ich parasite is gone

Fish were in quarantine hospital tank for 7 weeks. They were put back in their 125 gallon home today. hammer coral frog spawn coral sand sifter goby will take care of this this fast. duncan coral Fowleri Tang – damn beautiful and highly intelligent! This tank had ich parasites in it from an anemone. It was left empty (no fish) for 7 weeks. Parasites die of starvation after 6 weeks. Only way to kill ich or marine velvet. 125 gallon aquarium is free of ich and all fish are healthy!

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  1. thanks for all these great videos they help me a lot. I am new to saltwater fish and ran into the same problem every body have when they just throw their fish in the aquarium. I am really learning a lot thanks.

  2. I'm from chicago too – got the courage to start a 135gal tank from watching videos like yours – went to the aqua experience show in schaumburg this weekend and popped my coral cherry L:) just wanted to say thanks for the videos and very helpful for beginners!

  3. Glad to see everyone back in the main display. The fowleri looks great you wouldn't know he was ever sick! Hope it all goes well from now on!

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