Is A High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet Good For Candida Eradication?

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. I’ve got a question here today. “Is high carb/low fat vegan diet good for
Candida eradication?” Well, I don’t think it is at all. I think a high carb diet is counter to what
we’re trying to achieve. I don’t think you should be looking at high/low
of anything. I should be looking at common sense diet. I’m not for any diets. I’m not against any diets. What I am for is common sense and I’m against
crazy diets and really weird wacky kind of diets. To me, this is like weird wacky belief systems
like weird wacky religions. Some people have got these crazy beliefs and
walk around with placards. “Death to homosexuals” all this kind of stuff. I’m not saying vegans are like that. I really like veganism and I think it’s a
very honorable way to eat, but personally, I couldn’t sustain a long lifetime of veganism. I just don’t think it’s the way to go for
myself. But for you, it may be perfectly fine. High carb is not what we’re trying to achieve. High carb creates problems because it generally
infers low protein. Protein, to me, is one of the key things for
Candida eradication because good levels of protein I do believe in the high fat as well
so I believe I would say, moderate to high protein and high good fats and then moderate
levels of carbohydrates. It’s not a good idea to have a low fat diet. Low fat/high carb, to me, really mucks up
with satiety. It makes you hungry because you want to eat,
eat, eat. And what are you going to eat when you’re
hungry, you’re going to eat crap. You’re going to eat chocolate all the time. Bars of candy like Hershey’s. You could be drinking with too much sugar
in them because you want a bit of a pickup. You want a boost. Last night for meal, we had salmon with some
steamed broccoli and some asparagus. That was a really good meal. Protein and beneficial fats, lots of minerals
and carbs there with the veggies. That to me is an excellent meal for Candida
eradication. In my opinion, many vegan people don’t eat
sufficient protein and the right kind of protein, which leaves them hungry all the time and
leaves them weak. They’re not getting sufficient B12 or Vitamin
D. When we say is high carb/low fat vegan good for Candida eradication, I really don’t
think it is. I’ve seen too many patients approach me, particularly
being very strict vegan, that can’t eradicate a vaginal yeast infection. I’ve seen several males that can’t eradicate
jock itch. Some of these people have had it for years. They can’t get on top of it until I’ve pleaded
with them to start including small amounts of protein in their diet, either meat proteins
or vegetable proteins like tempeh, for example. But some die hard vegans won’t even go there. Everything has to be very, very strict. They’re not going to even have leather or
honey in their diet. They won’t touch honey because it’s an animal
product. It’s difficult to work when you’ve got your
mind made up with a very powerful belief system. I don’t think that a high carb/low fat is
the way to go to eradicate Candida or to eradicate parasites or bad bacteria. I don’t think it’s the way to go to get your
digestive system in top shape. I think once you’ve eradicated bugs and you’re
in a very good level of health, I think you can modify your diet slowly and get to this
level. Perhaps of high carb/low fat. But to me, it just doesn’t cut it. That’s my opinion. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. A whole food plant based diet is the best it helped my h.pylori,candida,chrons,and alopecia aretae went back to my doctors and all went into remissions and turns out I was reacting badly with red meat,dairy products,sea food,some grains,and apparently coconut too but chicken was neutral but decided to stop eating animal products due to how unethical and inhumane it is… 99 percent of animal products are from factory farmed and yes even the grass fed organic ones all end up there…not to mention how destructive animal products are to the environment and our health to (heart disease etc) I also used all 3 canxida products accompanied with my whole food plant based diet and never felt better I now only have been using canxida for maintenance/digestive help.

  2. Totally agree- avoid HCLF vegan (cults..) diets at all costs!! I'm having alot of positive outcome in getting control of candida overgrowth by eating whole foods plant based vegan:Lots of greens & veg, some pseudo grains & legumes, nuts & seeds, soy, sour citrus/fruits/berries, rutabaga, avocado, coconut, flax (whole plant fats) raw sweet potato, raw garlic/onion, tons of antifungal herbs & spices, coffee substitute & herbal teas to avoid caffeine + stevia for a sweetener if need be (basically low-glycemic load dietary intake). 1 day/wk., I allow processed foods as to avoid falling-off the wagon altogether & getting sicker again. Including candida supplements have also proven quite beneficial in improving my well being.Thank y<3u so much for helping to crush candida; your content has been tremendously helpful!

  3. What about the starch solution and people saying how high fat in the bloodstream causes sugar to not get to the cells- contributing to candida. Or how raw foods have protein in them and nuts and seeds. I have never been more confused!! Do you recommend seeing a good ND vs trying to heal yourself alone?

  4. Greetings doctor bakker your videos are good and very informative. I think I have candida please could you recommend a diet as I'm struggling to maintain my weight I've dropped down from 13stone to 12stone in a week I've only been eating 2 eggs a day and lots of vegetables please advise many thanks and God bless

  5. whenever i see a video of someone promoting a high fat, low carb approach to curing candida, they are always also trying to sell supplements. surely if there candida plan works then supplements wouldn't be needed

  6. When I cut out most all overt fats from my diet my candida vanishes. The 80/10/10 style diet ALWAYS clears me up. Rice, beans, potatoes, vegetables, tofu and fruit. And twice a week I have a small handful of nuts or seeds and That's it.. ALWAYS works for me

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