Is CanXida Remove Good For SIBO?

It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. We’re gonna talk about SIBO and treatment
of SIBO, you know, some of the most effective strategies for SIBO, different kinds of sort
of food approaches, but particularly, what’s going to work as a dietary supplement for
when you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. But wait a minute. What about if you’ve got SIBO and you’ve also
got SIFO? Small intestinal fungal overgrowth. Or you’ve got a parasite there as well?Many
people I’ve seen in my clinic over the years don’t just suffer from one particular GI problem,
the suffer from multiple GI problems. Often, they will have lack of sufficient hydrofluoric
acid in the stomach, they’ll have some type of pancreatic disfunction, some weakness there,
they’ll have bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel, they’ll have bacterial overgrowth in
the large bowel, they’ll have a yeast infection, either in the small and large or both. They’ll have a myriad of problems, they’ll
have multiple problems. So, I wanna talk to you about CanXida Remove
today and SIBO mainly. So, CanXida Remove is a supplement that I
formulated several years ago now, primarily for the aim for cleaning up the digestive
system. So I didn’t really make this product for one
particular condition, I made it for multiple conditions because from my clinical experience,
I’d worked out that many people have got several species of undesirable bacteria in their gut. When I say undesirable, these are bacteria
that occur in your gut by default, but they’ve become undesirable because their populations
have increased. Now, why have they increased? They’ve increased because and imbalance in
your life that can either be through a medication, for example a medication for acid blocking
on the stomach, it could be a recurring antibiotic, there are several other medications that could’ve
caused it as well. So, if you’re taking a drug recurringly for
a GI problem, there’s a chance that you could develop SIBO from that.For example, over 50
percent of people when they were assessed carefully, you know, people on acid blocking
medication for their stomach, over 50 percent of these people were found to have SIBO ’cause
you’re diluting the stomach acid with these drugs, allowing bacteria to really thrive
in the small bowel that you don’t want to have thriving in that location. So, what is SIBO? Well, you can look at my videos on SIBO, I’ve
got a whole playlist I believe on SIBO videos. So, we’re here to talk about CanXida Remove
today, this product here, and the 11 different ingredients in CanXida Remove. So, you’ll find this to be an amazing product
for SIBO because it’s going to really help to reduce the symptoms that many get with
this condition because of it’s diversity of raw materials in there. You know, we haven’t just got anti-fungals
in there, we’ve also got anti-parasitic in there, and we’ve got anti-bacterial in there. One of the most potent ones in this product
is grapefruit seed extract, the standardized grapefruit seed extract. So this grapefruit seed extract is a very
special one, it’s got a very high flavanoid content. It’s powerful, but yet, it’s not overpowering
the supplement. It’s put in there in a nice proportion alongside
standardized garlic and oregano as well. So, once we put oregano in there, a standardized
oregano extract with a high carvacrol content, we put a standardized garlic, with a high
allicin content in there, and grapefruit seed in there, with a good flavanoid content, we’ve
got quite a good broad-spectrum product that’s gonna take out a lot of top-level bacteria,
will take them down to a nice level. We’re talking bacteria like klebsiella, citrobacter,
and psuedomonas in particular, but there are many other species of bacteria I see in stool
tests that are particularly well addressed by CanXida Remove. So, this is a product that you’ll wanna take
if you’ve got SIBO or if you’ve got a fungal overgrowth or a parasite problem or if you’ve
got all three. It doesn’t really matter. The dosage rate for CanXida Remove is generally
between two to three tablets per day. If you’ve got a big problem with SIBO, if
you’ve come back with a positive for example, on a breath test, with a very high spike and
you know you’ve got a big problem, you may wanna start with one tablet of CanXida Remove
per day and then slowly build up to two, and then, eventually, three.The feedback I’ve
had from an enormous amount of patients has been very positive regarding SIBO. We’ve seen multiple breath tests now come
through pre and post CanXida Remove treatment and we’ve seen a serious reduction in SIBO
bacteria. Make sure that you eat, of course, along the
guidelines too when you’re trying to get rid of SIBO from your body. You wanna eat a clean, healthy diet. Some people go keto, some go paleo, some people
will approach the MEVY diet: meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt kind of approach, which I promote
through the [Candida Crusher] Channel, which is a kind of a paleo kind of diet. So, there’s no one particular diet that’s
perfect for SIBO. The best SIBO diet is the one that suits your
gut the best. So you’ll obviously want to talk to your naturopath
or functional medicine doctor about the correct ways of eating or become educated more through
this Candida Crusher channel on the correct steps you can take as far as food is concerned
and also lifestyle because I feel like stress and lifestyle plays a massive role in SIBO
as well. So if you have your lifestyle on track, your
diet on track, all you need is a supplement that’s gonna really help to clean up the gut
and that’s CanXida Remove. That should really help to clean it up quite
nicely. When you take CanXida Remove, it works better
if you take CanXida Restore with it. So Restore was designed really for people
with poor digestive health. It was designed for people with gas, with
bloating, with abdominal discomfort, with irregular bowel motions, with either constipation
or diarrhea. So it’s a perfect pigeon pair to use Restore
and Remove alongside each other. Restore contains several different special
digestive enzymes which really assist the stomach overcome that problem of that slow
stomach acidity. So a big problem people suffer with SIBO is
a lack of the fat-soluble vitamins: vitamins A, D, E, and K. They also lack sufficient
calcium magnesium often through malabsorption and also, unfortunately, they don’t get enough
B12 or iron. Again, because of impaired digestion. Excuse me. So, my recommendations are to get B12 tested
through the blood, also get an iron studies test conducted, so look at different iron
parameters in your blood, ask your doctor for iron and B12 tests, and then, take some
supplements in terms of the fat-soluble vitamins ’cause it could help you quite a lot. Check out CanXida Rebuild. So Rebuild was the last product I designed
and that one here, will contain the vitamins and minerals that your body needs that’s it’s
lacking in a SIBO state. But the two primary products that are going
to work quite well for SIBO will be the Remove and the Restore. They’d be the two key ones. You don’t need much else apart from the diet
and lifestyle correction, you should be on track. So, before you take a supplement like CanXida
for a gut problem, I recommend that you do a stool test as a baseline, just get your
starting point. So, get the stool test completed, be sure
you’re off all supplements for several days prior to that test, do the stool test, take
the CanXida supplements, make sure you’re on the correct SIBO diet, be sure to watch
your playlist just as a reminder again, and then, wait maybe a month or two or three is
better, repeat the stool test and just see what is left to clean up. I think you’re gonna be quite surprised at
the reduction in bacteria, the undesirable bacteria, just by using CanXida Remove.If
you get aggravations on it, just back off. You can even snap a supplement in half and
take half a tablet. Many people get a tablet cutter and even cut
the tablet in two or three pieces, but I recommend you start with one tablet per day for about
a week and then see how it goes from there. Always take with meals. And then, when things pick up a bit, you can
always increase in dosage. So that was my little take on SIBO and CanXida
Remove. We’ve had fantastic feedback, I’ve seen very,
very good outcomes with patients in my clinic, I’ve seen very positive and encouraging signs
on test reports pre- and post-treatment, and I know this treatment works, and I know you’re
gonna be excited. So, if you can get rid of your SIBO, that
will be one huge, big step in the right direction for you as far as your health’s concerned. So, consider CanXida Remove. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Thanks. I just started Remove. Hopefully soon I can add restore in with that. What is the timing of the supplements if I take both? Currently I take Remove with 2 of my meals daily. Do i take the Restore at the very same moment?

  2. I've had a positive test for blastocystis and citrobacter but I'm taking ivabradine. On the leaflet for ivabradine it says don't eat grapefruit. Does grapefruit seed have the same effect? Are Canxida remove and ivabradine safe to take together?

  3. Is Canxida restore a bad idea to take if you have sibo? I’ve heard mixed feedback about taking probiotics with sibo, like that any probiotic adds fuel to the sibo fire. Thanks for any replies!

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