Is Diaper Rash Candida?

Thanks for tuning in. Is diaper rash Candida?
Do babies get yeast infections? Of course they do. Babies get yeast infections quite
a lot. If you think about the diaper how it sits there around the baby’s backside and
genital region, it’s all sort of contained there with moisture and the heat; it’s a perfect
breeding ground for yeast. Yeast is very common with children. They often
get oral thrush and they also get diaper rash, too. The way to get rid of that really is
to make sure the diaper is changed frequently. If it’s quite a severe irritation around the
area, I recommend that you change a diaper much more regularly using cotton diapers for
a while, is quite a good idea. Other people disagree. They say that the disposables are
better because they wick the water or take it more away from the skin. The choice is
yours really, but the thing is to keep the area dry and clean and frequent changes.
There are different antifungal powders you can use, natural ones you can get from the
health food shop as well. Sunlight exposure is another good idea. A bit of calendula cream
on the area is going to help as well, but the main thing is dryness and cleanliness.
Also look at the diet of the baby because you may be giving the infant a formula containing
a lot of sugar, so many formulas contain large amounts of sugar. And if you find that to
be a problem, you might want to switch formulas. You may want to use goat’s milk, for example.
Just check the sugar content if you’re using any powders, and if you’re breastfeeding,
also make sure that you yourself have not got a diet high in sugars that can contribute
to that. Have more fats in the diet if you’re breastfeeding.
Avocados are very good breastfeeding food. Tahini, which is a ground sesame seed paste.
Various oils in your diet. Maybe some flax seed oil is going to help a lot, too. Also
fish like sardines or tuna with some fats in them. These things are very good for fortifying
the breast milk up. So just be careful what the baby is being
fed, number one; and number two, make sure the diaper is changed frequently and a bit
of sunlight exposure onto the area. These are all things that are going to help to overcome
this diaper rash, and diaper rash is usually fungal in origin.
So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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