Inspiring young filmmaker makes a difference for the environment

I feel that modern day society has a
kind of complacency, an assumption they can continue the way we going forever, but we are not living a sustainable way of life and that’s just not possible (music – paint splatter) My name is Abbie I’m 18 years old and I live in the southwest of
England. I’m extremely passionate about a wide range man-made environmental issues; be it global climate change, marine debris, the unsustainable production of palm oil. Whatever it may be I wholeheartedly
believe that we need to take full responsibility
for these issues and that we need to act NOW in order to ensure that sustainable
future. It wasn’t until I was about 13 though, that I began to be made aware of all the
different environmental issues that are going on around the world. And it made me feel very angry. I could not comprehend why anybody would want to destroy what in my eyes was a priceless beauty, for the sake of business. And I felt I have to speak up about it and I started to do that through the use of film. (music) (ocean sounds) There are two main projects I’m particularly proud of. The first is my short film about marine debris called Save Our Oceans. I produced this when I was 15-16 and I really took the whole issue to heart. So I arrange a beach clean-up, I thought
to involve my local community I got news of the issue out on to my local
radio stations, into my local newspapers and I really just tried to get as many
people involved and aware of the issue as possible. (flash) So the second project is my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in July 2014 So it is the highest free-standing
mountain in the world this is a very grand title. In the last
twenty years seventy percent of Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers have disappear gone completely; and we wanted to study
the effects of that on the endemic wildlife species, on the local people and ultimately on
tourism. Because most people climb that mountain to reach that iconic white peak. So beforehand it was this immense project that was absolutely nothing I
could do about. But after seeing those glaciers, firsthand, I feel that the greatest threat we face as a species is ourselves if we continue to ignore the things what we can not see. global climate, plastics in the ocean. My message to you, is that your every action counts. Be it positive, be it negative, it matters. If you choose to leave the tap on whilst doing your teeth, You could indirectly be affecting somebody on the other side of the planet. How? Well our earth is immensely interconnected. More so than I think we could ever
begin to comprehend. And I’m if we messed with the systems , which we are, there are going to be negative consequences. There’s so much that we can do to make
a difference. There is so much information out there on the internet, through literature. Even the people around
you are guaranteed to know ways in which you can live a more greener, sustainable lifestyle so ask people, research, and find out. Because you can be taking action against all these issues on our earth. And you are responsible, I am responsible, we all are responsible. (music)

8 Replies to “Inspiring young filmmaker makes a difference for the environment”

  1. You are awesome, you are brave enough to actually do what you have done. I am a dreamer I wish that I could help bring up change. But this was inspiring, I hope you keep on inspiring people all over the world

  2. We surely need more initiatives like these in the world over by the youth. Great work Ms. Abbie, keep it up. I am sure you serve as an inspiration to many.

  3. Very inspiring to all ages and people elsewhere around the world, on the awareness and responsability towards the environmental issues. Keep that passion going !

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  5. So Abbie, Watching this video has answered some questions for me, As to why your subscriptions # is so small, To some people the word, Environmentalists is a dirty word, And they are not going to make it easy for you, Just be indifferent to there ploys Abbie. Over.

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