Is There A Diet To Cure Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut syndrome
is said to be the cause of numerous digestive and
autoimmune conditions. In this video, I’m looking at
diet changes that can help. (xylophone chimes ring) In a previous video, I looked
at what leaky gut syndrome is, what it’s not, as well as some conditions that are commonly linked to it. Another question I commonly come across is about how to cure it. Is there a specific diet? Well, the research is really
unclear at this stage. Leaky gut proponents claim
that restoring your gut barrier will cure your disease or condition. However, this has not yet been proven and is based on an untested theory. In fact, current research
suggests it’s not the case. Human and rodent studies show
that intestinal barrier loss is insufficient to initiate
disease on its own. Additionally, drugs that
help restore barrier function have not been effective for treating conditions
such as celiac disease. Therefore, primary forms of treatment targeting the specific autoimmune disease should be followed first. Given the nonspecific nature
of leaky gut syndrome, there is no one-size-fits-all
dietary approach. That’s because a diet that “heals” the gut may not actually cure
your specific condition in your unique individual situation. Now, I realize that that type of answer is not particularly helpful, so there are some general recommendations that you can consider. The first is to remove gluten. Although only a small percentage of people are gluten intolerant,
chances are you’re one of them if you have an autoimmune disease. Given the link of gluten and gut health, specifically gliadin and its effect on protein called
zonulin, it can be useful to trial a gluten-free
diet for one month or more. That means cutting out
gluten-containing foods, such as bread and
products containing flour. They don’t offer any unique nutrients that you can’t get from
other foods anyway. But just remember that
gluten-free junk food is still junk food. The next tip is to eat
way more vegetables. Vegetables provide the bulk of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in our diet, so aim to eat more cruciferous and leafy green vegetables every day. These provide the folate you
miss if you are gluten-free. Most bread is supplemented
with folic acid. Starchy vegetables are
also a great choice, as they provide fermentable carbohydrates that feed the healthy
bacteria in your gut. Lastly, you should definitely limit junk food and added sugars. Not only are they a key driver of obesity and metabolic disease, but they also influence the
balance of our gut bacteria, which may directly affect
the leakiness of our gut. These are some general tips to follow, but overall dietary
changes should by tailored to the individual and
their specific condition. There is just no one specific
diet to treat leaky gut. Thanks for watching. If you found this video useful,
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