Im Reacting To Fermented Foods HELP!

Greetings! It’s Eric Bakker from New Zealand, the naturopath. I have another question here from a subscriber. Let me see, “I seem to be reacting to fermented
foods. I’ve tried plain Honeymate yogurt and kefir,
but broke out in a facial rash within a few days. At first, I thought it was a dairy issue,
so I made yogurt and kefir with coconut milk. The same thing happened again, a red, oozing,
itchy rash appeared. It stayed for about ten days. I’m wondering if I have just had too much
too soon. I had about six ounces of yogurt for three
days in a row and then I had kefir. I wanted to try again, but if I do, should
I just have a small amount every several days? Because this rash wakes me at night and it’s
very uncomfortable, I’m afraid to experiment. I need your trust and advice. Thank you.” Well, I think many people overdo this category
entirely of fermented foods and cultured foods. And when you see websites that came out with
books like, “Body, Ecology, Diet,” people went crazy with fermented foods. They made far too much kefir, they’re now
eating too much sauerkraut and too much yogurt. So that’s like saying to me, “I wanna get
fit, so I decided to take up canoe polo. I’m doing boxing, judo, hockey, wrestling,
I’m going to the gym three hours a day, and I’ve just started to do paragliding. And now I wanna do base jumping. But I’m feeling bad. I wake up in the night and my body’s aching
all over. What’s wrong with me?” Why am I feeling like crap all the time. I’m only playing 15 different types of sports.” I mean, for Christ’s sakes, if you’re taking
all of these types of things like yogurt and kefir, and no doubt there’ll be some kombucha
and maybe some sauerkraut thrown in there, it’s overkill … overkill. The gut can’t handle this kind of microbial
onslaught, so when you’re pummeling the body with all of these particular acids like high
dose acid lactic food, multiple types of yeasts in these food and bacteria, it’s total, total
overkill. What these websites don’t tell you is you
need to be very careful with the microbial balance in your gut, and make change very
very slowly. So, for example, if you’ve not had kefir before,
you may want to start with a half a teaspoon of kefir per day, because it’s such a powerful
food. I’ve got a book from the 1950s on ferments
and cultures and they specifically state in the book not to take kefir if you’ve got a
digestive problem. Move it up fifty years down the track and
everyone’s taking kefir, recommending everybody have it. Move it ahead fifty more years from now and
people will have the same amount of caution. They’ll realize how powerful this food is. We go through these stupid trends all the
time, and people don’t seem to wake up. They just follow like sheep. They follow what everybody else says. So, the clinic has taught me kefir is the
wrong food when you’ve got a gut imbalance. Yogurt is fine, but again, if you’ve got a
very big problem with candida, and low beneficial count, you need to go very slow with yogurt
to begin with. You may also have a dairy allergy. So you need to be cautious. Always be cautious with yogurt. Start with your tablespoon per day. And many people can gradually build up to
a small bowl per day. Sauerkraut is not a problem. But if you’ve got a leaky gut and a bad histamine
problem, you may get itchy skin and strong reaction to it. Again, you’ve gotta heal the gut before you
include these foods into the diet. So the first thing you might wanna do is a
stool test. Check to see what level of beneficial bacteria
you’ve got, what level of imbalanced flora you’ve got, have you got any yeast or parasites
there, is there any inflammation in the gut, is the immune system faulty? So fix these little problems first and then
introduce these foods slowly but surely to build up the microbial health of the gut. It can take three, six or twelve months to
achieve what I just said. Once you’ve achieved that, and you slowly
introduce these foods, you can build a helper, a gut helper, to a very high level where you
can tolerate a small amount of kefir every day. And who knows, you may even be able to tolerate
kefir in a day and a yogurt. But to put kefir and yogurt into the diet
at the same time, to me, that’s really crazy. That’s literally like doing three hours of
gym work a day and then three hours of running every day. You’re just gonna overkill the body. So back off, and take it nice and easy, and
build up very slowly. The rash will disappear as you back off these
irritating kind of cultured and fermented foods. So don’t forget, kefir is a ferment and it’s
full of yeast. People don’t realize that. You can actually get candida strains from
kefir. You need to be very careful with this food. So, I hope that gives you a bit of trust and
advice. Thanks for the question.

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  1. Hello , I am watching your videos for the past few months and they are very helpful . You have spoken for histamine in this video and you have one a few ears back regarding mast cells . Can I please ask you to make a video on mast cells and histamine . My life is very hard at the moment . Its a long story but I am diagnosed with Mast cell activation disorder and histamine intolerance . I live in a small country and only a few people ever heard that term here , so I had to go abroad to get all the test and etc. Ive been in this condition for 14 years and it was getting worse and worse in time as nobody knew anything and was not able to help me . All doctors said there is no treatment for this so I am on my own . It was so bad to the point that I had constant allergic reactions and I was not able to get out of my home ( I am 29 now) . I have severe mast cells acumulation on mu cheeks and years , some on the scalp ( they look all red ) and when I have severe reaction it hoes on my chest and everything feels like burning . Its reaction to hot and cold weather all kinda foods . I am trying to heal my gut by myself fro the past 2 years and I have a good improvement but I still have the red on my face and body and the reactions . Now its better but its still here. I 've had parasites and I've done cleanment several times . I was also tested and confirmed that I have very low level of beneficial bacteria . I suspect leacky gut and cancida also. I've had psoriasis on top of that , but now its almost gone . So There is none here who can help me and I am trying to learn and understand and heal all by myself so please can you make a video on mast cells and histamine if you know more about it ? thanks

  2. Good afternoon,

    I'm french but your chanel really helped me to learn about Candida, more than any other website.
    I'm really hoping that you could answer my question, that is ; I'm suffering of all kinds of symptoms as bloating, huge tiredness after eating, belly and back pain, no energy craving for sugar.. I've got very poor life quality. But the worst is the depression, and actually i don't know if candia is the cause of this depression or if it's a result.
    I've got a protocole for my Candida but I can't follow it for a long because of the lack of motivation, and the craving are just too strong. Without motivation, or a strong believe that we are gonna heal, how it is possible to keep it going ?
    I don't know neither who to talk to, here in France nobody really know Candida.
    Thanks for reading me.

  3. I have had chronic sinus congestion for quite some time and I ate a bit of kimchi and notice I get a stuffy nose afterwards. Histamine intolerance?

  4. I feel pretty sure I have Candida overgrowth. I have watched many of your vids on Candida I have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue stage 3. also slightly low FT3.
    Because I was told I was pre diabetic, went on a low carb diet. Then started adrenavive 1 and metavive II, Felt so much better within 6 days, and ent back to work. I worked for 8 months. But then went to the USA for a holiday. Living in hotels was almost impossible to keep a good diet. On return from holiday was pretty tired, and after just a few days became exhausted and weak, vision problems and depression etc , all the symptoms I had a year earlier. Now the adrenavive and metavive did not help. I put myself on the MEVY diet for 2 weeks and the vision problems improved greatly, but other symptoms only changed slightly. However when I saw dr he said he thought it was an Adrenal crash, and i should try a low histamine diet, and I should get a stool test. (I was treated for Candida successfully 30 years ago, though it took 2 years) I had not heard of Histamine before, except when talking pollen allergies (which I get in summer).Internet says Histamine is related to Candida. Can you explain how these all can be related to candida and adrenal fatigue. Now my diet is even more restricted on a low Histamine diet. Can you add any flesh to the bones on this subject? Many thanks for all your helpful info so far.

  5. Hello, I am a huge fan of your videos and honestly I turn to your channel when considering a change to my diet. This video seems slightly contradictory to an early on you posted. In the other video you said that you definitely recommend kefir for those with yeast infections and candida, now you're saying it has yeast? Just want to clarify. I don't want to be making my LGS or candida overgrowth any worse.
    Thanks so much for you amazing advice.

  6. I made my own kefir. Drank Kombucha. Was dogmatic about how healthy it was, until I realized all the symptoms I was having. Way too much fermented foods. Everybody's different, there's no cookie cutter solution. Pay attention to your own body with an open mind.

  7. But kefir contains lactobacillus, – not yeast! It's two different things, and as far I know lactobacillus keep away the yeast.
    Please correct me if I am wrong

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