyable. Some of my viewers had suggested that I eat Keema-roti for breakfast at Paradise. I don’t know why but it didn’t sound appealing to eat keema-roti for breakfast. Plus I didn’t want to miss eating the biryani at Paradise. Today is my last day in Hyderabad, otherwise, I would’ve come here again for keema-roti. The only reason was that I didn’t want to miss the biryani here, that’s why I ordered chicken biryani. I enjoyed the food here a lot. In fact, I can feel that this portion of biryani is sufficient for two people. It is more than sufficient for a single person. So, we are two people, we will finish it easily. Our non-veg food journey is complete with the lunch at Paradise. We are going back home tonight, back to pavilion!! Let me know your views on this video. Like always, I will wait for your comments. Please share your Hyderabad related experiences with us. Thanks for your time!

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  1. The way u enjoyed food made me hungry… I accidentally came across ur video but end up eating chapati at 2 at night…… IAM ur new subscriber.

  2. Authentic Mandi..is really amazing..but I don't like dry fruits..in Mandi..and if mutton is not processed in tandoor…it will spoil the dish…your narration..is too good..to the point…. great…

  3. Brother in South india States Rice Quality Is Maintained Well So u cant Differentiate it Even In Maharashtra Telangan Andra Pradesh u cant Diffrentiate it

  4. Sir, after watching your hyderabadi food videos, me and my friend have landed in Hyderabad and are following your Footsteps, all the places you have visited. Its awesome.

  5. Its amazing that after having so many biryanis he gave paradise biryani 9-10. It is this kind of hype from food reviewers who do not know what a good Hyderabadi biryani is, that has helped the overrated Paradise establishment survive and thrive so far. Paradise used to be good about 25 years ago, now they just spend more money on marketing rather than on making a good biryani. So when you review something it fine for you to say that you liked it, but please do not say it is good when you have no idea what good is.

  6. You should try the Yemeni Style Food , you will go crazy , ( Mandi is actually a Yemeni Dish . and its preparation is totally different than what you ate in the restaurant shown in this episode ) @visa2explore

  7. As rightly mentioned the rice portion appeared to be good for 2 persons but if there's only 1 chicken piece then sharing becomes difficult. Maybe a suggestion can be passed over to the management so that 2 pieces of chicken are provided, of course with a reasonable price hike.

  8. I like this line in ur msg…"I personally read each msg…" It's really so touching bro… i Enjoy watching ur vedios ..👍👍👌

  9. I am from Kolkata, here biriyani is aromatic is subtle in spices and with a very flavorful potato and egg. I had Hyderabad and had their biriyani, it was very different and i liked it very much. Although i would say, mirchi ka salaan doesn't really suit the aromatic and spicy rice.. opinions differ

  10. Hello ji,
    I haven’t been to much of ur videos but randomly came across this video and subscribed!!

    Check list for next visit!!
    1) kheema roti @paradise Secunderabad.

    2) Non veg burgers & mandi @yumyum tree Madhapur.

    3) malai paya & bheja fry @nayab hotel near shadab hotel.

    4) Pathar ka gosht @ bade miya kababs tankbund.

    5)gurda and kheema @Al Zara matbaq al mandi towlichoki during Ramzan.

    Many more during Ramzan..!!

    Much appreciate ur patience and generosity towards exploring not only food but also places.

    Thanks for coming to hyderabad.

  11. Awesome but Secunderabad paradise would have been a better choice reason being that's their first place, there are places where you get HYD Khicdi and kheema and bheja fry Nihari and Naan around charmininar may be you can cover up next time 🙂 maza agaya.

  12. I went to Paradise Secunderabad…I ate mutton biryani…Frankly speaking I didn't like …We get better biryani at Nagpur…Nagpur is not known for biryani though…

  13. my fst job was in Hyderabad Paradise Biryani was our all time fav…but sorry to say secandarabad Paradise is best of d best…u know wat be in Hyderabad i can understand n speak telgu vry well i love Hyderabad alot…ppl r vry gud…😊😊😊

  14. They dont serve like this..he
    is a youtuber so his food is being garnished so well with dry fruits etc etc..been there but its not he same..

  15. Mandi is actually a Arabic food mainly made with mutton but now served with chicken too . It is so light for tummy that after 2 hour u will feel hungry again and can eat it's one more plate . Tomato chutney with chillies suits mandi really well.

  16. Hayderabad biryani bohat hi mzedar lag rahi ha such main monh main pani agya or sub se achha mujhey harish k khaney or bolney ka style lagta bohat mazey se bolty or khaty hain bhot hi intersting

  17. Being a northie and living in Hyderabad I would say north side biryani is real biryani. Mandi is good but biryani at Paradise/Bawarchi etc. are just spiced rice with very small chicken/meat piece . Biryani is too spices . Mandi is good . So all the people who crave for hyderabadi biryani relax..it's just redchilli mixed with rice and served.

  18. Hyderabad me, biryani jaisa bhi dere log bhukkad ke vaise khare, really foolish people, bekaar ke hotela, public thoda quality ko bhi aazmao, yeh hotel ke naam se paagal mat bano….ok.

  19. Seeraga sambha rice tastes the best than BASMATI.. Tamilnadu Muslim Biryani has Seeraga sambha.. does not constipate like Basmati..

  20. Chicken legs and drums have different textures. They can be boiled to death without ruining the texture. Chicken breasts need expert hand to keep it moist else it becomes tough. I always use tenderiser with chicken breasts, they never fail to keep it tender and moist.

  21. So your comparision of chicken in different biryani houses is not valid. In paradise biyani u were eating a drumstick, elsewhere it was definately chicken breast.

  22. Harish ,also note Mandi and Shawarma is not Hyderabadi cuisine ,it is part of influence from Gulf and middle East .It is in Arabian culture to eat in huge plate together with several people sharing the same plate at one given time ,next Shawarma the grilled non veg put inside either a hot dog or rumali roti is also from Saudia and Middle east .
    Biryani is from Hyderabad , especially the mutton kacche goshth ki biryani also called Dum Biryani

  23. And Paradise is really famous for Hyderabad , because Paradise belongs to Irani people who moved to India Hyderabad ,and therefore the cuisine especially Haleem , Biryani and Irani chai stems from Irani cuisine .
    Paradise is owned and run by the Iranis , therefore you get good stuff there.

  24. Also Mirch ka Salan is best home cooked ,commercially it is not made really well .
    And Mirch ka Salan is made like a pickle ,and best eaten with plain rice because Biryani is complete in itself and enjoyed with raita only

  25. one thing i notice the shape of your tummy changes before and after a restaurant visit…It shows u really had a good time…great job.


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