Is McDonald’s Healthy The Real Story

It donald’s healthy the real story what’s in McDonald’s food after the recent publicity of ammonia based beef trimming added to McDonald’s meat products the chain has announced that they will stop using the so called pink slime that said that donald’s food is still a far cry from all natural for example the company touts 100% white meat chicken breast and this is true to an extent of the tiny amount of meat that’s in a chicken nugget it is 100% white meat chicken breast that there’s a lot more than meet packed into a McDonald’s nugget so what’s in a nugget according to Mcdonald’s won a chicken nuggets contains the following ingredients white boneless chicken water food starch modified salt seasoning on Allies do yeast extract salt wheat starch the actual flavoring that an Eccles source safflower or oil dextrose citric acid sodium phosphates the natural flavor that an Ikle source keep in mind these are the ingredients for the chicken only not the breading it’s nice to see chicken as the main ingredient that lets delve deeper to some of the other ingredients water is find chemically modified food starch is fine too much salt is not good for you that the dangers of salt are well known to the public ought Allies do yeast extract is a cheaper version of message since otherwise do yeast extract is not the same as message even though it has the same health risks companies that use this in their food can legally say no message on their packaging this is a sneaky way to essentially add the addictive substance to their food our Allies to yeast extract is typed a cancer heart disease and Sevier allergies.two Yum also on the list of ingredients are dextrose and sodium phosphates dextrose is code for sugar why does a chicken nugget need sugar sodium phosphate on the other hand is great for cleansing your: before Colin scrappy three but it can cause severe allergic reactions the major kidney damage and organ calcification which leads to problems the absorbing minerals for what to avoid stay away from anything with the words double fried super sized crispy these terms are code for extra calories or extra fat 32 oz chocolate triple thick shake 1160 calories double quarter pounder WTA is 740 calories large fries 500 calories healthy menu of options before choosing another fast food chain all over the golden arches it’s important to note that McDonald’s isn’t the only culprit when it comes to dumping bad ingredients into food in fact that the molds actually rates as one of the healthiest fast food chains! Five this may seem astounding but remember eating healthfully at McDonald’s depends on your food choice it’s easy to pack on the calories by eating a double quarter pounder with cheese and super sizing a drink and fries in order to eat as healthy as possible it’s a great idea to totally avoid fast food if you’re in a bind there are a number of menu items that are healthier options the classic chicken grill is a good option as long as you cut out the man A’s the snack wraps only 260 calories are another great choice their high in protein and don’t pack quite the punch Cal wise order the apple dippers with caramel the low fat as a tasty replacement for fries order water or milk instead of soda

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