Is Ginger Good For Candida?

Thank you for checking out this video. We’re
going to talk about ginger today and ginger’s antifungal properties.
Ginger is a woody kind of a spice that’s used quite a lot in eastern and western culture.
It’s been used particularly by Asian people now for many thousands of years. It has quite
a nice sort of peppery spicy sort of flavor. Either you like ginger or you don’t like it,
basically. Ginger is fantastic and there are many different write-ups in various journals
I’ve looked at. The American Journal of Applied Sciences, for example. I think it was probably
in the “90s “when this study was released where they compared nystatin, a common pharmaceutical
antifungal drug, they compared its use alongside ginger and they found they’re actually quite
comparable. Ginger has got many different properties about
it, but it can sort of help to induce a bit of sweating in the body or make you feel a
bit flushed. It reduces inflammation. It’s also used for nausea of pregnancy quite a
lot. I know a pharmaceutical company, a well-known pharmaceutical company, has even actually
marketed the powder in capsules and sold it for arthritis at quite a ridiculous cost.
It works basically by boosting up the T-cells or the immune cells of the body. It has quite
an interesting effect to induce a slight amount of sweating in the body. Sweating is not a
bad thing with Candida because sweating allows the body to produce this particular compound
called Dermcidin, which is antifungal. Eating a little bit of chili or a little bit of ginger
is not a bad thing if you’ve got a yeast infection. Raising the body temperature slightly can
have an antifungal effect in its own right. These are some of the reasons why ginger powder
and fresh ginger can be used as a Candida agent. A nice way is to cut some thin slices,
put them in boiling water, and steam that with a bit of lemon juice. You can put a bit
of stevia with it, if you want a bit of sweetening with it. It’s quite a nice thing to do. Some
people actually add it to their green tea, so there are many different ways to enjoy
ginger, both in cooking and as a beverage. And I think it’s a very good adjunct to include
on top of a good antifungal compound such as the one I’ve created called Canxida. Adding
that to your diet, ginger to your diet, various other foods like garlic and oregano. These
are ways you’re going to help to counter the yeast infection.
I hope that gives you a bit of useful information on ginger. Thank you for tuning in.

8 Replies to “Is Ginger Good For Candida?”

  1. Hello Doc! I have two questions. I bought my new digestive enzymes and it has Ginger in the supplement, is that good? I want your opinion and also, what do you think about Probiotic with garlic and Gse together? I found it very hard and it does NOT contain Prebiotics or anything else. Thank you and blessings!

  2. I saw your facebook post on ginger last week and have been brewing some ginger tea for breakfast and after dinner and it has been a game changer. Canxida has been great for my health and i've seen an increase in health but adding ginger has been really effective. i've been drinking it daily for a week now and i feel really good. thanks so much for this advice and i will be on the lookout for more.

  3. Ginger has made me very nauseous for seven days. I've only had a teaspoon of fresh ginger each day. This may explain it.

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