Is Soy Bad for You?

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Nutritionist and Doctor
of Functional Medicine. A common question I get is, “Is soy bad for you or is soy good
for you?” And the answer is, the majority of the time soy is bad for you but sometimes
it can be good for you. It depends on the form you’re buying it in. And in this video, I’m going to lay to rest
and kind of show you exactly if soy is good or if it’s bad and really also go over the
benefits and the side effects of consuming the right and the wrong type of soy. So my first answer here is, “Is soy good for
you or is soy bad for you?” And the answer is yes, 95% of the soy out there today that
people consume is bad for you. Now soy was popularized because we found in Okinawa, Japan,
they consumed a lot of soy. The problem is, it was a different type of soy than we consume
today. And the issue with soy is most soy today contains
something call phytoestrogens. And these phytoestrogens are estrogen mimickers in the body. And so,
if you’re male consuming extra estrogen, it’s going to give you more feminine characteristics. If you’re a woman consuming foods that increase
estrogen, it’s going to increase your risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other
hormone imbalance related disorders. And so, that’s the main issue with most soy
products today is when you’re consuming a general process soy, that’s a big issue. And
let me tell you this other thing, too. This is a big deal, 90% of soy today is also genetically
modified, and genetically modified foods kill off good bacteria in your gut known as probiotics
and also damage your digestive system. So most soy today, because of the phytoestrogens,
because they’re genetically modified, they are terrible for your health. And that includes
soy protein. That includes soymilk. That includes almost any type of soy out there today aside
from something like a soy lecithin. But again, most soy today is an issue because of phytoestrogens
and the GMO foods. And it will increase women’s risk of PCOS,
that’s polycystic ovary syndrome. It’ll increase the risk of other hormone related disorders,
cervical cancer, breast cancer. Those, women, you want to stay away from any type of conventional
soy product that is genetically modified altogether. And men as well, because it will cause more
feminine characteristics. Now on the flip side, soy can be good for
you if it’s an organic, fermented soy. And organic means, it’s not GMO. There’s no chemicals
or fertilizers or pesticides. And then fermented means, it’s similar like turning a milk into
yogurt or cabbage into sauerkraut. Fermenting it actually increases its probiotics.
And Natto which is the type of soy they consume in Okinawa Japan where people have lived to
well over 100 all the time. That’s the type of soy they’re consuming on
a regular basis. And so it is loaded with probiotics. It’s non-GMO and it also is very
high in a vitamin called vitamin K2. And vitamin K2 is even more beneficial in therapeutic
benefits than vitamin K1, which is found in things like spinach and kale. But vitamin
K2 has been shown to help build strong bones. It supports brain health. It supports naturally
healing your body. So again, if it’s an organic fermented soy
product, it actually is terrific for your health. But let me throw this out there again.
I said 95% earlier, the case in point is that it’s probably 99% of the soy products we’re
consuming today are conventional. They’re GMO. They’re toxic to your system.
For that reason, soy is bad for you. But if you’re looking to improve your heart health,
your bone health and increase your life span, consuming Natto, also known as vitamin K2,
on a regular basis or getting those nutrients from Natto can actually be terrific for your
health. So again, if you want to reap the benefits
of soy, go and find a fermented soy product like Natto or search for a supplement that’s
vitamin K2, also known as MK7, can actually be very, very beneficial for your health. And listen, rather than soy, there’s a lot
of good products. I recommend, chia seeds are a high plant based source of protein with
good omega-3 fats. So again, years and years ago soy used to
be labeled a super food. A real super food are things like chia and flax seeds. They
have the same amount of protein but high levels of omega-3 fats as well. So again, I would
do those instead, a much, much better option. Hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on me
answering the question, “Is soy good for you?” This has been me, Dr. Axe. By the way, if you want to check out more
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on soy and answering that question, “Is it good or bad for you?” Hey guys, thanks for watching.

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  1. I think post-menopausal women (here: undergo the breast cancer risk.

  2. I thought it was only me that at the end of the video I was more confused that before. Really a mess of ideas.

  3. This so called “doctor” has no idea what he’s talking about. Non-gm soy is one of the healthiest foods. It prevents cancer for both men and women. Men, it won’t make you “womanly”. This is all proven / backed by science years ago. The dairy and meat industry just don’t want you to know. Dairy and meat are way more dangerous. Do your own unbiased research.

  4. so GMO foods are always bad for you, without even trying to explain why that might be? thank you for being not at all helpful or informative. -> dislike

  5. If its organic soya and tofu then it's fine, it's when they add things of other products towards it. I like eating or drinking them because it's healthy lifestyle.

  6. Use more soy sauce in frying your vegetables … he’s not promoting the livestock/dairy industry .. what did he say that gives you the right to pick on him? He’s sharing information and if you want people to do the shit studying you are too busy with your life’s to do yourself … don’t antagonize him. Otherwise, he will say screw You and live his life educating people that actually care about him!

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