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We’re dealing with the eye, which is such
a sacred place, and people have a lot of fear behind that. I have trouble opening my eyes underwater,
so when I first got it I was nervous too. Hi, my name is Taylor and today I’m getting
a dry eye treatment. I had some issues with my eyes. Within the past year I had this weird, stringy
mucus that was so gross, and I would show my coworkers and they would
be like, “Ew, don’t show me that!” And then I would tell my mom and she was like,
“Go to the eye doctor.” And my eye doctor, she was just like, “Oh,
it’s probably allergies.” But I feel like it’s happened throughout
the year so probably not. Having dry eyes affects my day to day life
because I’m driving a lot, I like to read, I write. Although I take eye drops, and I know there’s
prescriptions to help you fix this problem, I am looking forward to finding a natural
solve. My name is Kari Jansen, I am a Ayurvedic practitioner,
herbalist and massage therapist in LA. And I have my own herbal body care line called
Poppy and Someday. I offer the netra basti, which is the ghee
and the eye therapy, using wheat flour and water. I went to college for health fitness and nutrition. I studied at the Ayurvedic Institute of America. Then I went to India. A group of us went over in a small little
village, and we were there a month studying Panchakarma, which is the cleansing technique
of India. And that was a big eye opener of learning
the basics, and that’s where I learned the netra basti. Hi! Hi! How are you? Lovely to meet you. Nice to meet you. Let’s get it over with. My eyes are already feeling weird anticipating. Okay, so get on the table. Okay. Can I give you these? Yes. I have a problem with interacting with things that
are messy. I’m really nervous about this whole process. I’m the type of person that if anything
gets on me, that I don’t know what it is, I immediately need it off of me. First, I massage their scalp and around their
eyes. That helps relax them. A basti is the word for container. So I make a dough dam. Then I warm up the ghee. If it’s too cold it’s gonna cause more
anxiety, but if the temperature of the oil is perfect, then it creates a safe place. Then I have them gently blink and open their
eyes through the golden light. Then they can look in all four directions. When the temperature starts to get cooler,
then I pour the ghee out. How do you feel? I feel good, I feel clear, I feel moisturized. After the treatment was over I initially felt
like, I can’t believe I did that. I kind of felt very uncomfortable when she
told me to open my eyes because it’s weird having oil surrounding your eyes. I saw pictures that were two eyes at the same
time, which I definitely would not have been able to handle. So I was happy that she kind of gave attention
to one eye at a time. Before Taylor came in, her eyes had a lot
of red in them and they looked really dried, and I could see some mucus in the corners. Afterwards, they were so clear. The red was lessened in her eyes, her pupils
were clear. Kari brings a lot of honor to this Ayurvedic
tradition. She brought it from India but treats it with
a lot of respect and gratitude with her practice in California. I believe in Ayurveda because it’s helped
me. Every time I go to visit India they’re always
super surprised like, “Whoa, you’re into this?” I like to go over there to get inspired and
learn exactly their techniques and how they do it so I could bring it over here and incorporate it to the
Western world. If you have dry itchy eyes, I recommend castor
oil. Put it in the corner of your eyes before you
go to bed and then shut your eyes and blink a couple times, and allow the oil to soothe
your eyes. It’s been about a week since I saw Kari. Right after treatment my eyes felt super hydrated,
super loved upon. And now they kinda feel like they want that
treatment every week. But you’re not allowed to do it every week. You have to do it every three months. So I think I’m gonna definitely use castor
oil in between treatments to make sure my eyes still feel rejuvenated. Thank you so much for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here. Thank you.

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  1. Please just go to an eye doctor.. don’t be putting castor oil OR this womans dirty nails in your eye.

  2. I love how suddenly every 14 yo Indian American is a professional with this unheard-of holistic dry eye treatment.

  3. She did amazing on her eye I don't see nothing wrong with it I would love to try it one day💜💪 and haters back off stop being rude to her cuz if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything

  4. Everyone was being total jerks to the lady. Just calm down. It's not like you have to get this done. You aren't forced to.

  5. looks like meibomian gland dysfunction. you can achieve the same results with simple lid hygiene:
    1. warm compress
    2. massage eyelids
    3. wipe eyelids with sterile preservative-free wipe
    4. use preservative-free eye drop

  6. So much noooooo 😭
    If you have Dry Eye
    1) use a hot compress for 5-10 mins one to two times a day
    2) use a lubricating eye drop, preservative Free is best !
    If your dry eye is more severe visit your optometrist to discuss other options such as prescription eye drops (Restasis, Xiidra, ECT.)or Punctal plugs

    Why is she not wearing gloves oh my goodness 🤯

  7. That was definitely not sanitary. That woman’s hands germs can get in there. These are eyes we are talking about. I’m an Indian and I’ve decided to use Ayurvedic (ancient Indian herbs and medicine) to fix everything since I was little even for weight loss and the Ayurvedic way to fix this is way better. And as an Indian this was not done right I’m sorry but that was terrible.

  8. This is quite interesting. I'm curious to know what is used to make the dough. I'd also like to see it done in India. Other than that, Taylor's hair is luscious.

  9. Won’t that coat the eye in oil and choke your eye out of oxygen
    And also ghee is solid at room temperature so won’t it solidify in the eye in cold conditions?!

  10. I don't you should be replacing eye medicine with a random oil treatment. She didnt try medicine or anything. And if I dont take an allergy pill my allergies are all year long. I mean if you want a spa treatment go to the spa. She completely disregarded her doctor.

  11. YouTube is recommending me this video since last year but everytime I see the thumbnail, I get really uncomfortable 😣

  12. i feel like the way the castor oil could contain bacteria which you are putting permanently in your eyes. its quite dangerous

  13. how is the possible that she opened her eyes while having them in the oil? i mean, sometimes its hard to open eyes underwater, and what bout the oil

  14. In India believe in giving your girls to the “ goddess jalama” to work in the prostitution, really they live in the dark ages, there Notting good coming from over there, holistic bullshit

  15. Allergies can be all year- depends what sets you off – I have spring and fall and dust issues in winter. I hope you checked with your doctor before doing this!! Yikes

  16. Please do some research before making a video like this that can be harmful. This woman has mucus fishing syndrome and watching this video made me start to do the same thing. If you just did one Google search you would know that the more you pull mucus from your eye, the more irritated your eye becomes and the more it produces. I think you should either put a warning or take this video down before you harm more people. (I have body focused repetitive disorder so it's really hard for me to stop doing things like this after I start). I just wish that you at least mentioned mucus fishing syndrome

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