Insects, all part of a balanced diet | Curtin Alumni Innovators

>>An innovative Australian startup
business is really our story, that’s trying to produce a sustainable source
of protein within a local environment. I’m Paula and I’m the founder of GrubsUp
Australia.>>And I’m Amanda one of the directors of GrubsUp Australia.>>GrubsUp Australia is a insect protein company. We produce insects for human food and
animal feed.>>Crickets particularly have about seventy percent protein and a whole range of other
vitamins and minerals including really high levels of vitamin B12.>>Yeah, they’re a sustainable food production system as well. They have a really quick
production cycle compared to other traditional agricultural systems.>>I studied a Bachelor of Agribusiness and that’s where I met Paula.>>I worked in
mosquito management and my love of insects was born out of those few years.
Woke up one day and went, insects, protein, agribusiness and started the business. So, initially we thought we would enter an animal feed market. When we established
the business we got so many emails in regards to human food, that we thought
right let’s get into the human food market. I’m lucky enough to have a
husband who is a chef, so he does a lot of the food tastings and preparation for
new products. Innovation to me is really about adapting to a market or a problem
and coming up with a solution whether it’s been done before or not, but it’s
about finding a different way to go about it.>>It’s constantly having to think outside the square and come up with new ideas and being prepared to take it on the chin when it doesn’t work and move on
and try something else. Realistically, we would really like to
commercialise an animal feed into, say, the poultry market, piggery market, or the aquaculture market and if we can drive that, that then may lead to a human commodity product that would be able to be used around the world.>>One of my major motivations is that the business makes sense; a future source of protein.>>And I can just see a real potential here to actually make some
difference and actually shape what the future, particularly, in Australia, but
hopefully a bit wider than that, will look like. And we want that future to be bright for, not just our kids, but for the world going forward.

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