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hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make
these videos because we want to help you to understand more about the key to
doing lifestyle Patrick finds a lot of articles and
interesting ideas because he does get a lot of things about keto into his news
feed and we decided to talk about them to help you guys to learn how to make
better decisions and to kind of weed out the bad articles from the good ones I
think I’m hoping at some point we’re gonna talk about a good one but anyways
let’s see what he has for you today there’s a little bad ones okay well this
week this week topic I think the dangers of going we feel like if people like
people come across those articles like yeah I think we need to discuss and like
to do like a counter analysis of those elements dangers of doing the dangers of
doing kedo first things your gut health so whole-grain bread rolled holes few
legumes these are like all no-go on the ketogenic diet like last week we saw
before that we can have a little bit of fruit but like it’s not does the card
were cutting out by eliminating those those food is the fiber that they can
take on things so you we know that we need a certain amount of fiber per day
for our regularity you guys said so so what do you have to say to to someone
who would freak out like seeing that danger oh my god I don’t have like any
fiber in my diet and I won’t be able to go to bathroom and so first of all what
I would say is that it’s not the fiber that causes us to go to the bathroom
because obviously especially one soluble fiber yes it does move through us but
when it gets the fibers some of the fiber that goes into our gut feeds the
microbes that live in our gut so it’s like a double-edged sword in that in the
sense that if I don’t eat fiber then the microbes that would have eaten that
fiber aren’t there so therefore I don’t need to feed them because they’re not
there however that’s not gonna stop me from
going to the bathroom so for two different reasons the other so any food
that I eat is going to pass through my intestines period because that’s how we
pull nutrients out of our food today it has to pass through my body mechanism so
the I can recall that this is the peristaltic like that thing that your
intestines do to push through food through is still gonna happen
but the other thing that I will say is what’s the other thing we can eat to
help us go to bathroom so how many people start keto and end up having
diarrhea right so the idea that only farber can help that’s not sure hmm and
there are a lot of people who do carnivore
I guess what they do go to the bathroom regularly mm-hmm
when I fasted I didn’t miss a day went to the bathroom I was eating nothing I
did seven days I didn’t miss a day so by day two you know that there was nothing
coming out of me that was put in that day and still I was going to the
bathroom you don’t need to have fiber right like so how it’s gonna affect your
microbiome though I’m waiting to hear what they have to say before I say more
stuff each each danger is very so the other thing that I would say about your
microbiome so your gut bacteria and everything is that your gut bacteria is
there to help you to digest what you eat so if I’m eating certain foods I will
have the microbiome to support eating those foods so obviously when we eat a
lot of carbs coming from grains and and and fruit and veg then we have the
microbiome to process carbs coming but if you eat more fats
if you eat more meats then you have the microbiome to process those things right
your body is not gonna keep it can’t even do it how would those microbes
survive if they have what they eat you see so it’s it’s
very related whatever you’re eating is going that’s why some people when they
switch have a little bit of a hard time at first because they’re microbiome is
expecting one thing and is getting something else yeah but still like if
you do a reasonably balanced keto lifestyle you eat salad you like oh you
eat a lot of vegetables eating grains yeah because the only thing you so
basically just to point something out to you because again I just love when they
hand meat this kind of stuff so I’m gonna eat grains so I have fiber when I
could eat cabbage I could eat lettuce I could eat Rock Lee
I could eat cauliflower right so like do I need to eat grains to get fiber when I
can eat these other things it’s not logical right
like I’m still gonna get fired so not a real danger people okay second danger
heart health okay so basically like the argument here is making a difference
between good fats bad fats so there’s no problem with olive oil like Oh abakada
oil seeds nuts to support optimal brain and heart health the problem with the
the author of the author of the article is like with people that put spoons full
spoonfuls of butter in their coffee just cook everything in in bacon oil bacon
fat oh is there such a thing as good oils
versus bad oils yes and like what he mentioned has bad oil or they really bad
oils so there is such a thing as girls versus battles but not ones he’s talking
about any man-made oil so if you’re talking about margarine if you’re
talking about canola oil vegetable oil like those are man-made oils and those
are absolutely horrible for your body but when you’re talking about first of
all the school with the butter idea let’s start there mmm so if I understood
him well because I don’t eat bread eating butter is gonna hurt me but if I
eat bread might put some butter on it I’m gonna make these articles they’re
like let’s be realistic most people who are having us toast is putting what on
it right my first problem there is that his his concern is that I’m putting the
butter in my coffee not on my toast this concern is more
with saturated fat in general so animal fats so the second part I’m gonna say is
that we have because we read that all the time that like saturated fats animal
fats are bad for your heart it’s the same people they’re telling us that cars
are good for Suzette’s is that butter and lard in our bodies are metabolized
well and they don’t cause inflammation versus canola oil causes inflammation
omega-6 versus omega threes that you get from in butter and so there’s a again
I’m not gonna pretend to know all the percentages and whatever because I don’t
okay I’m gonna say that right off the bat what I do know is that every doctor
that I’ve heard talk about first of all bacon
second of all butter lard have all said there’s no issue with having them in
reasonable quantities if you have anything in an unreasonable quantity
you’re gonna create a situation for yourself if you are eating a pound of
butter a day I don’t care what the doctor says you’re gonna have a problem
in treating me right but if you’re eating a normal amount of butter and
again so let’s say a serving a butter in something whether it’s butter now the
butter alone if no regardless of where you’re putting that butter it’s a
reasonable amount of butter you’re gonna be fine the problem that most people
have is that they’re gonna try to link butter lard bacon to cholesterol issues
it’s not the same thing your cholesterol being so the negative cholesterol is
happening because of chemical reactions that are happening in your body because
you eat too many carbs and I’m not gonna again I’m not a doctor I’m not gonna go
into all the details if you want those kind of details visit you know dr.
Beckmann I think it was but there’s a a few doctors I’m sorry I’m gonna get
their names on so I’m not gonna throw names out but there’s many doctors that
have been at keitel conferences that have talked about why high density
cholesterol versus low density cholesterol look the way they look and
are problematic the way that they’re problematic or not but the one thing
that came across that was very clear is that cholesterol itself is not a problem
if we don’t eat it our body makes it so it’s not a problem
the thing is is that again I wouldn’t suggest anyone to overeat butter the
same way that I wouldn’t suggest anyone to overeat you know anything like it
doesn’t matter if I overeat it that means I’m eating more than my body needs put in your coffee or you cook with it
like as long as you keep track of what you eat and also as long as you’re not
forced feeding it to yourself like you see the thing that I would say is that
if I’m putting it in my coffee because I feel like I have to get a certain amount
and I’m trying to hit a number okay you know what eat until you’re satiated when
you’re satiated stop eating if you do that the chances are very good you’re
not gonna overeat right because fat is hard to overeat right you actually have
to work at it because it’s very filling so if you just
eat normally and stop when you’re saying not when you’re full stop when you’re
satiated that means I’m not hungry anymore I stop eating so those people
who are eating even when they’re not hungry
yes a possibility that you could end up overeating that so in the end what what
what do we want to avoid what fats do the man me I mean those are vegetable
oil margarine canola all the oils that are not naturally sourced so if you can
cold press it and get it as an oil yay if you have to chemically extract it
from that’s not natural that’s not natural
okay third danger bone health don’t help coming from the fact that we don’t drink
milk we don’t eat yogurt you don’t like those
eyes sugar yogurt so so basically calcium yeah once they
once dairy is wiped out it’s rather hard to get enough calcium without careful
planning and that could be detrimental to your bone health and quality of life
in the long run you know I don’t know any where do we get our calcium
I don’t you guys ever tried this vegetable called collard greens it’s
really popular in to us I guess what it has a lot of calcium guess what
vegetables they have magnesium calcium they’re prosperous they have all kinds
of again you know basically what this article is trying to say is that there’s
only one source of cotton is not true I’m sorry what about all of the people
who are absolutely allergic to milk like myself or let it was anyways I’m not
anymore but that’s a whole other thing was it the carbs I don’t know but
anyways what about all the people who are detrimental allergic to milk right
so where do they get their calcium from it doesn’t make sense there’s multiple
places that you can get calcium yeah so it’s really about making sure that
you’re getting what you need the other thing that I’ll point out is that you
know if we eat nutrient-dense vegetables and we have balance so we’re trying to
eat buried and also if we decide to be carnivore and eat nose-to-tail and try
to get right either of those scenarios can make sure that you have all the
micronutrients that you need and all the minerals that you need it’s just about
making choices if I’m not gonna drink milk you know I will allow myself to get
my calcium from other sources because of course milk is I think it’s a no-go on
our diet because it’s I think 12 to 18 14 grams per cup or something like that
we already talked about those i fat plain yogurt that has only 5 grams so
that these are a little bit easier to fit to fit in your diet if you have room
like I think it’s a 5 grams per 3/4 cups of of 10% fat yogurt and how much
calcium are you getting I don’t because like is it worth of
five grams of carbs that I have to have to get that calcium when I could eat us
some Swiss chard I eat some other vegetable again do your research if the
calcium is something so osteoporosis if that’s something that you’re trying to
work on you do your research what I can say is that I do think that for every
person who’s doing keto making sure that you have buried vegetables and that
you’re tracking them so that you can see in whatever calculated that you’re using
I’m not pushing any particular one just look and make sure that your
micronutrients are saying that you’re getting the quantities that’s healthy
for you right again it’s an estimate right but if I’m closer to hitting my
numbers when I have a variety then that tells you that you’re doing your you’re
balancing well right and the other thing is again nose to tail make sure you eat
the whole animal and then you make sure that you’re getting what you need
because the animal eats badge okay that’s good for bone the other thing
that you can do and I mean this is it’s just a suggestion I still I think it’d
be better for you to get it from your veg and your meat but the other
possibility is that you could also take like a supplement of some sort like I
know a lot of people talk about Zipf is because it has a high amount of
potassium in it personally I kind of like Vegas sport I take it once in a
while that has less potassium in it but of course I can add potassium because
you can put you can put cream of tartar in it and so you can add a little out of
potassium that you want so there’s there’s ways of getting the minerals
that you want if you’re not eating nose-to-tail um or eating varied veg I
tend to eat varied veg but like I said least recently I’ve been eating more
meat not as much varied veg because I’m not eating those to tell I had a
supplement if I was eating throws to tale I wouldn’t bother you need to know
what you’re doing you need to be paying attention to how
you’re eating right I’m constantly looking at what I’m eating from day to
day and making adjustments of am i doing a supplement or do I not need the
segment because I did really well right pay attention maybe another warning and I would like
because I I do I do eat the yogurt because I I do like the dairy doer
just be careful though even though if it’s a vanilla yogurt even the vanilla
yogurt as a ridiculous amount of sugar so you really need to go plane for shut
in the beginning it’s a little bit harsh to let the taste is different but like
if you can find like 10 percent fat yogurt like it is very like it’s very
smooth it is very good it’s more like those zero percent yogurt that like or
more like harsh but like why would you go really yeah that’s the thing so so
that 10 percent yogurt is a good choice if you can put it in your in your
numbers iron like we need to talk about iron so if you’re wondering why ayran is
at risk on a meat-based diet amia many grains food provide a
considerable considerable amount of iron because all grains naturally contain
iron in their inner layer called the germ another reason is that some green
product can have iron added due to their manufacturing probably the one that so
once you cut grains out your irons type status could suffer which can lead to
unpleasant symptoms like tiredness and liturgical lethargy it can even
compromise your immune system first of all animals so we are animals need heme
iron which you don’t get from grains that’s per one when they add iron to
things they’re adding non heme so again that’s not that’s that’s not helping us
that’s part 1 part 2 yes the iron in these things was found in the durum we
don’t get that part they take that off doesn’t taste great so what ends up
happening and you know what this would be Claire a company can claim that it’s
whole-grain if they put I camera the percent of which I think was five
percent of Durham back in come on like that’s a
joke right and it might even be less than
five percent I I’m guessing five percent I can’t exactly remember when I read
them I was like we were you’re joking when you if you are iron deficient trust
me it’s not because you’re not eating cranes right if you’re iron deficient is
because you’re not eating the appropriate amount of ready
well meat in general I don’t eat red meat mm-hmm and I’m not RN deficient but
you need to everybody needs to know themselves right if you need more iron I
would always start with meat I would always start with I don’t know how much
fish all right but I mean anything that has
blood running through it so should have but I would start with meat right sure
like I said there is iron in and veg but it’s it’s non heme so if you want it if
you’re missing it you want to go with the quality of iron that’s gonna jump
right into you and that’s him so that comes from animals yeah so that that
whole paragraph I’m just like wow really I knew you just like but you see how
confusing it can you because he makes this argument that sounds so good if you
don’t know that the difference between the iron in veg and the iron or in
grains and the iron in in animals it’s the same way that they sell us vitamin D
and they won’t tell us that is vitamin d2 which comes from plants which the
half-life in a human is ridiculously low versus if they would give us d3 which is
what you should be taking if you’re taking any vitamin D the half-life in d2
is like a day and the half-life in d3 is seven days so that means I can actually
take less of the d3 and have a better effect than what I’m taking on the d2
but even similarly if I take the same amount I’m having an amazing effect on
the d3 so it just doesn’t make sense fifth danger disease risk ooh so so so
so you might be surprised to learn that many non keto friendly food are
associated with whole lot of health benefits so by
cutting them out you forego any many of their perks fruit for example we talked
about food last week fruit for example is is brimming really brimming with a
range of and we talked also about antioxidants that help like fight damage
to your body cells another example is grain foods with are
associated with reduced risk of heart disease diabetes and some Chaya biddies
mia and some cancers some goes for legumes too maybe we want to take them
like piece by piece fruits so entire antioxidants includes and fruits okay I
know we talked about blackberries last in the previous video last week I know
blackberries has a like a good amount of antioxidants and they’re not too sweet
is that do I need antioxidants if I’m not overeating carbs oh okay right what
causing this oxidation what’s and what’s causing all the problems in my what’s
causing inflammation what’s causing it right like do I actually need
antioxidants if I’m reading curtains good point right like there’s a part of
me that I let again you know the hole that hole and again I wish I was a
doctor because I could not way I could remember this information well but I
should probably link the video that I got it from if I can remember if I can
find the video but this whole idea that the sugar that we eat and the
cholesterol and why it becomes the problem that it becomes is that
connection that happens to the oxidation issue that happens and again I’m not a
doctor so I can’t I can’t go into the details I remember reading this and
thinking wow how did we get it so wrong because people are being pushed to eat
carby things your body is going to produce cholesterol the problem will
just always be there whereas if I don’t eat car be things the cholesterol my
body doesn’t get that negative so again I wish I was a doctor so that that would
have stuck with me better but when I watched it I was truthfully amazed so do
I antioxidant oh the other thing is you
know what like for the amount of sugar that I get from the fruit to get some
antioxidants are there other ways to get those antioxidants would I get them from
that I’m gonna you know like so and do I need them but this the other thing like
so it’s I don’t I’m not what I’m actually gonna I’m gonna stay
middle-of-the-road I’m not gonna be I’m not gonna scream but I’m not gonna I’m
gonna save me a little road because I feel like from what I know and what I’ve
already shared with you guys like the benefit of antioxidants is nowhere near
the catastrophe of the amount of fructose that you’re gonna ingest and
the harm you’re gonna do to your liver so if I kill my liver does it matter
that I had some antioxidants like I I have a hard time with that
eat better quality food and then you won’t need all those what about like not
even whole grain foods like grain foods and diabetes like in the grains it’s
gonna push you so fast towards diabetes that I don’t even understand what that
that what he’s trying to say how old whole grains
I don’t because I’m the person but like is is an online and sydney-based
accredited practicing dietitian we feed a video about like okay so this
dietitian is saying what how was grains gonna stop me from having diabetes no
yeah don’t they they don’t say the wise but they don’t just like the order just
say they do but like but like since we did the video basically not being very
pro keto problem that I have you may be saying like that grains are gonna help
me not acquire diabetes okay the way that we acquire diabetes is by
having too many carbohydrates in our blood over a long period of time because
that causes our insulin levels to stay high when insulin levels are high we
become resistant to the effective insulin when we become resistant to the
effect of insulin that causes our body then not to be able to put the carbs
away which means everybody has to produce more insulin to get the cars we
put away at some point we cannot produce enough insulin to put away the carbs
that we’re eating grains are carbon you say that out loud again
the more I eat carbs the more I engage the system the more my body struggles to
put those carbs wait till the point where I can no longer put the carbs away
and that’s the definition of diabetes so I’m struggling right now to understand
how eating carbs grains carbs grains or carbs how eating carbs is gonna stop me
from becoming diabetic it will actually push me towards becoming diabetic that’s
like saying I should drink alcohol every day to not become an alcoholic it
doesn’t make sense honestly all of those five dangers seems that I feel they’re
coming right from the Canadian nutrition guide they need that like or pushing
grains I’ve been pushing grains for how many years now because especially in
Canada we’re a big producer of the girlf grain so yeah so at that point we’re
back to the story that I’m always afraid of which is are you trying to sell me
something and so you know if everything that that’s being said in this article
is towards getting me to abandon the lifestyle that helped me to regulate my
weight helped me to regulate my inflammation helped me to regulate my
arthritis that I thought was coming on because I was having help me to regulate
my joint pain which kind of could be considered arthritis help me to regulate
my like I don’t know what I would call it but like I’m feel more clear and I
feel like if you’re telling me that everything in this article is saying
that everything I did to feel amazing somehow is hurting me you know what I’m
willing take my chances I’m gonna keep doing this because I was doing that and
I had all those symptoms right I started doing this sometimes gone right and I
can tell you what is this 13 month no 14 15 15 months
later I feel better I maintained I’m still feel 15 months – sorry 13 15
months so 10 months later I’m still at the same weight so I’ve maintained for
10 months and I don’t really feel like it’s changing I’m still doing one meal a
day maybe 10 10 ish months later I don’t feel like that’s gonna change where’s
the negative right I don’t see the negative hmm so we all have to make our
decisions I can no more tell you what to do then this person is gonna tell me
what to do but you need to listen to the arguments that they’re giving and say
and ask yourself is this really in line with what the doctors and all the
research that’s coming out of things like Kido conferences is it in line with
what we’re being now made aware of because you know 500 years ago I have to
go back that far how many hundred years ago was it before they realized that we
need to wash our hands before he did surgery or we would kill people right
and they were against it they said it’s ridiculous doctors are gentlemen
gentlemen cannot be dirty that was their reasoning to not wash their hands
doctors are gentlemen and gentlemen cannot be dirty would go from a cadaver
to a person listen when we start to learn new information and when and when
things are being proven to be correct it’s really important for us to really
listen out and figure out how are we going to make these changes fit in with
what we’re trying to do right so I’m my suggestion to everybody when things
don’t make sense I do more research check it out don’t just take it from
face value oh my goodness if I don’t eat grains I’m going to become diabetic
like clearly that’s not true if she do but yeah so this is this was my little
article so yeah just like like you said just be careful what you read be like to
say like wise enough to do your research to to to see the counter-arguments like
because from like as many bad articles they’re good articles yeah for sure
have you guys encountered any articles that were telling you that Quito somehow
was gonna harm you I would love to hear what you might have encountered put
those in the comments below you know what if you’re new here and you like
this content please subscribe because we make these videos weekly usually on a
Thursday or Friday we have put a video up and I put up videos every Monday
talking about mental health and physical health and how we can do better for
everyone else my wellness worries out there thank you for coming by I love to
see you guys around comments comments I want lots of
comments I want to know what’s going on with you guys I want to thank you for
watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition we will
talk to you in the next video see you next week

17 Replies to “Is the Keto Diet Dangerous – Healthy Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Hi Violet. In April of this year(2019) I had a lipid panel done. Having been on Keto since January, my Total Cholesterol went up to 315, LDL up to 217, HDL up to 93, Triglycerides down 35. (That gave me a Remnant Cholesterol of 11). I’m sure this doctor has no idea what Remnant Cholesterol is. He was very upset and ready to put me on a statin. “ Your cholesterol and that LDL is dangerously high”. Never mind the high HDL and low triglycerides, “need to get that LDL and cholesterol down”. At the end of his comments to me, “eat low fat dairy, ,more vegetables , and more healthy grains”. I am continuing the low carb high fat Keto plan. Can’t wait to go back next week. (Not looking forward to it. ) No statin for me,no matter what LDL numbers are. Thank you for common sense and great videos. 💕

  2. If I see ketogenic diet evaluation and that being in ketosis can be dangerous because of ketoacidious I will have to throw something.

  3. I looked into the Keto diet in 2004 (even bought the urine strips) 😊 but couldn't get past what I had been taught about fat being bad, so didn't give it a fair try. Too scared. Wish now I had stuck with it. 😒

  4. Thank you Dr. Violet. I love the way you present this argument. Guns blazing… But with a silencer attached lol. You gave me a lot of ammo, pun intended . Just had two people come at me last night with an argument that keto is bad for you. This video could not have come at a better time. Again thank you for all you do and the calm and classy way you present everything on your channel.

  5. Great video! There’s a lot of fear tactics circling social media and you’re doing an excellent job debunking the myths.

  6. I believe that it is the food and drug companies that are fighting the Keto diet. Just look at the potential for lost profits if it becomes mainstream as it should. The medical community would also lose out. I am Keto for life!!!!!!! I have lost 65 lbs in 17 months and feel better now than I did 20 years ago, I am 65 now. Also this is post heart attack, (I had 3 stents in March of 2018), my Cardiologist told me to loose weight and told me to cut my carb intake and he didn't care how much fat I ate. God bless him.

  7. I am trying to propagate the message to Asia because they don’t know about it and are getting really sick. 🙁

  8. There are some real dangers to Keto
    1. to the food industry, you hurt their profit margins cause you no longer buy their junk
    2. to your wardrobe, having to buy new clothes because everything is now too big and doesn't fit
    3. to the restaurant industries profit margins
    4 to pharmaceutical companies profit margins, they cant sell you anything if you aren't sick

  9. I have had people tell me keto is should only be done for 6 months or your risking your health. I don't know where they are getting their info from.

  10. Hi Violet 🙋
    I have a question for you. We all know that fasting is great to our bodies. But do I need to fast in the kato diet. Not to mention that I been fastin 16/8 and with the combination of kato diet I lost 22
    In less then 4 months.
    I just wanted to know if is necessary to follow the fastin strategy along with this life style!
    Thanks and looking forward to hear your suggestion!
    God bless 😙

  11. My sister keeps telling me that keto is not sustainable, yet I've been keto for well over a year now with very positive results both with my health and with my weight. She keeps telling me I should be able to eat fruit, potatoes, etc. and what kind of diet won't let you have a cheat day. I think she's just trying to sabotage me, unfortunately, and big industry is already doing that! Stay strong and many thanks to you and Patrick!

  12. Dangerous!!! If you're diabetic, yes, but otherwise, no. You lose nothing when you stop eating carbohydrates.

  13. Who says we don't drink or eat dairy ???? If you can tolerate it, keto allows it. IF allergic – there are other sources of vitamins and minerals.

  14. I have found Low Carb Down Under, here on youtube, to be the most comprehensive series of presentations on how and why ketogenic diets work and other scientific aspects thereof.

  15. The biggest thing for me with keto (11 months now) is that for the first time in my life I can make rational decisions about what I eat. I'm no longer controlled by cravings and binges that lead to self-disgust. I'm going to need a heck of a lot of proof that keto is bad for me to give that up!

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