Instant Food Taste Test

Today we put on blindfolds and see
if we can tell the difference between – real and instant food.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– We are living in an instant world and I am an an instant girl. One of the
great things about the instant world – is instant food!
– Like grits. I’m a big fan of grits. – (laughs)
– Grits can be instant. So can oatmeal. – Well, there’s several things that can.
– But it seems to be a common held – point of knowledge…
– Yeah? – That’s called common knowledge.
– Or just a view point. Just a view point that instant food is not
as good as the real thing… but is it? – Hmm.
– And instant food doesn’t taste as good as the real thing…or does it?
So let’s get to the bottom of that today. – Seems like the same question twice.
– (laughs) – But I’m okay!
– (laughs) – I’d like to ask that question.
– Twice. Can we find out the difference between —
Do we know the difference between real and instant food? I don’t know;
let’s play a game called The Instant Food Blind Taste Test,
a.k.a. Is It Freshly Made, – Or Did We Just Add Water?
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Okay, so as you can see, we can’t.
– Hey! We’re blindfolded and we’re gonna be
presented with foods, which could be – instant or they could be the real deal.
– Real! Alright, I’m gonna open my mouth and
you’re gonna deliver something into it. We’re gonna tastey tastey, and on the
count of three, we’re gonna say our guess at the same time.
Is it instant or is it real? Are we ready? – Alright, round one!
– (ding) – (both) Round One!
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Alright so just tell me to open if —
I don’t like to have my mouth open – the whole time.
– (Lizzie) Okay open. – Mmh. Oh.
– Okay. So we got taters. – Mashed potatoes.
– Yum. Wow. Very obviously mashed potatoes.
But very obviously real? Are instant potatoes the ones
that come out of the flaky box? – Yeah.
– Are they actually potatoes at all? – You just add water, dude.
– But they’re still — they turn back – into potatoes?
– It’s like space potatoes. Our college roommate Tim was big on
the boxed potatoes, but I never had – the nerve to try ’em.
– Here’s what I will say, I don’t know if this is gonna
give you a hint, but I do know that the boxed potatoes
are not necessarily bad. – But what I just tasted wasn’t bad.
– It does get close to the final product, and so that makes this
a very difficult decision. So you thought it was
pretty good, didn’t you? – Didn’t you?
– Oh it’s still here. Is that it? – No don’t; no feelin’!
– Okay I’m not gonna feel. I just pointed at it. Alright, I’m ready
to guess. ‘Cause it is going to be a guess – at this point.
– (Stevie) Alright here we go. – In three, two, one.
– (both) Real. – (Stevie) You are both correct.
– (ding) – Ahh! Can I look at ’em?
– Boom. – They look just as real as —
– Y’all did good on them! What’d you put — Did you put
any spices in there? – No need.
– Potato’s just good by itself. – Let’s do another one.
– (ding) – (both) Round Two!
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Alright, give me something
to wash down those taters. – (crew) Open.
– (both gag) Aim for the tongue,
not the back of the… – Oh, coffee!
– Mmh. – That hurt!
– Um, man. You ’bout severed my goozle
with the squirt gun. – I need another one.
– I need some more. It’s cold! – I’m waiting Chase!
– (Chase) Alright alright. You ready? – (squirts)
– (Chase) Guh! It splashed back at me. – (laughs)
– It tickles so much! – It tickles my tongue! Ew!
– It does tickle. Hmm. – I didn’t know my tongue was ticklish.
– Washed down all them taters. Mmh. Woo! There’s residual tickleness.
(laughs) Ooh! My tongue is like — – (laughs)
– Link’s having fun by himself over there. I’ve never seen a man be carried along
by residual tickleness. Residual tongue twickle is a new thing
I’ve never knew existed! – Residual tongue tickle.
– Tongue twickle. Even regular coffee…there’s such a
spectrum to it. You know what I mean? Mhmm. What you’re saying is that was not
good coffee. Does that mean it was instant – coffee or bad regular coffee?
– Uh, I think that you might be — – Excuse me.
– (laughs) – Shoo! Potatoes and coffee did it again!
– (laughs) That’s not bad coffee, it’s just —
Woah gosh! – Me too man.
– You too! – (laughs)
– Coffee and taters! Y’all got some air bubbles
in that stuff. It wasn’t bad coffee. – Alright I’m willing to guess.
– Okay. – (Stevie) Okay here we go. Three two one.
– (Rhett) Instant. (Link) Real. Ooh, I went real
just to go out on a limby limb. – (Stevie) It was instant.
– (ding) Yes I threw you! It was horrible coffee
man! But I threw you with my mind games! Oh. So that’s like crystals
you add some water to it? – (Stevie) You just add water, yeah.
– And then you… – Stir.
– meticulously pour it into – a squirt gun.
– You stir and then squirt. – Alright.
– Moiving on! – (both) Round Three!
– (ding) – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Alright, hit me in the mouth with another thing
that could be instant. – Oh oh oh.
– Okay here we go. – Hey!
– Ooh got it? You gotta get it! – (laughs)
– (mooing) – The whole cracker.
– (mooing) What is it? A cracker and…oh!
Peanut butter. – You should know what this is bro.
– My specialty. If you get this one wrong,
peanut butter lovers… I don’t need no cracker!
All I need is the peanut butter. What’s going on over there?
Did he touch it? – I just rejected the cracker.
– The cracker was real. For something that I love a lot,
I’m having a difficult time liking that. – (laughs)
– Oh really? – Yeah.
– There are peanuts in there. – Made of peanuts.
– Yeah. Peanuts definitely contributed – to that.
– But it’s naughty peanut butter. It’s peanut butter gone bad.
It’s like juvenile — Peanut butter covers
a large spectrum though. It’s like juvenile delinquent
peanut butter. It’s like, “Well, if you were older I’d put you
in the peanut butter prison, – but maybe we can turn you back.”
– Scared Straight. They call that being scared straight. There’s a whole show
about it. I love it. – Hmm.
– They send these kids into prison, and they go in and they’re so tough,
and then they come out cryin’. I love it. – I’m gonna send my kids to it.
– Egh! Okay. – (Stevie) Kay, three, two one.
– (both) Instant! – (Stevie) You’re both correct.
– (ding) – (laughs)
– That is some nastiness. – Did you notice that I’m three for three?
– I got my mask off. This is awkward. – I’m three for three.
– (laughs) You are three for three. Look at this stuff. How long has it been
sitting out? It’s right there. (Stevie) Guys, did you know
that there was instant peanut butter? I did not know. Powdered peanut butter.
What’s that made out of? It doesn’t have ingredients.
This thing has no ingredients. – (laughs)
– Wow. It’s instant. Once you add water
it becomes ingredients. I think it’s just peanut ingredients
with the water taken out and probably some of the fat taken out because it says,
“85% less fat calories than traditional – peanut butter.”
– Okay! – But it’s not bad!
– Okay. It is bad. – (laughs)
– Let’s move on. – (both) Round Four!
– (ding) – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Okay. Going into Round Four!
I’m perfect so far. I’m not happy with y’all tryin’ to ruirn
one of my favorite foods. Don’t ruirn it. – Oh oh oh.
– Sorry. (laughs) – Uhh! What is even that?
– (laughs) – What is even that?
– Hold on. – Open.
– Open? – Open your mouth.
– (Rhett) What is it? – There you go. Yep.
– Oh. – Is this supposed to be a hot dog?
– (laughs) – It’s egg, man.
– Oh egg. I thought it was noodle
’cause it was like reaching out. – Can I have some more?
– (Chase) Uh-huh. – Now that I know it’s egg.
– Oh yeah. That’s a big bite, sorry. – I like eggs a certain way. Not this way.
– I’m waiting Chase. – I’m waiting.
– (Stevie) This is scrambled. I mean it’s in the egg family.
If there was a wicked egg stepchild. Why do all of your foods
gotta be related to people? – This entered the egg family by marriage.
– (laughs) This is Cindy, your new sister.
Well, your half sister. – Well you know when you go to a —
– Step sister, not half sister. – (laughs)
– You know when you go to a hotel? It is the ultimate test of a continental
breakfast buffet: do they have – instant eggs or do they have real eggs?
– Mhmm. And everything else
kinda falls on the line after that. In that case, I’m saying,
three, two, one, real. – Fake dude!
– (Stevie) These are instant. – (ding)
– (laughs) What! I knew they were horrible, but I thought
that Mike made a crappy egg. Ew! – They’re egg crystals, Ova Easy!
– (laughs) – Wow that’s a great name though.
– If I had a step sister, I wouldn’t date – her, but I would feed her these eggs.
– Good to know. – Let’s move on.
– Want some egg crystals? – (both) Round Five!
– (ding) – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Alright! I’m building up quite the record here
for instant vs. realness. – I thought they were trying to trick me.
– Ready? – Uh-oh.
– Uh-oh. Uh-oh what? – I can smell this one.
– (laughs) – Um, I can’t…
– Oh wow! Oh spicy. Can I have more? – (Chase) Yeah absolutely.
– (laughs) – Okay. Noodle. Ramen, huh? Ramen?
– Oh that’s good. That is good good. – Spicy.
– Can I get more? – (Chase) Yeah sure.
– I just want a little noodle, just to get it. Just give me
a little noodle ’cause I’m trying to – decipher something.
– Chase is not here to be your food slave man, just eat a little bit. I was like,
“How much have you eaten?” “Give me some more. Can I slurp it?
Just give me one little noodle.” – Just eat it!
– You got to use everything – to your advantage man!
– If I go over to your house one night, and Chase is over there feeding you,
THAT’S INAPPROPRIATE. – That’s not your job, Chase.
– Wow. But you did a great job, Chase. You did a great job. That was the best
ramen eating experience I’ve ever had. When’s the last time you had ramen?
‘Cause the last time that I really had ramen was when we had
that near death experience camping – at Grandfather Mountain.
– That’s the last time? Yeah because I associate it
with a near death experience of huddling together
with three other guys in sleeping bags. I don’t think we almost died.
We just almost embarrassed ourselves. – Out in front of the elements.
– It was just very very cold. – Right.
– (Stevie) Okay? Three, two, one. – (Rhett) Real.
– (Link) Instant. – (Stevie) This is instant.
– (ding) – Guhh!
– Yeah it’s exactly what I remember from camping! I’m freezing. It’s raining
on us. I’m spooning three other guys. Oh but look. It’s premium. See?
I knew something was better about it. – (Stevie) Yeah, we fooled you guys.
– It’s not from the — It’s more like – the stuff you get at the restaurant.
– But it starts like hardened noodles. – (Stevie) It’s instant. Mhmm.
– That is good though. – Good instant.
– (both) Shin black. – Is the way to be!
– (both) Round Six! – (ding)
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Okay, so I’ve gotten four right.
You’ve gotten three right. – Mhmm.
– This is what’s at stake, Link. The loser has to eat every ingredient
that we’ve eaten so far in a smoothie. So either you’re gonna be the only one
to be doing that, or if you get this last round right and I get it wrong,
we’ll both be eating the smoothie. Oh gosh. Alright bring it in to my mouth. – (Chase) You ready?
– Oh oh oh. – (laughs)
– Is that milk? – (Lizzie) Sorry!
– (glugs) – (Lizzie) No? Ew!
– What is this? – It’s milk, man.
– Mmh. Milk. – More?
– You talking about like baby formula? – Okay.
– (laughs) We need a signal Chase!
When I go like this, you stop. Okay? – (Chase) Alright.
– Is Link over there milking a teat. – (laughs)
– I mean there’s a lot – of squeezing going on.
– (Lizzie) There’s so much backsplash! There’s a lot of squeezing
going on over there. You know what? First, I’m gonna say —
You gotta say somethin’. You can’t be so afraid to give me an
advantage that you are not gonna say anything.
So you gotta say somethin’. – What I’m gonna say is, I enjoyed that.
– Did you like it? – I did.
– (laughs) Did you like the process
or did you like the taste? Both. Me and Chase are
working something out that every time I need to drink —
At least while I’m here at the office — You don’t have to come to my house.
But any time I’m thirsty here, I would like you
to spray it into my mouth. I will say, ’cause I’m just focusing
on the taste of the liquid. I’m not gonna
make this weird for Lizzie. – Okay.
– It was good. – Yeah.
– It was mild tasting. If it’s real, I think it’s skim probably.
Or maybe half percent. And if it’s instant, I’m not familiar
with instant milk. I’ve never had it. Or maybe I have. I don’t know.
Maybe I just had it. – (Stevie) You ready?
– Yeah. – (Stevie) Three, two, one.
– (Rhett) Real. (Link) Instant. It didn’t have a gaminess
that, you know, wild cows have. – I don’t know. What was it? What is it?
– (Stevie) It was real skim milk. – (ding) – ♪ (celebratory music) ♪
– Oh wow! I got the percentage – of fat down! I was all over it!
– So you win fair and square. But it wasn’t milky at all, so that’s
what threw me. And I had to, you know… – I don’t know.
– But you guys are playing tricks. You’re getting the premium ramen. And
you’re getting the skim milk. It’s smart. – Alright.
– You can’t fool me! Well you did once. Let us know what your favorite instant
thing is to eat in the comments. Thanks for liking and subscribing and
sharing this video with your loved ones. – But don’t eat in the comments.
– You know what time it is. – Hi! I’m Oliver.
– And I’m Zoey. – And we’re from Buffalo, New York.
– And it’s time to spin – the Wheel of Mythicality:
– (both) Meat Mountain Edition! – ♪ (theme music) ♪
– If you want your beard to grow long, luscious, and strong to protect your face
from the elements this winter, get Rhett’s Beastly But Balanced Beard Oil,
only available at Open it. Let me smell it.
Click through to Good Mythical More. – It’ll smell like the woods.
– I’m gonna take everything – that we tasted. Mix it up, and drink it.
– (buzz) – Angrily compliment each other.
BUT NOT! DANG! [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]

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    Cut to every other blind taste test and him doing exactly that in a childish manner.

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    "It's exactly what I remember from camping. I'm freezing. It's raining on us. I'm, like, spooning three other guys."

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