Is It Ever Possible To Get Rid Of Blastocystis Hominis?

Hi, there. Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. I’ve got a question from a subscriber called
David Tollisson, and Mr. Tollisson wants to know if it’s possible to get rid of blastocystis
hominis without the use of antibiotics. If you can get rid of this parasite basically
just with diet alone. Anything is possible, David. Anything is possible. Many people don’t even believe blasto to be
a problem these days. Many people are actually starting to think
it could be part of the normal gut flora. So, but it is a parasite. It’s a single cell organism. It’s a parasite. It shouldn’t really belong in the gut. But it’s like anything. If you got to town with a few criminals in
it, it’s usually okay, but when the criminal numbers exceed and the criminals get smarter,
it becomes a problem. Right? Every city in every country has got criminals
in it. You can’t get rid of these kind of people,
but you can reduce their numbers and keep them in check. And how do we do that? We do that by having a lot of good people
around the bad people, if you get my picture. When there’s a lot of good, okay, evil finds
it hard to prevail when there’s lots of good around. It’s very difficult, but when there’s not
a lot around, evil prevails, and we see that in many countries, unfortunately, today, that
are getting really taken out by terrorists. It’s quite sad. So, but the question is this. How is your health? If you’ve got quite good health and you’ve
got blasto, it’s not something you really want to concern yourself. All your really want to concern yourself in
that case is improving your health to higher levels to put the squeeze on these guys. And how you do that is correct through proper
diet. Antibiotics are not desirable at all for parasites
in any shape or form. I used to recommend some types of antibiotics
up until a few years ago, but never recommend them any more. I’ve seen far too many adverse reactions and
too many who take these drugs and don’t get the end result they’re looking for. They end up in deeper water than they were
before. So, I’m at a point now where I recommend no
pharmaceutical antibiotics at all any more for parasites. There are different ways to get rid these
guys, but you need to really understand it’s not something that’s going to happen over
a couple of weeks. It could take three months, six months or
twelve months, but your health should be starting to improve all along with the right kind of
changes that you can make. So, have a look at things like your lifestyle. I’ve talked a lot about that in this channel. I think it’s one of the most important points
for recovery is having a good life, a relaxed, as stress free as possible. Okay? Many things may need to change here. Sometimes people can’t obtain great health
until they’ve had great change in their life. So, that’s something I don’t often hear spoken
of. Everyone has got their own issues or problems
they face, and these are the sort of things I like to see people tackle before they start
taking drugs for conditions. There could be ameliorated by lifestyle and
diet changes. There’s enough discussion on this channel
regarding healthy diet. I’ve also spoken about blasto treatment. There are many natural aides that work sufficiently
well. Many medical doctors will be quick to argue
and say that natural things don’t work for parasites, but that’s totally not true. They can work tremendously well, particularly
if you eat the right kind of foods and avoid things like alcohol and avoid things like
too much caffeine and sugar and all of the things we’ve discussed on this channel. It’s totally possible to get the blasto numbers
down to such a critical point that you’re asymptomatic, meaning you don’t have symptoms
any more. And, if you keep projecting that forward for
three to six months, the blasto’s out of the equation. It’s gone. Stool test is a good way to determine if you’ve
got this parasite or not. And the other question to you is have you
done stool testing, and furthermore, what were your levels of beneficial bacteria like? The more I study, the more I treat people,
though I realize the biggest problem we face is not the bad guys. It’s the lack of the good guys. It’s a lack of good levels of lactobacillus
and bifidobacteria. These are the core issues that many people
face. Many stool tests I see now, in fact, show
that people have got almost levels of beneficial bacteria so low they can’t even culture them. I’ve seen this in hundreds and hundreds of
cases, especially with parasite infections I see this. And people pay lip service to probiotics. They don’t take enough, they don’t them long
enough, and they don’t take the right kind of strains. These are big issues facing blastocystis,
not what gun can I point at the bad guy to take him out. Because remember, what happens when you shoot
something and you keep shooting it? You barely kill people around, as well. So, the whole idea is not to kill, but to
inhibit reproduction and to increase the beneficial count. This is one of the smartest approaches, and,
in my opinion, works the best for blasto. So, hope that gives you some information there. Thanks for the question.

12 Replies to “Is It Ever Possible To Get Rid Of Blastocystis Hominis?”

  1. So once you have effectively undergone treatment, and you are cured is it safe to eat sugar and carbohydrates again? Or will the symptoms return?

  2. Hi Dr.Bakker, can you do a video on zappers please! There's a lot of info on the net … but you have the experience.

  3. Does it cause brain fog, are ibs blastocystis hominis same thing? if someone has IBS so how it can be detective, which test he or she shall follow ?

  4. Hello Eric.
    I wonder if your protocol has helped a patient heal from giardia parasite.
    Have you worked with that parasite? Please thank you.

  5. Love your video's. Thanks so much for your common sense explanations. We live in Western Australia. Where can we buy Canxida?

  6. Hi Dr. Bakker, my health went downhill after only 2 capsules of Biaxin XL for red left ear, low energy and cold feet. Almost dying, the main symptom was severe insomnia, not kidding here, went for 4 weeks with almost no sleep at all. To make long story short, after stool analysis (GI Map DNA by Diagnostic Solutions) the results were: H. pylori virulence factor iceA positive, Enterococcus Faecalis High, Prevotella copra High, Blastocystis Hominis High, b-Glucoronidase High, Secretory IgA Low. I still have sleep problems, difficult falling asleep, waking few times, no deep sleep, waking up unrefreshed. Do you think my sleep issues are caused by Blasto or something else?

    Thank you

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