Is There A Link Between Hand Sanitizers And Soaps And Gut Bacteria?

Hi there. The question today is, “Is there a link between
hand sanitizers and soaps and gut bacteria?” Of course there’s a link. There’s gotta be a link. If you think about it, if you look at people
in Africa, do you think they’re gonna walk around all day with those little sanitizer
things every time they pick up a pebble or a rock, they’re gonna wipe their hands with
some stupid sanitizer? Doesn’t really happen, all right? If you look at some countries, some patients
I know, some people I know are crazy. They literally, everything gets wiped with
some type of cloth or every time a child goes outside, the get taken inside, they have a
bath and everything is wiped down. Wow, well it wasn’t [inaudible] in the 60s
when I grew up. We were outside playing with dog muck and
soil and junk and crap and we used to get cuts on broken bottles and things and didn’t
kill me. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Bacteria is the same. You get the [inaudible] of the kind of people
that live in third world countries, as opposed to people who live in New York City. Look at people in Africa, their digestive
valve compared to a New York resident digestive valve. I dare say the person in Africa has got thousands
of times more bacteria in their gut and a more diverse population than the person that
sits in a car, drives to their office, washes their hands all the time. Is constantly using sanitizers and mouth washes
and junk like that. Those people have a much smaller population
in their gut than people who don’t use any of those chemicals at all. We don’t use any of that crap in the house. I’m not a dirty person, but I’m not a person
who needs to go around constantly wiping their hands off or flushing out their mouth with
Listerine or junk like that, these things you gargle your mouth with to sweeten your
breath up. If you didn’t eat all the crap or touch all
the crap, you wouldn’t have to sweeten your breath all the time. It’s also shown through studies that gardeners
tend to have a great biodiversity in their gut than not gardeners. Think about it, you got your hands in the
soil. The only times I put gloves on is if I got
real mucky jobs involving manure or stuff like that, but if I’m just working in the
soil, hands. It makes a lot of sense to be in touch with
the ground. So there is definitely a link between gut
bacteria, sanitizers and soaps. Think about the type of soaps you’re using. Are they antibacterial soaps or are they those
soaps that kill every type of thing they come in contact with, or is it just a plain goat’s
milk soap? The choice is yours. You don’t have to use products that are so
powerful you never have any kind of bacteria in the house. You’ll never get rid of bacteria. They’re around you 24/7 so there’s no point
in constantly trying to eliminate them with sprays and creams and gels and paper towels
and stuff like that. Don’t be crazy, don’t use these products in
my opinion. It’s just not really worth it. Thanks for tuning in.

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