In What Ways May Candida Recur In My Body?

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. Thanks for catching up with me again with
another video. I’ve got another question here from a patient
in the States. “Eric, in what ways will Candida recur in
my body?” This person’s wanting to know if they get
rid of a Candida problem, SIBO problem, or a parasite problem, for example, how can they
stop the reoccurrence of this issue. It’s not a problem. It’s easy to do that. You’ve got to get your health to a high state. You’ve got to have a very powerful and strong
immune response. Your immune response is the only thing keeping
you alive right now. When you become immunocompromised and your
immunity goes down, you can pick up any kind of bug around you, so you need a powerful
immune response. The heart and soul of my work is improving
people’s digestive system health to a very high level. Because I know that when the internal part
is fixed part, the external will regenerate and become fixed in its own right. It’s all about digestive rejuvenation. Sometimes stool testing will help find if
there’s any bugs or a specific problem with you. Today I got a stool test result back from
a patient. He’s had mucous in his throat and a chronic
sinus problem for about 25 years. We found a bug called pseudomonas agarose
in his stool, which is not a common one. Pseudomonas, that particular pseudomonas is
not common to find in the average person. I find it in cystic fibrosis patients and
emphysema patients, people with bad chest infections. I find it in HIV positive people. Sometimes testing is a very powerful way to
identify something that really needs to be picked up. If you feel you’ve got a recurrence or you
go back again, re-testing after you’ve initially tested is a very good thing to do. But the best way to stop recurrence is to
stop doing the stuff that got you there in the first place. If you were taking courses of antibiotics
for say acne or a skin problem, if you had recurring urinary tract infection and have
taken trimethoprim antibiotic, if you’ve been on the oral contraceptive pill for years and
developed thrush and yeast infections, if you come out of the hospital and you had treatment
and you developed a yeast infection, try to understand how you got this darn thing in
the first thing in the first place. That will put you in a good position not to
go back there again. When I was a young guy, I mentioned this before
in videos, I was a shift worker working in a flour mill. It was a crappy, dusty job. I had a lot of relationship issues when I
was quite young. High stress. I lived in a moldy building. When it rained in my bedroom, I’d get an inch
of water in it. All the conditions were right for a fungal
infection. Then when I got a chest infection, the doctor
gave me antibiotics for 10 days. That basically was the straw that broke the
humpback whale’s back. It just snapped. That’s how I got sick. I got really sick. Suffice it to say, I’ve not been on antibiotics
now for over 30 years. I won’t touch that crap anymore. I’ve had dental work done. I’ve all kind of procedures done. I will not touch those poisons anymore in
my life. If I did develop bronchial pneumonia, I wouldn’t
hesitate to take an antibiotic. If I had a serious lung infection, I would
not hesitate, but I don’t believe antibiotics are really a valid medication for me personally. I think you want to think twice about taking
drugs that kill life as well. Think about how you got this Candida. Was it a crappy lifestyle? Was it junk food? What were you doing that contributed to the
Candida, that built it up? Don’t do that and then you won’t get it back
when you’ve nailed it. That’s all I’m going to say. Click on the link below if you haven’t got
my report already. Don’t forget to check out my quiz. If you go to, you can read
a lot of articles on there and also you can do my quiz and see if you’ve got Candida. Might give you an idea, especially if you
think you’ve got recurrence. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.

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