Interview with Vegan: Digital Nomad Sophie [Part 1, Let’s Meet]

Hi, welcome! If you’re new to my channel, I
am Nele, founder of Nutriplanet and I’m here to share whole food plant-based
recipes, practical tips on transitioning to plant-based lifestyle and meal plans
for both whole food plant-based and vegan Candida diet. Today I’m all cozy
here on my couch in my living room and to be honest I am waiting for a guest! Which some people might think is a
little bit dangerous, but luckily… And you were alone. Yeah, I was! You’re making me feel all uplifted now! Whole world opens up to you that you didn’t even know about before.
10 new even better things that you’re just so excited to read every day
like… Yeah exactly like a peasant food. They get forgotten because
we ended up eating like kings! Because peasants were always fit whereas kings
were fat. Okay and here she comes! Hi! So this is Sophie, a very good friend
of mine I dare to say. At least she has become one in a very short period of
time. And yeah I’m really happy to have you here on my Youtube channel to chat
about whole food plant-based lifestyle and to be more precise we will be
speaking about transitioning and to all kinds of difficulties you might
encounter when transitioning and about families, gatherings so on and so
forth. That’s right and I’m delighted to be here and I really appreciate you
having me on your YouTube channel I’ve been an avid watcher and an avid reader
of the blog so it’s a massive honor for me to be here! Thank you so much! I think
we will start with our story, how we met and how Sophie became to be here
in Tallinn, I think that might be interesting. Sure! So I think it was a bit
more than three years ago when we met through, yeah — Instagram!
Yeah so I initially went whole food plant-based in 2016 and I really was
interested in finding out a lot more about nutrition and so I did the
certificate of plant-based nutrition, which you have also done with T. Colin
Campbell and I learned so much and then, at the end of the course they kind of
channel you through onto this beautiful website full of aggregated recipes from
lots of different contributors and I was scrolling through and there was a
certain photography that stuck out to me. Beautiful photography with gorgeous
flowers and beautiful plates and gorgeous old spoons and things like this
and I was instantly drawn to it. And the recipes were really lovely and I thought
wow here’s somebody that is eating the same way as me
and I had been scouring all across the internet trying to find somebody that
had the similar diet to me, that was creating recipes to help me and I hadn’t
found anybody else before and of course you probably guess where the story’s
going. The person turned out to be Nele! So, straight away I went into
Instagram, I found the Nutriplanet accounts and I think also I hopped onto
Facebook as well and I started following you on every single channel that I could
and then sent you a really excited message saying oh my goodness, I’ve just
come to this you know lifestyle and I’ve just got my certificate in plant-based
nutrition and I found you and I’m really excited, can we be friends basically and
so yeah, there the friendship was born. And so we just had a back and forth
didn’t we? Yeah, I remember Sophie introduced me to this Japanese
fermented soy bean dish that’s called natto and then I introduced you to raw
buckwheat. Yeah! So, yeah we were just chatting away and then it was two years
ago in the summer when my family and I had vacation in Barcelona and Sophie just happened to be in Europe and we invited her over,
she came and we spent the most incredible three days together! Yeah! Yeah,
and ever since I feel like she’s been a very good friend. Yeah, so it felt like
actually when I remember that vacation it felt like longer than three days,
because I think we just spent so much time, we did so much, we talked. Because we lived in the same apartment and it’s different than then you just meet
someone for a few hours a day. Well, that was a huge leap of faith on your part,
because we were internet friends and even though we’d spoken and we knew that
we had lots of values that were aligned and we had all these things in common
and it was good fun and we introduced each other to new things that’s quite a
different thing to having somebody come and stay in your apartment with your
family which is what Nele did, she invited me to join herself, her husband and
her son in their holiday apartment in Barcelona to actually stay with them so
it was a huge gesture and really really generous. Well, vice versa as well because
you were going to stay with someone you didn’t know! Yeah, which some
people might think is a little bit dangerous, but luckily… and you were alone!
Yeah, I was alone, but I think well I can’t speak for everybody, but kind of in
this genre of trying to be very natural and wholesome and nutritious I
don’t think there’s that many scary people, but yeah I can’t speak for
everybody. But yeah we were really lucky we just instantly got along really well
and it was amazing to be on holiday with your family because I got to know them
as well and they were so sweet and so welcoming and we had a really lovely
time together, didn’t we? Yeah, we did. We did a lot of touring around Barcelona
and you showed me around because Nele lived there for some time in the past and we
went to her favourite haunts for good food and you also cooked at home and I
got to experience the actual food that I’ve been making from the recipes, which
is like a really weird experience, like it’s made by Nele’s own hands! Because
before I’d been recreating it in my own kitchen, but to have the person that’s
designed the recipe make it for you, there’s something quite paretic about
that! So, when that was really lovely as well and we met another Instagram friend
didn’t we? And we just had a lovely time and we’ve kept in touch ever since then and have definitely swapped ideas with
each other, but I have to say it’s only fair to say that I have learned so much
from Nele, that my transition into the plant-based lifestyle has been shaped by
certain people and Nele has probably been the biggest influence on
me in terms of just kind of how she’s guided the way that I cook, the way that
I look at ingredients now, lots of knowledge about how ingredients can help
me and feed my body in different ways. I just I constantly learned from her and I
constantly feel inspired and I think there’s kind of the essence of what I
think Instagram really wants to be about is inspiring you with ideas and it has
become quite a different thing for lots of people and one thing that Nele’s
page always does is just that pure inspiration for me just that really nice
kind of ideas and just coming from a genuine place that’s trying to help
people and she’s really helped me so… You’re making me feel really uplifted now! Good, at least I’m not making you feel embarrassed! But yeah just to say that like it’s as much as you’re a friend you have been a guide to me as
well, so I really appreciate all of your influences and I’ve taken them aboard
and I will carry them through my life and I’ll continue to feed the people
I love with the skills that you’ve given me. So, I appreciate that,
thank you! And I’m sure lots of other people do as well. So, this is the
reason I started my blog actually, to share the recipes, to show people that
plant-based lifestyle is delicious and it doesn’t have to be dull at all. It’s
yeah, it makes you thrive and it’s so exciting. Yeah, and that’s what I meant
actually that’s the better way to describe what I meant when I was trying
to find somebody that ate in the same way as me, or the parameters that I
wanted to eat within that still was so creative with recipes that understood
that food didn’t have to taste boring or didn’t have to be a chore or some kind
of punishment. That, in fact it was the opposite of that — it was about abundance,
it was about eating until you’re full with beautiful food and creating
delicious flavours with the massive amount of ingredients that we have! Like
some people may look at my lifestyle and think, oh she actually restricts herself
and I would argue that when I opened my world up to this new way of living I
discovered so many new ingredients I had no idea existed before then and all
these beautiful combinations you couldn’t… Same here when I started! It’s
incredible, like this whole world opens up to you that you didn’t even know
about before and old favorites that you thought you could never give up get
replaced wait 10 new even better things that you just so excited to read every
day like we’re so passionate about this and it’s for a reason it’s because we
eat awesomely all the time there’s such a joy in that! For me
it can sound quite funny at the moment, but for me one of the things I
discovered was actually lentils, which is for vegans it’s kind of you know so
ordinary, so staple, but for me I had maybe I had had like a few times I had
lentils, but it was not a common food in our home or in any our like
parents homes, because yeah because it always was the meat and the dairy, but the
beans and lentils were kind of forgotten. Even though in Estonia already back in
the old days people grew lentils. Oh really? Yeah it’s it’s like an old
plant that thrives really well in our climate. It perfectly grows here and
it’s a shame that some of these, which I would call maybe peasant foods or things
that you know… Exactly, like peasant food! Basically it was a peasant food! They get forgotten,
because we ended up eating like kings and actually those peasant foods are the
ones that are supposed to grow in our country are the ones that we’re really
supposed to eat. There’s such an abundance of nutrition and all that kind
of stuff and it’s very affordable. Because peasants were always fit whereas
kings were fat. Yeah that’s right, peasants had to work in the fields and
labour and they needed food that sustained them, that they could afford
andI just think there’s something just so pure about that, like we’ll
probably touch back on that later, but I’ve felt strongly about. Yeah! The real
food. Yeah, we just good lost here with our story. Okay! The story how come you’re here in Tallinn. Thank you for putting me back on track. So Sophie happened to be in this part of
the world in Latvia Estonia part of the world. Right, so I’ve never visited
Eastern Europe before and I have a kind of different lifestyle — myself and my
partner Ben we travel around the world a lot with business and it happened that
we had a meeting in Riga and I kind of quickly checked online and realized oh
it’s a four-hour bus journey away from Tallinn, so being so close it would have
been criminal not to come and visit you! Indeed! We were really lucky that we
had got to do that and then what initially was going to be like a 3-day
weekend or something we’ve ended up extending because thankfully we have a
lifestyle that allows us to be a bit more flexible. And now you’ve have already
been here for a week already almost yeah! And we’ve been able to
extend for another few days and now we’re able to spend more time and do
lovely things like this video, so yeah I’m really blessed to be able to do that.
Yeah I really love that we are having walks in the park where I have my walks like
every day and now I can do it with Sophie — it’s incredible! Yes lovely, I I’m
a big walker as well and actually when I’m with Nele it’s like I don’t even
notice that I’m walking like we’re in this beautiful place and we’re talking
all the time and I don’t even realize that I’m exercising it’s just when we’re
done I’m like wow we’ve walked almost four miles or something. I mean I couldn’t
even tell, it’s been really fun and it’s very beautiful here! Yeah great,
so yeah this was our story! Don’t stop here as in the next video
Sophie will be sharing her personal transition story — what were her reasons
and triggers, was her partner supportive and most importantly, she will be giving
us four valuable takeaways for any lifestyle change really including diet. I
had two sleepless nights and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
I made the switch overnight and I never went back.

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  1. Enjoy my chat with Sophie! She's such a lovely young lady full of wisdom! I'll release PART 2 about her transitioning story and 4 valuable takeaways tomorrow!

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