Hyunmoo trying vegetarian food [Happy Together/2020.03.05]

(Tired of eating greens, Hyunmoo goes somewhere.) Hello. Hello. – My goodness. / – Welcome. – It has been a while. / – It has been a while. I know. (Who is she?) (Venerable Sunjae) I met Ven. Sunjae on a different program. It’s fascinating how the taste isn’t pungent even though the color is red. At the temple, we don’t use a lot of chili pepper powder. – It contains a bit of it, right? / – Yes. (Ven. Sunjae is the master of temple food.) I have a lot of interest in food and ingredients. I remembered meeting her in the past. The first reason behind my visit is that I need to eat more vegetables. However, I just don’t find vegetables tasty. She is the one who can introduce me to tasty vegetable dishes. The bigger reason is that I want to learn how to cook simple dishes. It’s important to eat well. That’s right. It’s important. What you eat is the most important. Come in. It’s my first time visiting your place. We only met at the studio in the past. (Ven. Sunjae’s kitchen is nicely organized.) These are what we will cook today. (Fresh and organic greens) Looking at the ingredients is enough – to make me feel healthy. / – I know. (The condiments Ven. Sunjae made) (What will they cook today?) What will we cook today? – Walnuts / – Walnuts – and Korean pepper / – and Korean pepper. seasoned with gochujang. Walnuts and Korean pepper – seasoned with gochujang. / – Yes. (Walnuts and Korean pepper seasoned with gochujang) Do you know what Korean pepper is? Yes, I do. – It’s added to the loach soup. / – Yes. What’s Korean pepper? I never knew such a thing existed. (What is Korean pepper?) (Korean pepper) (Everything about Korean pepper) (Its fruits and shells of the fruits) (are used as spices.) (In Gyeongsang Province, it’s used) (to eliminate the fishy smell of loach soup.) (Korean pepper’s transformation is coming soon.) Here. (Rinse Korean pepper with water.) – Korean pepper. / – Rinse it in water and dry. It’s fresh perilla oil. It smells good already. It smells good, right? Now, let’s – stir-fry it. / – This induction stove works well. – It’s lightly stir-fried. / – That’s right. (Set it aside to cool.) Here. This sauce is so tasty. What does it contain? This? It’s made with glutinous rice, – sorghum… / – Glutinous rice and sorghum. (Water, gochujang, and grain syrup) – You add water. / – Yes. The steps are simple so far. I could do them. That’s right. Now, add Korean pepper. (Add Korean pepper and walnuts and stir-fry.) It looks good. That’s it. – It’s simple. / – It’s very simple. That’s it. I want to try it. – It looks delicious. / – It’s very delicious. (Subject 4 found a good recipe.) Hyunmoo, you have work to do. Taste it. (It’s time to taste the dish.) – I can do a good job. / – You can. Yes. I will do it like Gordon Ramsay. Okay. Go ahead. (Jundon Ramsay has a little kid’s taste.) If I don’t like it, I will knock it over. Don’t do that. (Flustered) You need to eat with gratitude in your heart. Of course. (How will Jundon Ramsay judge the dish?) Do it like Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay complains about everything, but I can’t do it. (It’s impossible to complain about the taste.) You know, you can’t eat Korean pepper alone since it’s too pungent. The cooking process softened it and gochujang added flavors to it. But the dish still contains its distinct flavors. When you give people Korean pepper as is, – they won’t eat it. / – They won’t eat it. In abroad, people cook it with walnuts and eat it with wine. It looks nice. Korean pepper tastes very good. I can’t stop eating. One salad a day. (Hyunmoo has always hated vegetables.) (He eats) (and eats.) Let’s cook something else. (Then he eats some more.) Korean pepper is palatable. (He eats more Korean pepper.) It’s really tasty. Korean pepper is really tasty. You don’t want to finish it before the actual meal. I think there is too much Korean pepper. We will now cook lotus root and burdock root. – Lotus root and burdock root. / – Yes. Let me tell you why you need to eat lotus root. If you have blood clots, lotus root will melt them. – Lotus root will? / – Yes. It prevents heart disease and high cholesterol. That’s why we need to eat it. We will also cook burdock root. – It grows underground, right? / – Yes. Do you think it will get shaken up by rain and wind? – No. / – No. It gives you patience. (Burdock root gives you patience.) If you are impatient, you should eat burdock root. I think you tend to be impatient. – I am impatient. I talk fast. / – You are like that. That’s why I prepared burdock root. Let’s prepare it like this. These two are always on the list of food that is food for patients. – What kind of patients? / – Cancer patients. Have you used a knife before? Of course, I have. Slice it thinly like this. – Thinly? / – As thinly as possible. When it comes to knife skills, I am Gordon Ramsay. – I see. / – Yes. The patty… (He talks like his cooking skills) (are on par with Gordon Ramsay’s.) Hyunmoo, try it first. (How are his knife skills?) – Watch me. / – Okay. I will slice thinly. (Here comes Jundon Ramsay.) (Is it the sound of artful knife skills?) (Faking) You are the worst. You can’t do anything right. Ven. Sunjae was very sharp. (Ven. Sunjae takes the knife again.) (Fascinated) Now, we will cook the burdock root. (Peel the burdock root and slice it diagonally.) – We add soy sauce. / – We add soy sauce – and grain syrup. / – Grain syrup. (Add soy sauce and grain syrup) (and stir-fry it together.) I will make a dish that suits your taste. – That’s right. / – You use grain syrup – since sugar is bad for health. / – Yes. I won’t add anything else. (The recommended vegetable intake per day is 400g.) (Burdock root braised in soy sauce, 60g) Even the burdock root tasted good that way. (Gulping) (They get started on the steamed lotus root.) We will cook it this way. (Add sliced lotus root to the pot and cook thoroughly.) – It’s simple. / – While it cooks, we will… – Gosh, it’s done already. / – That’s right. Good cooks can do multiple things at a time. I want to try it. Don’t throw it into the pan. – Is this good enough? / – It’s good enough. Now… (The napa cabbage jeon is complete.) – There you go. / – Okay. (Carrot) (Hyunmoo usually eats this amount in a year.) There you go. Wipe it with your hands and add this to the pot. (The dried zucchini and gochujang stew is complete.) It’s done. We can take it out now. It’s like a hot pot. (I am jealous.) – Gochujang stew. / – It looks delicious. It’s incredible. (From Korean pepper to burdock root and lotus root) – It looks delicious. / – If you have those dishes… Then you wouldn’t eat fast food. – No. / – You really wouldn’t. (The vegetables were born again as simple dishes.) You really won’t find fast food again. A bite of those dishes will wake me up. (A meal for the vegetable intake) (that is recommended per day) The perfection of great wisdom. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. Please eat. Is there a specific order? No, there isn’t. You can just eat comfortably. But you must eat slowly. Chew until food becomes liquid in your mouth. After it becomes liquid, it should circle your mouth twice. (It’s similar to the 2030 method.) My goodness. (It’s similar to the 2030 method.) – Nothing comes easy. / – It’s so difficult. This… (It’s delicious.) This lowers your high temperature and calms your heart. It has spiritual energy. (He comes to like vegetables like an adult.) The flour settled down. It’s nice, right? (He certainly eats more slowly now.) (I am glad that you are eating slowly.) Ven. Sunjae, it’s a well-known story that you became interested in food because of bad health. How bad was your health? My liver was in bad shape. Did you have – liver cirrhosis? / – Yes. – Did you have liver cirrhosis? / – Yes. My knuckles would get swollen because of inflammation. Did you find out when you got a checkup? I went to the hospital because I was suffering. – Then… / – Then the doctor told me that my liver was in bad shape. Apparently, my hepatitis was so progressed that I only had a year to live. – The doctor told you that. / – Yes. Do you know what I prayed every night? (She prayed every night.) “Please let me wake up tomorrow.” “My mother is alive.” “Please let me live a day longer than my mother.” That was what I prayed every night. I was determined to save my body. – So you became interested in food. / – Yes. Isn’t she incredible? – She really is. / – The doctor said she would die. She is healthy now. (Ven. Sunjae is healthy now.) – Is she cured? / – She is nearly cured. I see that food is very important. I bet you never eat instant food like I always do. – It’s palatable, right? / – Yes. Changing your thoughts will change your palate. If you know the effect it has on your body, you won’t be able to eat it. – It’s very important. / – Yes. All of us know that food is important for good health, – but we keep forgetting. / – Yes. It’s not easy to have a healthy meal every time. Eating slowly makes me eat less. I have so much rice left, but I am becoming full. You should eat more seasoned vegetables. – Are you done? / – Yes. – I am eating too slowly, right? / – It’s okay. – I need to eat slowly. / – I can wait. Eat slowly. – Please wait for another hour. / – Okay. – It’s okay. / – I need to eat slowly. – Okay. / – I will count the grains of rice. Go ahead and count the grains of rice. – Okay. / – Don’t make this a one-time thing. (Hyunmoo got caught.) I wanted to eat ramyeon tomorrow. I saw through you, right? Yes. I could really relate to Ven. Sunjae’s words because she spoke as if she hadd studied my habits. I eat hurriedly. I guzzle down water after eating salty food. Then I empty myself and eat again. It’s a vicious cycle. I won’t be able to eat like Ven. Sunjae every day, but I plan to cut down on instant food. If the recipe is simple… There are many ways to buy good ingredients these days. I will buy them and cook at home whether it’s tasty or not. I will make packed lunches. (Hyunmoo was reborn as a healthy man.)

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  1. I don’t see eggs or cheese this is vegan. I wish all Koreans ate this way and didn’t let Americans sabotage their health and increase their stock with selling them so much meat and cheese. This will also get people to eat healthier and cook more at home and be more conscious of the environment so that Koreans wouldn’t be the #1 users of plastic, killing mother earth. And all the companies dumping the used plastic in the countryside is ruining our beautiful country! I think Korean food is the best and firmly believe we make the best of vegetable dishes and vegan dishes and we can conquer that market. I understand we’re also number one in colon cancer which I believe is also from all the food we eat and we really need to stop with this Mukbang and all these eating shows that only promotes animal abuse and profit of other countries and evil companies that doesn’t give a crap about our health. I love Korea so please eat more vegetables and go back to the old fashion way of eating and stop adding so much cheese and meat to everything and eating such big portions. We are being brainwashed and used by the corporate world. Their greed is killing us!

  2. If I visited Korea, now I know I could find these Buddhist temples and such to eat as a vegan! Or at least find recipes from them

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