Is There A Link Between Candida And Endometriosis?

Good day, Eric Bakker again. Another Candida
Crusher FAQ. Number 25 this time. I have a yeast infection and I’ve been reading
that there may be a relationship with Candida and Endometriosis. Well there certainly is a relationship between
chronic Candida and endometriosis. I’ve written about this extensively in my book, Candida
Crusher. I had a female doctor friend who spent some
time in Canada at a medical conference on endometriosis and mentioned that for three
days they spoke predominantly about how to eradicate yeast infections in women. Many women with acute vaginal yeast infections
will treat these infections with various preparations, creams and applicators and take drugs like
fluconazole. And in many instances, these infections don’t clear up, so stronger treatments
are used or treatments of similar nature but for longer duration. And all you’re going
to do is drive the condition further from the vagina into the endometrium where you’ll
create an inflammatory condition. It makes sense. If you keep treating a local condition,
you drive the condition into the body; you’re going to create a more chronic condition. Many women I’ve seen with endometriosis have
told me that they used to suffer from vaginal thrush and the vaginal thrush was treated
over and again. And then down the track, they developed cysts in the endometrium. We do
see some cases of endometriosis that have not got a thrush background, but in my opinion,
most of them do. So if you want to prevent your chances of
developing endometriosis, it’s a very good idea to get on top of your vaginal yeast infection
sooner rather than later. It needs to be taken seriously like any infection. You need to
treat it locally and you need to treat it internally. And if you read Chapter 5 in my
book, it explains the whole protocol for you. So, in my opinion, there is a link and if
you do some online searches, you’ll certainly find there are studies that validate this
relationship. Thank you.

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