Is Sweating Associated With Candida?

I routinely get asked questions about perspiration
and body odor, and this is the question. Is excess sweating associated with Candida? I
perspire a lot. Could this be a yeast infection? Well, it could be, but there could be many
other reasons why you potentially have this perspiration or this sweating problem. Night
sweats, for example, could be as a result of increased lymphatic activity or immune
activity. We typically see that with conditions like TB, tuberculosis, or different types
of infections, influenzas, chest infections, and some ear, nose or throat infections can
cause you to have this. If you’ve got dizziness associated with perspiration, for example,
there could be something wrong with your nervous system. It would pay to get checked out by
the doctor. But sweating in general or just a heatness
of the body is actually quite common with Candida, and it occurs usually with fermentation
dysbiosis or having these bacteria in the gut that ferment and can cause a heat or flushing
or redness in the body. But this can happen any time of the day. If you associate the
flushing and heat, perspiration, with body odor, there’s a very strong possibility you’ve
got SIBO or small intestinal bowel overgrowth because I do see this occurring with it. People
with Candida often crave sugar. They bloat. They have gas. They burp. They fart, and they
can feel hot and sweaty as well. So these things can commonly be associated with yeast
infection. These sorts of symptoms. Sweats in women can also be associated with
perimenopause or menopausal complaints, low estrogen, low testosterone or estrogen/progesterone
imbalances. As you can see there are many reasons why
you could have this clamminess or this perspiration. Some people with hypothyroid can also have
excess sweating, so it might pay for you to go to the doctor and get checked properly
and get some kind of a diagnosis before you immediately jump to conclusions with this
sweating. So if in doubt, check it out. I hope that
answers a few questions about perspiration, sweating, and yeast infection. Thanks for
tuning in.

5 Replies to “Is Sweating Associated With Candida?”

  1. Hi Eric, i sweat easily in hot temperature and also get nervous easily and sweat. I also noticed i sweat when using my mobile phone. I am diagnosed hypothyroid and possibly adrenal fatigue and candida (oral thrush, bloodshot eyes, sweating, poor digestion). Do you think the sweating is from candida?

  2. I just figured out that I have candida by doing the test at home, and by seeing the oral thrush. I also have hyperhydrosis and body odor. I think that this body odor is related to the bad bacteria filled in my gut also the candida. Should I take probiotics and digestive enzymes to solve this problem?

  3. What's the simplest way to find out if I have a candida overgrowth? I've had Lyme disease for about 5 months. Was on antibiotics for a month. I've noticed a lot of sweating during the afternoons after lunch. I've had gut issues my whole life, as well as an autoimmune disease. With the bloating pain and terrible gas, I started wondering if there's an overgrowth. It's hard to tell when there's so much going on in the body.

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