Is Peppermint Tea Good For Gut?

Hi Eric Bakker New Zealand Naturopath here,
thanks for tuning in. It’s getting late in the afternoon. You can see the sun shining through on a nice
autumn day, or fall as they call it in America. We are talking about peppermint tea, one of
my favorites. I’ve grown lots of mint, especially peppermint. It’s incredible, especially in spring and
summertime when it really starts to grow and you grab a handful and you … It just about
knocks you out, that strong menthol smell. I can remember several years ago when I was
at a medical conference and I had a bursting headache. I don’t know why but I had this terrible headache
in the afternoon and a lady came up to me ’cause she saw my eyes and she just rubbed
some peppermint oil on my forehead, and within about five minutes, the headache was gone. I was absolutely blown away by the peppermint
oil. So studies have shown that when applied to
the head for migraines or tension headaches, it works probably better than 1,000 milligrams
of acetaminophen or paracetamol. So it’s definitely worth it if you got a headache. But we’re gonna talk about the gut. So, there are so many studies I’ve read regarding
peppermint and the digestive system, but for irritable bowl syndrome, for example, one
study I looked at involving 926 people showed a 40 percent reduction in gut symptoms of
IBS just by taking peppermint oil capsules. So peppermint definitely helps with bloating,
with flatulence, you know, lots of gas. If you can get a hold of some peppermint capsules
and take them as recommended, you may get significant benefit with irritable bowl syndrome. But also just gas or bloating in general. I’ve also worked with a few patients over
the years who’ve benefited tremendously with inflammatory bowl disease who were drinking
peppermint tea. Now, peppermint tea helps to ease cramps in
the gut, and spasms, and bloating, and things like that. So certainly worth it. Also, menstrual cramps. Big reduction in menstruation cramps by drinking
tea around about that few days around your period time. So it’s certainly worth it. So, am I a fan of peppermint tea? Big fan. I highly recommend it for different types
of gut problems, especially when you feel pain in the tummy and there’s a lot of bloating
associated, try it out. It could really help. Don’t forget the headache tip. Dipping oil around here, fantastic. Better than that nasty acetaminophen. Thanks for tuning in.

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